Shiseido Fall Line Overview + Ultimune Event

Hi friends!

So a couple of months ago I went to the Shiseido Fall 2014 launch where it featured shiseido's fall lineup of colors, new products and the newest addition to the skincare family - the shiseido ultimune!

Shiseido ALWAYS puts on great launches as its always the most technologically savvy and innovative. It was like going into willy wonka's chocolate factory… except.. makeup factory? It was like a museum of cosmetics to show their newest products.

First off are my favorite lacquer rouges. Love the formula of them - its like a hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss, but have a longer lasting finish than a gloss. I actually wore them on my wedding day!  They added 5 new colors to their fall range below: 

I seriously love ALL of them! I received Ophelia (which is PHENOMENAL!) and the Rose Grey. Still yearning for the Tango for cool fall nights and Dollface! (SO cute!) 

 Next are three new eye color trios! I have legitimately been wearing OR316 or the deep plum, orange and pink one SO much this summer. And I absolutely love how pigmented, soft and divine they are! The plum and orange look so good with one another!

These are their newest sheer and perfect compact foundations. I've been testing this out and its the perfect touch up powder! It's not as pigmented as my others (thus… their 'sheer' name… lol) so I like to use it on top of days that I only put on concealer. 

I got to touch this product a bit. It was thick and pigmented but did not get to try this product out (or find a good match for me yet!) but I'd be interested in hearing what people think about this when they try it! 

And the star of the show…!?!? The Shiseido Ultimune! It's been in the works for a long long time, and claims being the ultimate concentrate to enhance your skin (and fight signs of aging, environmental factors and daily stress). Therefore its like all of their serums put into this super power concentrate. I have been using it for the past couple of weeks - so I will have a review of it coming soon! 

Here are just some pictures from the launch!
Some of the Shiseido people introducing the products as well as guests! 

Everyone had their own seat with the iPad presentation. An ultimune product to try out as well as a cute little bento box of 'immunity foods!" (that i totally forgot to take a pic of… fail. but…. 

here was the menu? LOL

They also had awesome immunity boost 'shots' which were these delicious fruit juices with powerful products like ginger, blueberry, apples, etc.! so delish! 

And dorkiness alert! one of my favorite take homes? the cool sleek, white shiseido notebook and pen. LOL. 

Anyone interested in a review of any of these products? I will have swatches of the lip colors, eye trio i have and compact coming soon. as well as a review of the ultimune! :) 

happy friday! xoxo

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish - First Impressions

I have been anxiously awaiting my new Louboutin nail polish to arrive and it FINALLY ARRIVED TODAY! even though I literally just did an easy nail tutorial for you all… I didn't care, I had to take it off to get this up for you all! 
the beautiful box it comes in!

It is everything Louboutin and more. Luxurious, badass and classy. Worth the hype? Honestly, I would have to say.. YES! 
Okay, so first off - lets just talk about the packaging. Let me know if you think that any of these polishes stand out from the rest? (lol) The CL polish's packaging just doesn't compare with the rest! It does come in a fairly heavy weight bottle (with an obvious huge ass stick). Unfortunately, this bottle holds about .4 fl oz, which holds slightly more than a dior bottle (.33) of nail polish and slightly less than an essie bottle of polish (.5oz). So don't be deceived by how large the product actually looks, it holds a standard size of polish for you. 

The applicator may be a bit hard to get used to because of the huge wand and its heaviness, but you will quickly get used to the luxury. It has a standard looking brush, similar to Essie. 

Now onto the polish. Oh goodness. It is a fairly thin, liquidy formula - but in that thin coat, it is very rich, shiny and opaque. You can definitely JUST use one coat and it's already perfection. I've never had a nail polish that is quite like this formula -- I think the closest similarity would be to one of my other favorite reds - Chanel Dragon. It has a similar thin but opaque quality, but it lacks in shininess. 
one coat
two coats
I ended up using two coats anyway, which just built to the richness of this polish. The dry time was fairly quick. When I was midway to the second hand, it was completely dry already. I could actually rub (not just touch) my nail and it was already set. I think the real test is to see how long it lasts on my nails. Given that I just got it maybe an hour ago, I will have to update this post to let you know in fact how long it lasts. So far though, I am loving this polish!!

love the shininess of this polish! no top coat needed! 
I know that people have hated on the fact that it is a $50 polish- but let's just think a bit about CL. Known for their classic heels with colored soles - people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars on something that I could go to a regular store to buy for $50. People pay for the statement the shoe makes and the luxury and high quality of the shoe. This is the same concept. This is a very classic red nail polish, with a very unique design and statement. Yes, you can go to any store to get a 5 dollar bottle of red polish, but it is if you are willing to pay the extra for the statement of the polish, along with the luxury and extreme high quality of the polish. Up to the type of person to see if it's worth it or not! For me, absolutely!!! I plan to have a badass nail collections, just like people do, shoes! 


Christian Louboutin - Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish!!!

image from 
(the shoe is not part of the polish shah!) 

I can't contain my excitement… but today is the day that the Christian Louboutin NAIL POLISH has debuted!

According to CL - "The Red Sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to nails, what the shoe took from the nails many years ago" I love this!!!

They launch today at Saks flagship with a couple of 'must have' polishes - a red, bright pink, baby pink and i believe a khaki type color. They will set you back a huge huge huge $50 amount per bottle (and each bottle seems to have less polish than a regular nail polish bottle), but you can't deny the louboutin inspired packaging. Looks like a fountain pen -- or a weapon.

Either way, undeniably flawless and louboutin, I can't wait to try it out and see if the polish is just as good quality as his shoes ;D

It's coming out at sephora soon (which i thought was pretty crazy)!

what do you think? would you SPLURGE just because its CL? lol I feel like I'm going to splurge, then be over it after I try it. I'm hoping it won't be an addiction like some people have to CL shoes! :P

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial - Natural Look

Hi friends! I have another hair and makeup trial for you. Meredith reached out to me about a year a go asking for me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding. She's someone I went to Middle School and High School with, so it was so lovely and nostalgic to be able to see her again and catch up!

She doesn't wear makeup on a day to day basis, so she wanted something very natural and close to what she looks like on the regular. So all I really did was even out her skin tone, warm up her complexion a bit, give her a little more definition around the eye area and gave her a natural lip color. For her hair, she wanted a sleek look that was out of her face and neck with an inside out braid.

She has always been one of the sweetest, no fuss girls. and it totally showed, since I finished her trial in an hour! (generally it takes appx 3 hours)

Here's how she came out! :)

before :)


just a hint of shimmer and definition on the eyes! 

her inside out braided hair look. I ended up make a small bun out of the ends since it wouldn't tuck in because her hair was a bit long.. but I love how it came out! 

Meredith, it was so great catching up and seeing you again after all these years! I can't wait for your big day! xoxo

Products used: 
Eyes: mac naked lunch, jouer amaretto, urban decay primer potion, benefit are they real mascara, mac black track liner 
Face: Itcosmetics bye-bye redness, ben nye foundation, nars creamy radiant concealer, makeup forever HD powder 
Cheeks: MUFE bronzer, jouer peach bouquet 
Lips: Mac Supreme Sheen in Ultra Darling, Jouer Lipgloss in Divine
Hair: SexyHair Soy Touchable Hairspray


Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial - long hair

Hi friends! I have a busy couple of weeks with lots of fun makeup/hair trials. busy season is starting! woot.

Here is lovely Ester :) She's such a fun, sweet lovin' lady - was so fun chit chatting with her and getting to know her better! She wanted an eye look that would compliment her greenish eyes, with a more contoured look and rosy lips. For hair she wanted her hair down and curled with some pinned on the side.

I decided to go for a golden (bordering on coppery) color for her lids with a more purplish toned grey color for the crease to enhance her eyes, add some fun contour on her cheeks and pairing it all off with a beautiful rose lip color.

Before - so sweet and cute! GAH! don't you wanna squeeze her? 

After :) (what a goddess!) 

close up of her eye look 

Close up of the curls

I had so much fun making her up and can't wait for the big day! :) Happy Planning, Ester! xo 

HAHA. can u spot the unicorn btw? :P 

Eyes: Mac Smut, Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
Face: Lancome LA Base Pro, Ben Nye Cream Foundation, Nars Radiant Concealer (Vanilla), BeautyBlender, Shu uemera hard pencil #9, MUFE Setting Spray, MUFE HD Powder 
Cheeks: Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium, Jouer Cosmetics Blush in Peach Bouquet
Lips: Jouer Lipstick in Elizabeth, Bite Lip Crayon in Amarone and Mac Lipglass in Florabundance

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks

Hi friends! :)  It's been a crazy world wind of a month. Even though I haven't blogged regularly like I used to… doesn't mean I'm not buying a ton of stuff! HAHA :D

Today I have for you the dior addict fluid stains. they were all the hype, so I picked up three (lol) colors. They are quite pricy, but I do think that they are worth the price! And come on. look at that packaging!! :D

They are another one of those lipstick/lip gloss --- aka 'liquid lipstick' hybrids (similar to the shiseido). It starts of kind of cool on your lips and feel slick, but once you really get it on your lips, it kind of becomes slightly tacky (but not nearly as tacky as the YSL lip stains or lip glosses). Its very hydrating, so my lips never felt dry. The darker colors have slight staining power on my lips, but only for a couple of hours. Lighter shades wore around 3 hours on me and darker shades lasted around 4-5 hours. My favorite part about these are the creamy glossy finish it leaves and the fact that you can do a sheer layer or build it up to be quite opaque.

Overall, I think these are wonderful! It has a gorgeous formula, but if you don't like the slightly tackier formulas, this may not be for you!

I picked up the three shades in 389 kiss me (cool baby pink), 551 aventure (coral red), and 239 Frisson (gorgeous peach nude).

(389 kiss me)

(551 aventure)

(239 Frisson) 

Will you be picking these sweet lip products up? I purchased these online at sephora. Don't forget to use ebates if you are shopping online! so easy to earn money/get cash back when you're shopping! 

Shiseido Spring Lacquer Rouge Review

Hey friends! Sorry long time no blog. Work has been really crazy since it's getting to the end of the year! I already can't wait for summer haha! :P

Anyway! I have a review coming to you for shiseido's lacquer rouges :)

I've been quite familiar with this product as it has always been one of my favorite products. Although it feels like a lipstick, it tends to be a bit more long lasting than other lip products while not compromising the moisturization of a good lip product. In fact, I wore it for my wedding. And even though its not a stain, it was able to withhold it's staying power with only a couple of touch ups, while not making my lips flake or become cracked and dry.

Shiseido came out with some new colors for their spring line, and I've been really loving the new colors. lots of lovely shades in the pink family (my favorite!).

Here are two of my favorites!
This has been my favorite go to color for the weekend! this is in VI324 which is superfun bubble gum pink that leans toward violet. It's a gorgeous cooltoned color. If you're obsessed with the radiant orchid color like I am, you NEED this! 

 I love to wear this on a day to day basis for work. It's the perfect everyday color. This is in RD321 and its this reddish pink color that looks so natural on the lips. This is what I wish my lips always looked like haha!

And here's my breakdown: 

Packaging: although sleek and compact, this is the one thing that irks me. All you can see is the #ing at the bottom but from the outside they all look the same. I have over 8 of these, so every time I try and find a color I have to either sit and open half of them or I have to memorize the color from its 5 letter/number code haha!

Texture: I love this texture! although its not for everyone. It goes on almost like a liquid lipstick. Dries slightly on your lips to almost kind of adhere to your lips. It doesn't feel heavy like most lip lacquers do. It has a slight tackiness, but is not weighty, so it doesn't FEEL sticky. It also does not feather out in any way... definitely stays put where it is!

Color: The opacity is beautiful in these! Usually one coat is enough (although it usually takes more than one dip in the pot since each dip doesn't give as much lip product) It gives a gorgeous semi satiny finish.

Moisture: This is my hero! Although you would never know it until you use this daily, this does a great job of helping my dry lips. It's moisturizing without feeling too slick and does help to improve my peely rough patches on my lips!

Hope you give these a try! I absolutely adore this formula. It's actually what i wish the YSL glossy stains felt more like, but I'm glad that I found it in shiseido! :)

You can check out the spring lacquer rouge online at sephora or I also find the online coloring is not exact to the colors, so either look up swatches or go to a counter for accurate coloring :P 

Happy shopping!

ftc. these were sent to me, but i was not asked to review any of these. this is my personal opinion to you since i actually really love these and have loved these for a long long time! :) just wanted to share the goodness! xox

Esqido Mink Lashes

Apr 21, 2014 | | 0 comments

I am such a huge fan of mink lashes. They've become my quick favorites as they are soft, natural and reusable. (and cruelty free!) by Esqido false lashes has a lovely line of beautiful lashes -- and their packaging. just their beautiful packaging I can't get over it! 

I love the simplicity, yet luxurious look of the casing. The white and rose gold compliment the idea of beautiful durable mink lashes so well! These two lashes are in unforgettable (left) and voila lash (right).  

Here you can see them in action. These are the unforgettable pair which is an awesome every day pair. They give your eyes just the smidgen of OOMPH you need to enhance your lashes without it being overpowering. The band of the lashes is very soft and mobile, so it does not feel uncomfortable on the lash line.

Overall, I love these lashes and how versatile they can be. You can purchase your own pair at and use code ELLE for 5% off! :) 

See them in action in my Get Ready with Me (valentine's day edition) below! 


Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream + Sleeping Mask Giveaway!

Recently, Laneige launched in Target stores nationwide and I could not be more excited. I've loved this brand since I got my hands on it at the Amore store in queens. Not to mention, it is extremely high quality products for a reasonable price! 

The first product that I've been loving is the Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream. Generally, I don't like any types of cream facial moisturizer and I tend to go for gel bases because it leaves a thick film on my face that makes my skin greasy. This one has truly been an exception. It's thick, yet light weight… goes deep down into my skin without feeling sticky or greasy. What a lovely product! 

Top: Laneige Moisture Cream
Bottom: Laneige Sleeping Water Mask
The second product is the Water Sleeping Mask. I've loved this for years and apparently all around the world people do! It's actually my favorite product of their line! It's an extra hydration mask that helps revitalize and moisturize your skin as you sleep. This has been amazing for my skin during the colder weather when my skin is parched. It also has really helped to hydrate my eczema! I wake up feeling plump (haha my facial skin.. not my body) and hydrated! 

Here's your chance now to win both products! :D 

All you have to do is: 
1) Follow me on my blog
2) Go to the Laneige Site on Target and take a look around their products.
3) Comment below telling me what you followed me under and what product you'd be interested in trying from laneige and why. 
4) Sorry this is US only! :) but promise i'll have an international giveaway soon xoxo 

For extra entries:
Follow Laneige on Facebook and comment below letting me know! :)


Spring FOTD!

Hi friends! Oh how beautiful the weather is! :D I decided to take this opportunity to show you one of my favorite looks that I do on a nice spring day. I love that this is a more neutral look (my favorite ;P) with a pop of color on the lips. I also added some of my favorite lashes to add some fluttery fun to my eyes! Hope you enjoy!

Eyes: Jouer Baroque, Lorac Pro Palette - it bronze, pewter, black, Eve Pearl Smudgeproof Liner
Lashes: Velour Lashes in You Complete Me 
Brows: Lioele Auto Eyebrow in Charcoal (Grey) 
Face: Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude, Nars Laguna, Benefit Lollitint
Lips: Jouer Lipstick in Whitney
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