Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick

I've always liked the MUFE lippies - but now they've revamped their formula to have 25% more pigment than the original Rouge Artist lipstick! They have two different finishes: a matte lippie that says they have a velvety finish that wont feel dry and a cream lippie for intense color with a natural-looking creamy finish.

I picked up three shades, two matte shades and a VERY BOLD creamy shade. (lol! I don't know what I was thinking!)

I didn't even realize it then, but two of these shades (which happened to be the two I picked up!) are limited edition shades featuring Icona Pop's Signature.
Here are the three shades - I was so shocked to see just HOW pigmented they were in just one swipe! The bottom two shades (M-401) and (C-603) are limited edition lipsticks with the Icona Pop signature!

 This is in M102. This one is a very "me" shade. The perfect pinky brown color (of course, the actual lipstick description says "Pink Brown" LOL!) in a matte finish.

 This is M104. This is a Hot Red color that is also a matte finish.

Lastly, this is C603, which is a midnight blue color. WOW! this is bold, but pretty gorgeous! 

Packaging: I'm pretty impressed by their sleek packaging - they've really upped their packaging game recently. It's all very brave, bold and edgy! I also love the new bullet shade. It definitely allows the lipstick to go on crisper for those hard to reach places. It allowed my matte shades to go on very precisely without needing a brush! 

Hydration: I am so impressed with how hydrating these formulations are. The matte formula is very hydrating - very reminiscent of the UD comfort mattes. However, these don't slip and transfer quite as easily as the UD CM lippies. The Cream formulation is just SO creamy and hydrating. Although I wore it around the house without doing much - I was too nervous to wear it out LOL 

Longevity: Both formulas were relatively long lasting. At least a 4 hour span. The Matte formulation I was pretty surprised about since they went on so smoothly. Although I did reapply after a meal, the color still lasted and almost 'stained' a bit of my lips. The creamy color I can't say too much about because I used a dark blue. Of course it would last! In fact,  I had a pretty hard time getting the actual color off my lips at night lol. 

Overall, I'm loving the colors I picked so far (when I do get to wearing that dark blue). They have a wide range of colors with two really lovely finishes. With the price point of $22, they are a bit more expensive, but are worth a shot to try out and purchase for a color that you would wear often.  I'm looking forward to trying more shades out! 

I purchased mine from here :) 

For live swatches:

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches and Review!

Jul 19, 2016 | | 0 comments
Hey hey friends! Hope you are well :)

I've had the UD vice lippies for over a month now and I'm ready to share with you my thoughts!!! at $17 a lipstick and 100 shades to choose from - it can be an overwhelming task! (but overwhelming in the best way :P)

They are broken down into 5 different finishes:

Mega Matte: super-intense matte
Comfort Matte: creamy matte
Cream: creamy, moisturizing finish
Metallized: cream with a high level of pearl
Sheer: a punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish
Sheer Shimmer: slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and smooth texture

The lipsticks I swatched for you only come from 3 of these finishes and I've only tried 4 of the finishes. I personally am not a shimmer/metallic kinda girl, so I have yet to try either of those! So let me show you the swatches and tell you my overall thoughts on each lipstick type!

Cream Finish Lipsticks:
RUSH: pink mauve cream 
INTERROGATE: medium peachy rose cream
MOSHPIT: berry plum cream

I LOVE the cream formula. They are very similar, if not identical to the original cream formula lipsticks that UD offers. They are extremely pigmented and hydrating. With their wear, it allows my dry (like seriously dry) lips to get some moisture love. I particularly liked the lighter shades (Rush has been nonstop on my lips as my every day color). For me, they lasted about 3-4 hours before it began to fade. The lighter colors still felt moisturizing, but the color needed to be reapplied (which I never minded!) but the darker color for me was slightly problematic. The color faded, leaving a pretty stain - however, the darker color would linger in the cracks of my dry arse lips... therefore leaving a quite frightening cracked lip look (a little bit zombie-ish!) if I didn't smudge my lips.. so definitely be sure to make sure to blend it out! 

 Comfort Matte Lipsticks:
CARNAL: medium warm nude
NOTORIOUS: medium berry

I LOVE myself a matte lip and I received 714 which was originally from the Gwen Stefani collection as a MEGA matte. 

Mega Matte: If you are a matte lover - you will LOVE the mega matte lippie. It took a couple of swipes to get even coating (although it is VERY opaque, it was just a bit harder to apply because of the formula) but it was moisturizing for a matte lipstick and legit kept on!!! It was probably on my lips for a good 6 hours before fading. 

Comfort Matte: The comfort matte is similar, but not as hard to apply and had a bit more of a slippery texture compared to the mega matte. Although I love how the product looked and felt (moisturizing for a matte lip!), I found the transfer and if my lips accidentally touched anything or if I ate, the lipstick would end up either on my teeth or on whatever my lips were touching! (haha.. not that my lips often touch many things . . . . . LOL) 

So there are pros and cons to both - if you like the matte lip and want it to be more comfortable but don't mind a bit of transfer - comfort matte is for you! If you want a matte lip that really stays but may feel a little more drying than other matte lippies - then mega matte is for you! 

Sheer Lipstick: 
TMI: soft mauve pink
 I love love love this lipstick so much. This was probably by far the most moisturizing of the four. It feels and looks similar to the creams, however it provides (obvi from the name) a more sheer coverage. My lips got sunburnt this weekend and they started bleeding a bit and you can see a bit of that on my lips peeking through (where as the others you can't) but this also has delicious buildable coverage so they aren't skimping on pigmentation either! This is a great lipstick if you are nervous to try bigger bolder colors and need to ease your way in! And the formula is wonderful as well! Man!!! UD does mauve colors WELL!!!

Here are all the color swatches I have in their glory! The Hot Pink one is not swatched because my friend really wanted it, so I gave it to her lol! but that one is Crush which is a hot pink cream! 

Here is also a video of the swatches if you would rather watch them in action:

Have you tried these lippies out?? Which one would you get?!?! I purchased mine from and, but you can also purchase online at

PopSugar Must Have: June

AHHH! This Popsugar Must Have June box came JUST in time to celebrate the end of another of teaching done! This box was all about outdoor festivities, togetherness, and fun fun fun!

If you dont know, popsugar must have is a monthly subscription box of 39.95 of full size products with a retail value of over $100. Here is what was in this box's June box!

1. Wild and Wolf : Ridley's Game Room "Who Am I?" Quiz $12.95 | 2. Hat Attack : Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong $58 | 3. Sisters of Los Angeles : "Cheers" Gold Bottle Opener $12 | 4. NCLA : Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer $16 | 5. Knock Knock : Are You Ready Compact $10  | 6. Pacifica : Underarm Deodorant Wipes $9 | 7. Pressels : Sriracha $1.29

 Of course for me, beauty is always most important :P I've always loved the pacifica underarm deodorant wipes. This is my first time trying the kale extract one - it does have a very strong kale scent, but these are a perfect on the go product! The compact is a cute bite size product that is perfect for your purse! And the NCLA polish will be a perfect topper to any fourth of July nail look!

I'm personally not a game person, but my friends are - so this would be a great game to whip out on a summer evening to play. This is a fun, silly game to guess celebrities! And this Cheers bottle opener - is PERFECTION. #1 its GOLD. and #2 it's perfect to display on my bar cart!

 Lastly are these two fun items. I'm going away in a couple weeks, so this perfect neutral sarong is going to be a perfect accessory to cover up! I love the print of it - just enough to make it stylish but classy. I can't tell you how these Pressels are because my husband opened them and ate them all in one sitting. SIGH. haha they must've been delicious. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed this haul of the June box! Definitely worth the $40 splurge for me! What did you think??

ftc: POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try

Aritaum Event: All about Compact Cushions!

Recently, I was invited to the Aritaum event where I learned about some of the world famous Amorepacific products to dive into the 'innovative world of kbeauty' Aritaum is kind of like the 'korean sephora' - and Amore Pacific is coming into the US by now arriving in many Aritaum stores. This includes brands like Iope, Laneige, Mamonde, Sulwhasoo and more.

This event was all about the history of Cushion Compacts. By now, every brand and their mothers now have compact cushions, it's hard to tell what a good compact cushion is..  but at this event, I was able to learn more about what makes the Amore Pacific CC special - especially since it was the very first company to launch the compact cushion back in 2008.

How this all started was that developers wanted to make a foundation product that had the convenience of a compact, but was effective like a liquid all while adding a sun screen factor. As they were developing this, a senior researcher noticed that an ink pad was the exact type of product they want. The ink was a liquid - however it was all contained into the pad and spread evenly to the space provided... and thus began the compact cushion!

Here are some of the products that I received from the event. I received the Iope Bio Intensive Essence Facial Mask, The Iope Bio Hydro Cream, Laneige Water Sleep Mask and of course, to me... the best part were the Iope compact cushions!

If you would believe it, the Amore Pacific cushion took years to develop. They were looking for a product that would hold a liquid product without allowing the liquid to flow out. Although its already great - they are always trying to improve their products and are currently in works of improving this cushion even more to create new "cushion cells" that prevents the foundation from settling to the bottom of the compact - thus allowing you to get more use out of your product. Be on the look out for these changes soon! 

Usually, most products - I throw out the brush or sponge that goes along with the product, but their sponge took much time to develop. They found that using this sponge allowed you to get the most use out of your product while creating the most even coverage. Putting the foundation on this sponge actually 'rejects' the product, so it doesn't soak into the sponge, giving your face as much product as possible! 

Here is one dab! 

Here is what it looks like blended out by using a dabbing motion. 

 They currently don't have many colors in the range - the 23 is my perfect shade (i'm an NC 25-30 in mac), so if you are on the market for a darker shade - they will eventually be rolling some out.

I have yet to try the other products, although the other two products are nice hydrating gel-ish products. Seems like the perfect products for the summer! Let me know if you'd be interested in a thorough review when I get to try more of them! :)


Jouer Mermaid Collection: Unicorn and Skinny Dip Topper!

Jouer Cosmetics launched a new summer collection: Mermaid Collection of fun pastel colors! The products launched are 5 highlighters, 4 shadows, 4 new lip cremes, a lip topper, and a luminizing body lotion! 

I was (of course) most excited about the new lip cremes and lip topper! I picked up Unicorn naturally because of its name, which is a matte soft lilac and I picked up Skinny Dip which is a GORGEOUS shimmery glittery fun lip topper that can make any matte lip creme rock! 

You all know how much I already LOVE the Jouer matte lip formula - you can find my review here. The weightless lip creme is consistent throughout all shades and does not disappoint. Many of the shades dry down to a darker matte finish than shown from the tube - however, Unicorn doesn't. It remains true to the color in the tube. Below is a swatch - I apologize for the terrible lip job because I had no mirror and used my cell phone camera, so its not as precise as I like it :P 


Skinny Dip - for me was by far the star of the show. It's unique sparkly fun is the perfect addition to any matte lip. It brings any lip color life, fun and sparkle! I'm not usually a sparkly lip fan, but this one just adds such an elegance and fun (reminds me so much of what Jouer stands for!), it was a must have. It's gorgeous golden sparkle is a creamy lip gloss-ish formula. It doesn't dry down and allows your lips to feel more hydrated like a lip gloss would. This actually is kinda turning me to the dark side of more metallic, sparkly colors... and now i'm COMPLETELY regretting not getting the other metallic lip cremes (especially fairy!) 

Unicorn with Skinny Dip on top!

Skinny Dip (Top), Unicorn (Bottom) 

Swatches with unicorn LOL! 
And I mean come on --- look at that glittery goodness in all its glory!!! :-D

You can purchase the whole collection on :) Will you be picking anything up!?!? 


Godiva 90th Anniversary Chocolates!

May 27, 2016 | | 0 comments
Ooof... maybe I'll start my diet tomorrow.... after I finish these. :P 
 Today I'm celebrating 90 years of Godiva with this limited edition collection featuring nine chocolates! Each chocolate is a little bit of history with its own story to tell :) They have traditional pieces to even a new rose flavored chocolate!

My personal favorite -- you see that log with the milk chocolate drizzle? OH THAT ONE. I didn't let anyone eat either of them, because I wanted both to myself (ha ha). It has delicious hazelnut praline and puffed, crispy rice enrobed in dark chocolate and then dipped in milk chocolate. omg. so good! 

They have lots of different size boxes - for anyone to celebrate along with Godiva ;) You can find the link here

ftc. chocolates were sent to me.. but i thoroughly enjoyed every last morsel ;)

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

I didn't want to give into the hype but...

YOU NEED THIS PALETTE! Set your alarms for May 26, because this will sell out! This limited edition face palette retails for $52.. and it features 2 highlighters and 3 blush shades.
The blushes from left to right:

Rose Spritz: soft peach pink with pale gold shimmer
Amaretto: Matte toasted almond 
Pamplemousse: Matte warm coral Pink

The Highlighters on the bottom from left to right: 
Champagne pop (old): soft white gold with pinky peach undertones
Prosecco Pop: warm gold

From top to bottom: Champagne pop, prosecco pop, rose spritz, amaretto, pamplemousse

I highly recommend these. Like all becca face products, they are super soft, buttery and pigmented. Most of these swatches were done in one swipe!! It blends effortlessly and you can really make it a day look or make it an evening look. Either way, this versatile palette is a must have! :) 

Here they are in their glory! look at the shimmery goodness!!! <3 

These go on sale exclusively at sephora - launch on on 5/26 at noon and in Sephora stores on 6/16 :) 


ActivESSENCE Fragrance Mist Review

I will start off by saying... I'm NOT a fragrance mist person. When I first think of fragrance mist, I think of myself in middle school buying bath and body works sprays, spraying myself after gym and then having a sneeze attack because the scents were so potent that my nose couldn't handle it (lol). So you can imagine my hesitation to try these products when the brand reached out to me. However, I decided to conquer my fear of fragrance mists and here are my thoughts!

ActivESSENCE says that it is a high quality, affordable fragrance that offers up to 12 hours of fragrance plus instant refreshment and skin-loving benefits. It has time release microencapsulates which extend the wear of fragrance while leaving your skin soft and fresh all day long. It's packed with essential oils, natural extracts and vitamins! It even claims to provide instant moisture and soothes skin after exposure to sun, heat and other stressors! 

I decided to try it in the morning. I only used one or two sprays, so I can't be certain of the moisture or soothing qualities (and I dont really anticipate me spraying it multiple times to try and get there) however, I did notice right off the bat how strong the scent was. Although it was initially very strong, the scent began to meld into my skin and left a beautiful scent. 

As I went about my busy day (like I was SUPER busy!) I kept getting whiffs of scent. It was surprising because even my 'best' perfumes don't last longer than 6 hours. I generally have a travel size in my bag to respray! However, by the time I got home from work and an event at night - I will say, it did last. It was still holding tight, lingering on after a 15 hour day. 

These two were by far my favorite two scents. The french vanilla lavender has a gorgeous floral, sweet lavender scent that I really loved putting on after a shower. The scent lingered all night!!! But I'm always partial because I love the lavender scent!!

Tropical Coconut coast was such a fun, sweet but tangy scent! It has coconut blossom, tiger lily, amber and verbena. It was the perfect mix to make you feel like you're celebrating summer. It is a fun scent without too much sweetness!

I quite liked exotic cherry blossom as well. I feel like you can really do cherry blossom incorrectly.. but they did it right! It is sweet, but floral - a little citric-y and the perfect blend for a sophisticated scent. I would actually consider wearing this as a 'perfume'!!

Moroccan Orchid and Amber was an incredibly warm scent. It is spicy, vanilla-y, and very warm. I imagine this would be a great scent on a cool winter evening. 

Lastly was the Citrus Splash. This scent was a bit young for me - so I would never actually wear this on my skin. However, It made the perfect 'bathroom' or 'kitchen' scent. It has just the right amount of brightness to smell fresh! 

I also wanted to note that the spray was very fine and the spray diameter was very large. In one spritz, it covers a lot of surface area! I feel like because of this you'll be able to use these for FOREVER!! 

Overall, I really enjoyed these. Although I'm still not the biggest fan of fragrance mists, I could see why people love them. I think these are a huge step up for all the fragrance mists out there in this world - these are so long lasting (LIKE REALLY LONG LASTING) and their scents are getting more sophisticated! These would definitely be worth a shot since they are relatively inexpensive and you can throw them in your bag! 

You can find these for $7.99 at Walgreens, CVS,, or :) 


Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and Foundation

Way back when the Naked Skin line came out - I had purchased the UD concealer. Why I stopped, I'm wondering that now LOL!
One of the most unique things about the Naked Skin concealer is this awesome doefoot!!! Their doe foot applicators are one of my favorite applicators I've found yet! It dispenses just the right amount of product onto your face. 

 From L-R: Foundation shade 4.0, Concealer shade light to medium, Concealer shade medium to dark

Let's begin by talking about the foundation! This is the first time I've ever used UD foundation - and this one is really lovely! It claims to be lightweight and invisible and leave a semi matte, luminous finish. As you can see - it did a nice job of covering my face slightly - it almost seems like a nice soft focus feel. I can still see some blemishes peeking through, but definitely less visible! It was very weightless and felt like skin. It took a bit to dry (definitely over 5 minutes), but it did leave me with a semi matte finish. It didn't leave my face looking so caked up and flat a regular matte foundation! I am in shade 4, and although it was a perfect match for me - I could see how it could potentially be too yellow for some skintones - so hopefully they have other colors in their range!  

Then I took this lovely product to the next step and used the concealer as a highlight for my undereyes and anywhere the light would hit! I love this concealer as it is extremely pigmented, yet also weightless on the face. The only thing I will say is that I need to pick a lighter shade as almost every product seems to oxidize heavily on my face. This one didn't seem extremely drastic, but it was enough for me to notice half an hour later. 

Here we're trying to contour by using a shade darker and I'm placing it where my cheek bones would be and above my temples! -- seems like the perfect effortless look! 

And here we are - a perfectly contoured face that looks like my cheekbones are JUST that good! I like that this product doesn't allow my face become ashy as many products do. This one gave just the right bit of luminosity to make my skin look like 'my skin'!

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