Paula's Choice Skincare Line Review

I've seen so many people hyping up Paula's Choice Skincare products, I wanted to give in and see what the hype was about. Are they right? Or is it just another gimmick (which let me tell you, i've fallen for many times LOL)

The first thing before you choose any of your products, is that they set up a consultation with a Paula's Choice specialist. You're able to tell her (or him) what your skin is like, your skin concerns - they ask questions and get to know your skin. From there, they are able to curate a whole regimen catered to your skin. I thought that was awesome and unique - not many (or any!?) companies want to get to know your skin before you purchase their products!

For me, my skin is combo/oily and I get eczema around my nose and eye area. My biggest problems for my skin are clogged pore and dullness. I die for women that have beautiful bright skin (purple correctors can only do so much for me! LOL).

They recommended me to 7 different products. I've been using these every morning (and most at night, except the SPF products). Another thing to note is that ALL of the products are clinically proven non-irritating, 100% fragrance free, no added dyes and no animal testing. Here are my thoughts in the order I put it on my face:

Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser: This to me was one of the biggest hits for my face. I have not found ANY (literally ANY) foam cleanser that does dry my skin out to pieces and make my eyes burn. This is the first product for me that not only was foamy, but it took off my makeup and helped make my skin clear without feeling tight and dry. Especially for a girl that has sensitive areas on my face, I was SO impressed by this product!

Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner: This was a great lightweight toner that is supposed to minimize pore size, eliminate flaky, dehydrated skin. I will say for SURE that after using this regimen, my pores have definitely been minimized. I don't know if its this product in particular, or the mix of products, but it was definitely this particular regimen for sure. I also did notice a substantial decrease in my flakiness around my nose and eyelids!

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid: This... was definitely the star of my show. I will never want to be without this. Given though... I've never really used a full on Salicylic Acid liquid (only for spot treating, etc), but O M G. Life changer!!! My skin before I started using this was GROSS because I just moved - dust was everywhere, my skin was a mess. This singlehandedly helped to clear my acne, and reduce all the red garbage that was growing on my face. This exfoliant is a MUST in my day and night routine.

Resist Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment: This product claims to impart instant radiance, diminish dark spots and reduce wrinkles. I would have to say, I was a bit disappointed because I didn't see any diminishing in my dark spots and I didn't have wrinkles to diminish. I will say because of the slight opal-ish finish to this product, it did leave a nice luminous glow. I will have to further try this product to see if there is any difference with longtime use!

Resist Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid + Resist C15 Super Booster: I loved this combo! I've been using it every day. I love that this moisturizer is very liquidy and light... and has SPF 50! It was such a nice formula that didn't feel like I was clogging my skin. It was lightweight and felt great (lol). It definitely also helped to smooth and firm my skin. The Super Booster is a 15% Vitamin C with Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid. This combo helped to add radiance to my dull skin!

Calm // Redness Relief: I WISH I had multiple faces so I could use all these different moisturizers lol! I used this on days where my skin was more inflamed and needed some calming. Rather than using my hydrocortisone, I used this product. It did a nice job of moisturizing my skin while helping my inflamed skin calm down. I also loved that this was a SPF 30 mineral moisturizer!!!

Overall, I've seen a huge improvement in my face. I've seen my redness decrease, my pores minimized and my skin definitely feels smoother and more radiant! The stars of the shows for me were definitely the 2%BHA liquid, cleanser, and the two moisturizers. I'm definitely in the boat now to find a good dark spot corrector and eye cream to go along with it -- so onto the website I go to find more :D

ALSO, if you're interested in trying some products yourself.. definitely set up a consultation to figure out the best products for YOUR skin! I have a 20% code for you and FREE SHIPPING! :) to use to get yourself started - just follow the link! You could also download the Primp App for other reviews and coupons for awesome beauty products!

Have you ever tried Paula's Choice before? Would love to know your thoughts! :D

FTC: This post is in partnership with Pretty in My Pocket (THANK YOU!!) and Paula's Choice! So thankful and all these opinions are my own :)

Too Faced La Matte Lipstick Review

Because the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks are some of my favorite lippies, I was so darn excited to try these la matte lippies to review! Too Faced actually mailed me the whole collection, but because of my move - we have some sneaky fingers that stole them... so to whoever has my la matte lippie collection -- I hope that you are enjoying your lipsticks! >:(

Top to Bottom: When in Doubt, Pitch Perfect, Maneater
Anyways - I still went to Ulta to go pick some up, because I was so intrigued by these! They are a matte formula lipstick with a balm like texture.. they are supposed to be moisturizing and hydrating... and let me tell you, THEY ARE! <3 *hearts* 

L-R: When in Doubt, Pitch Perfect, Maneater

If you know me, you know I have the most chapped, dry lips ever (probably because I need to drink more water lol sigh), but I have a deep deep love for matte lippies, which make my lips look terrible. This formulation is sensational though, it leaves a matte finish, yet leaves my lips feeling extremely hydrated. They are all very opaque in one swipe as well! These to me are very reminiscent of them Loreal Pro Matte Lippies! 

The one thing is, if you have extremely dry lips like mine, not all the colors will work on you. You will see below that the darkest shades did not look good on my lips (although it looked beautiful on other lips!). I would recommend definitely lip scrubbing and hydrating prior to using these if you are going to use a darker color. I also put the lippie on top of a balm, which also helped, but it left a more sheer look than the opaque matte lip color it promises (although equally as gorgeous!) 

My lips were SOOO chapped in this, and once I put it on, although they were still chapped, you couldn't really see the 'chapped-ness' anymore. It did a good job of actually hydrating my lips throughout the day. 

My favorite of the bunch - don't my lips look SO hydrated? (I can tell you they were cracked prior to wearing this) The color looks seamless and did not feather throughout the day. 

I was SO excited to try this color and when I put it on I was thinking "YES! THIS FEELS SO GOOD!" Then when I looked in the mirror, I kinda freaked out because it was slightly patchy and fell in the creases of my lips. I wanted to show you this as a worst case scenario type thing - once I put on a balm, scrubbed or hydrated before, it was must less chapped and evened out. This is a GORGEOUS color, but took way more maintenance than I imagined.

Overall, it had a couple hours of wear - the darker colors ended up slightly staining my lips (similar to the melted lippies) which was nice to not have to reapply. However, I LOVED reapplying this product because it just added so much more hydration to my lips! I feel like matte lipsticks that do that don't come by frequently! Sorry not sorry will be my next purchase (or the peach palette.... or the PB & J palette..... LOL!)

These are exclusive to Ulta and and run for $22 per lippie! Will you be picking any up!? 

Benefit Cheekathon Blush Palette: MUST HAVE!

I cannot emphasize this enough.... but if you do not have this blush palette you MUST go and run to get this palette!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cheekathon is Benefit's newest addition to the blush palettes. Generally speaking, I never picked up any of the blush palettes because they were always smaller size products with some other doodads. However, being that this had FIVE FULL SIZED blushes with 4 of my favorite shades (and the last one i've never tried!), I had to have it! 

The boxed blushes are some of Benefit's cult favorite products. I absolutely have loved these products since the beginning of time. No matter how much I try other blushes and bronzers, I always end up going back to benefit blushes. They have the perfect powder density to make my blush look like "just enough" with a lasting finish. 

l-r: dandelion, hoola, rockateur, dallas, coralista

This is perfect for all year round because of the colors! Dandelion which is the perfect baby pink for summer and spring, Hoola which is an awesome matte bronzer that is not too warm or muddy, Rockateur which is an awesome shimmery pink shade (I thought I wouldn't like this but it looks surprisingly natural on all shades!), my all time favorite - dallas, which is the perfect pinky brown blush! I use this one days when I just feel too lazy to put on blush AND bronzer - its an all in one for me! And lastly, Coralista, which is a more sheer shimmery coral color! 

The BEST part about this palette (Which sets this a part from others!) is that you can take this palette out. You can use the box to store liners or you can use the palette separately etc. As a makeup artist, this is my FAVORITE thing because now rather than having to hold the whole palette as I'm doing someone's makeup, I can just take it out and hold it like an artist. It's super convenient and BRILLIANT! 

Doesn't this make a huge difference! How convenient is that when I'm doing other people's (or my own) makeup! :) 

By far, this is going to be a MUST HAVE for me. Since it's limited edition, I think I may pick up a back up (even though, lets be honest... I'll probably never finish it since they are all full sized LOL!).. I love it THAT much! 

I purchased mine from Sephora - however you can also purchase this item from ulta,, macy's :)  

ftc: purchased by me :)

New Benefit Dandelion Products!

I'm so excited to share with you all the new Benefit dandelion products.. because I've been using them for a couple weeks now and my obsession is STRONG.

Benefit's dandelion collection began with its boxed blush. Dandelion Boxed Blush is a gorgeous baby pink powder blush. They've expanded the range to a cream blush and a highlight and I'm here to share with you those products.

First up is the dandelion dew. Now, I'm always weary of cream products because of its short wear time because of its dewy nature. This product is quite unique though as it is a dewy looking product, but it dries down! It's super natural looking and i *love* that it comes in a pump form for all you neat freaks! One issue I did find was because of the pump, if I didn't use it on a daily basis, it did clump up like lotion pumps! However, the effortless, gorgeous color lasted through a 7 hour day for me.

Next up, to me is the highlight (literally speaking :P) of the collection. The Shy Beam! It's the newest addition to the highlight family and it is AMAZING. It is a pink matte highlighter. At first, I was confused as how to wear it because when you blend the product out, it is so incredibly subtle that it was hard to see that it was doing anything. However, I found this product most effective when I placed it near my eye area to highlight under my eyes and my brow bone. It left such a clean, crisp look and really gave that natural finish. It's having the best of both worlds - a great highlight, without having too much highlight!
heavy swatches of each product

Both products blended out 
Both products are a great addition to the dandelion family. With summer coming up, it's a great time to whip these babies out for that soft, subtle natural look! If you are only in the market to buy one product, I would definitely say the shy beam is the star of the show!!!

ftc. pr samples, but thoughts are my own :)

Make Up Forever Pro Sculpting Palette

This product has been one of my FAVORITES ever since I received it! The MUFE Pro sculpting line mixes the basics of sculpting, with an extra touch! This line comes with eyebrow pencils with a built in highlighter, lippies with a built in highlighter and an awesome sculpting palette with cream highlight, contour, illuminator and blush color. 
I particularly gravitated toward this product because of the ease and travel friendliness of this palette. I originally received this product when I was moving and it became my perfect travel companion because of the sheer fact that it had almost everything I needed for my face! 

The product itself is particularly silky and weightless! It goes on so smooth and pigmented with an effortless blendability. No matter if I used my finger, brush or sponge, it made the same effortless look!
Because of its silky texture, I would recommend if you lean more oily, it would be beneficial to set your product with a powder. I am combo/oily and I found that this product works best when I set it!! 

Here are the highlight and contour shades. These are my favorites from the palette! Usually after I contour and highlight my face, it feels heavy and cakey - but these left my face feeling like I didnt have added weight to them. I also loved both of these because the contour didnt make me look muddy and the highlight was the perfect matte cream color to brighten up the dullest of spots. 

The illuminator and blush are gorgeous as well. The blush is the perfect flush of color and the illuminator adds the perfect hint of light. Be careful though.. Because of the thin formula of these products, I often quickly overblended the product.. leaving my face with almost no product and then having to reapply! This product really takes minimal effort!

Overall, despite its small compact size, this product is a big bang for your buck! It has all you need for your face and a little goes a long way! This comes in four shades, so its perfect for all skintones!! For me, this has been a staple  in my makeup bag. ;):) Hope this was helpful!!! 

*Thank you Michelle for sending this over from the MUFE team!!! xoxoxo


Jouer Liquid Lipstick Petale de Rose

Feb 8, 2016 | | 0 comments

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Ever since Christina, founder of Jouer Cosmetics started snapping that they would be launching liquid lippies, I have diligently been patiently waiting (stalking?) for their launch.

Two weekends ago, they debuted 6 of their shades at Generation Beauty. I got my hands on two of them... and they are DIVINE! 

I'm a huge lover of liquid lipsticks, but drying formulas really accentuate my already extremely flakey, chapped lips.. so I'm always on the hunt for a hydrating formula. And just like any jouer product its pack full of hydrating qualities while maintaining their high, top of the line product.

my lips in sunlight.
I purchased the color in Petale de Rose which is this beautiful dusty rose color. Its a great every day color if you want to look like a classy act ;) It goes on like a liquid lipstick - quite silky, velvety smooth and thinly. It does get slightly tacky and stays that way for many minutes before it begins to dry down. I think because of this formula, it has helped my dry lips NOT feel so dry when I put it on. Once it dried, it lasted like a liquid lipstick. It lasted through eating, talking, coffee, etc. Although there was a bit of wear after 8 hours of teaching, you can still see the color on my lips after the full day. 

I am so excited to see the rest of the line... I only picked up 2 at genbeauty - wish I picked up all of them! She also has amazing metallic shades too! (Metallic liquid lipsticks... what!?) 

These are set to launch March 1 on

Tria Beauty: Final Thoughts

So its been a couple months and I've been now heavily acquainted with my Tria laser hair removal device. I've also gotten a bit smarter as I also went in to get professional laser services done. 

First off, just want to say that my knuckles have been hair free for a while now, so I really can't thank Tria enough ha ha! It was an easy and relatively painless process and now I have the smooth skin to show for it! 

So how does this at home device compare to professional lasering? I went to a friend who does a fantastic lasering job. It costs approximately $100 (which is very affordable) for a small section like my armpit. It takes about 6-8 sessions to become hairfree. Now, that has already racked up to well over the amount of the Tria device which you'll have forever! Painwise, they were relatively similar... the Tria had more of a pinching pain and lasering had more of a hot firey air shot at you. The one thing I will say about getting laser services done is That I dont have to do it myself. I dont have to do a countdown every time Im going to laser a section... but I know thats just a personal preference since I always prefer to get things professionally done (like waxing, mani pedi.. lol)

Overall, I think the Tria is great - esp if you want to laser more private areas (like the whooha lol!). And although it has a high pricepoint, its so much cheaper than  getting it done at a spa -- especially when the effectiveness is relatively similar! 

Thanks again Tria for allowing me to try this product out! I'm so happy with the results and can't wait to continue zapping til I'm hairfree! ha ha! ;):) 

Beauty Superfan Holiday Look!

I seriously can't believe the holidays are coming so soon! They are really creeping up on us! The awesome people at people stylewatch and ulta reached out to me to create a beauty look - and I couldn't help but to think of create a look with my current favorite palette!

I recently got the Butter London Clutch Palette and I fell in love! I love that the original package has beautiful neutral colors... but the best part is that it comes with fun interchangeable colors if you want to swap out ur neutral shades for a different pop! I'm totally eyeing that greenish brown duo chrome shade for the holidays -- and what about an AMAZING pop of blue!?! gah! the fun is endless and this palette is so darn buttery and compact! RIGHT NOW (11/21) it's on sale for $20! That's half off!!

I've literally been using this everyday - and this has been my go to look everyday! :)

On my eyes - the butter london clutch palette, benefit they're real mascara, benefit they're real liner. 
Brows: itcosmetics skinny brow pencil, benefit gimme brow 

I love how Ulta put together an inspiration board of awesome products on their site. It gave me some really great ideas for gifts for friends and other beauty lovers like me : ) Definitely check it out if you're in need of picking up some fun gifts!!! Click here if you want to check out some of their ideas! 

What are some of your MUST HAVE products for the holidays? Any must have products that I have to pick up ? :P 

Jus by Julie!

Nov 14, 2015 | | 0 comments
So some days, I feel so gross after eating disgusting meals that I feel like I need a juice cleanse. Luckily, the amazing people at Jus by Julie sent over some juices for me to try! 

I learned from my delirium of my last juice cleanse that I should take it little at a time, so I opted to just drink either one in the morning to replace my breakfast or as an afternoon snack (since my lunch is at 10:45 and my dinner is around 5:45) 

This was the first one that I tried:
I quite like this one! It had a very strong hemp taste, so when I had my husband try it, he hated it - so just be weary of that if you dont like the hemp taste! Overall it was a nice mix of veggies and fruits! 

This was the second one and my FAVORITE one! 
Now I love myself some green juice, but this one was thick, tropical and vegetable-y! It was the best of all worlds for me! Usually when I have a green juice, I pee and am hungry in 4 seconds... but because of the thickness with the banana and rice milk, it was perfection! Kept me full til my next meal! 

Here was the next one:
This was like a coconut smoothie for me! I'm not HUGE on coconut flavor, so this wasnt my favorite one... however, if you like coconut, you will absolutely love this! This is another one that definitely filled me up well! 

The Chia Berry one was next!
This was the perfect drink as an afternoon pick me up! It was just sweet enough with a slight tang from the lemon and kept me full with the chia seeds.

This was like a fun take on a spicy lemonade! I couldnt finish this whole drink because I was scared the spice would make my stomach upset at work since my stomach doesnt handle spice well.. but this was quite tasty! 

Overall I really loved these juices! I definitely prefered the fruit and vegetable blends over the fruit juices.. especially the green ones since I felt like they kept me full!!! 


The kind friends over at Jus also sent over a bunch of booster shots which I found very interesting. I had my coworker try them with me since some were quite daunting. They have normal sounding shots like ginger citrus and lemon... but then they have ones like oregano... chlorophyll...E3 Live.... (what.) 

Day 1:

Day 2 (definitely feeling scared to drink it! LOL):

Some of them werent too bad.. but some of them were very strong. Needless to say, I would give you the advice of putting it in a juice rather than drinking it straight! However... I will say although the oregano tasted disgusting, I feel like it helped me fend off a cold that was on its way over!

Thank you Jus for sending over these juices! It was super fun to try out and I will definitely be picking some up - especially that #3 sweet spin... so good! 

Check out: for more info!! xoxo


Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4x Journey Update!

Okay. So I meant to post a bajillion years ago, but I really wanted to thoroughly use the product and make sure I had for sure feelings for you before I posted this! Actually I have a better reason, but I fear you're all going to think I'm an idiot HAHA!

So here goes - it's been way over a month since I've started using the laser. I've been using it on my hand knuckle hairs because #1 I am always embarrassed when people want to see my wedding ring and I have hairy knucks, #2 I felt like it was a less sensitive area so it was an easier spot to laser and #3 I just did not want to use a huge patch of skin incase my tolerance for pain was lower than expected haha!

So when I first used it, I was nervous as heck. There are 5 levels of strength - 1 (weakest) and 5 (strongest). I started off with a 1 - it honestly was not too bad. It kind of felt like I was just pinched. Then I went straight to 3 - feeling brave. Felt a bit like an electric shock, like when you built up too much static and then you touched someone. Then I wanted to try a 5 - and it was kind of like a longer version of 3. Not terrible, but not comfortable, so through this process I stuck with a 3 (and if I felt brave, sometimes I went to a 4).

What I will tell you is.. I'm extremely happy with the results thus far. I definitely see less hair and the hair seems way finer than it used to.

Now.. why I'm an idiot...?? -- so basically because they tell you to shave your hair before your treatment, I was waiting for it to grow back so I could take the "after" pictures. After waiting a couple of weeks (and still doing treatments)... I realized that it was taking so long to grow back because THE LASER WAS WORKING! My hair did not grow back like it used to!!! - it was way more sparse and way thinner. Duh...

All in all, I'm very happy with the results, I can't wait to see what the update is like at the end of the summer to see if all my hairs will be gone! Then I think I will try to be adventurous over the fall and winter and try my arm pits!!!

so stay tuned ;)

Here are pictures of my knuckle hairs before (as you can see.. lots of hair!)

Here are pictures of my knuckle hairs 1.5 months later (was only shaved before the first treatment)
(btw. promise you its the same hand, I was just in two different locations with two different lightings!) 

You can purchase a Tria Laser Here and to hear the overview and introduction of the Tria Laser, see my first post here :) 

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