Jouer Cosmetics High Pigment Pearl Lip Glosses Swatches + Review

The new Jouer Cosmetics Pearl High Pigment Lip Glosses just came in -- and if you like your metallic lippies, this is not one to miss! I personally adore the new high pigment gloss formula (even though I was so sad to see their old lip gloss line go!).

Their Pearl Lip Glosses come in 7 colors ranging from a warm peachy pearl to deep cool blackberry pearl. Below is their description:
This lightweight, creamy gloss delivers full-coverage pearl color that glides on smoothly and moisturizes the lips with Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil.
• Lightweight• Jojoba Seed Oil• Coconut Oil• Non-sticky formula• Warm and cool shades
Below are the shades and their swatches:

Maui - warm peachy pearl

Ibiza - cool baby pink pearl

Seychelles - Warm muted coral pearl

Riviera - Warm coral red pearl

Sahara - Warm cocoa bronze pearl 

Tulum - Warm black cherry pearl

Maldives - Cool blackberry pearl

Swatches Top to bottom: Maui, Ibiza, Seychelles, Riviera, Sahara, Tulum, Maldives

And here are a breakdown of my thoughts: 

Packaging: The packaging is the standard jouer lip gloss and lip creme packaging. It's luxe and heavy duty. I really appreciate when packaging is not round (this is square) so it doesn't roll around and is see through so you can see the color! 

Pigmentation: As the name suggests lol, these are high pigment. In one swipe, you do get full coverage color - even the lightest shades provide full coverage. In all of these shades I didn't see my bare lip color! The shimmer in it is beautiful, but not overpowering -- just the right amount of pearlescent color. 

Color range: I think for the 7 shades they chose, it was a great mix of cool / warm and light / deep. In this collection there is bound to be a color that everyone enjoys. I personally enjoy the deeper shades and maui is just so reminiscent of papaye which I love! (It would make a great topper to lipsticks!) 

Moisture: These glosses are packed with jojoba seed oil and coconut oil, creating a super hydrating formula. These are some of the only glosses that leave my lips feeling hydrated rather dry and flakey. 

Texture: The texture is very smooth (despite it being a shimmer) and lightweight. It doesn't feel sticky at all and they are very comfortable to wear. 

Long lasting ability: It transfers easily... I mean of course, it's a lip gloss. And the color wore off probably within two hours. It's quite standard for a lip gloss as most last about the same time. I never minded reapplying :) 

Cost: These are $17 each -- online you can ALWAYS get 15% off with Christina (Founder)'s code CZ15off I believe so then it becomes less than $15 per lip gloss. Each shade comes with 6mL of product.  

Overall, I really love these lippies. I think they are great quality for the cost. If you are not a metallic/pearl person, I would skip these and stick with their regular high pigment lip gloss collection, but if you are, definitely check these out! 

You can purchase these from jouercosmetics :) 

*pr sample 


NARS Spring 2018 Lip Color Swatches!

Thank you so much Muses for hosting an awesome event to bring bloggers and brands together to help influencers grow! At the event, each goodie bag had the four new spring lip colors by NARS.

I'm SO excited about these because they are so dang good. I haven't used the nars lip colors before so I am super excited to share these with you! This is what NARS tells us about their lip colors:

Limited-edition Lip Cover delivers saturated slicks of covetable color steeped in exclusivity and ease. This formula offers intense, full coverage with a velvety smooth texture. Infused with Passion Fruit Seed Oil and Vitamin E, known to moisturize and protect skin from free radicals and pollution. Rich and lustrous. Luminous finish. 
The Spring Collection comes with 4 limited edition shades: Embrasse Moi, Summer Fire, Under Arrest and Hell Gate. Below are the lip swatches with the color info.

Under Arrest - Peach Beige

Summer Fire - Pink Mauve

Hell Gate - Black Cherry

Embrasse Moi - Shimmering Peach Pink

Here are my thoughts:
Pigmentation: HOLY PIGMENTATION! I'm so impressed at how full coverage each swipe is! It really does pack a lot of color in one swipe... so much that the peach pink literally looks like my skin color! lol! 

Packaging: The packaging is in it's iconic matte black package. Super sleek and I appreciate that the color is on the side of the package so you know which color you are picking up. The doefoot applicator is smaller and thinner (not by much but slight!) than a standard doefoot, however it allows for a more precise application. I needed to dip a second time into the lip color occasionally. 

Moisture: These felt so comfortable on the lips. Like a super hydrating lipstick or a thick balm. Although they are not transferproof, I definitely preferred having this super pigmented, hydrated lippie over a transfer proof lippie! 

Texture: It really did go on so smoothly and felt silky on the lips. It's very hydrating so it does not dry on the lips. It is not sticky at all, but not too slippery. 

Lasting Ability: It lasted a good 3-4 hours before I had to reapply, but upon reapplication, the color was still intact, just slightly rubbed off in the centers. The deeper shade left a bit of a stain which allowed the color to last way longer! 

Colors: I love the color choices that they have. The Embrasse Moi was a bit light for me, but the red is very universal and will definitely be the biggest sell (IMO). The pink mauve is by far my favorite and most wearable and the Under Arrest peach beige is super unique and warmtoned! 

Price: This product is $28 each at .22oz. It is more high end and pricy, but personally I would go out and spend my money on this. I definitely think this is worth the cost! 

Overall..... RUN AND GET YOUR LIP COLORS! these are limited edition and I'm pretty sure... YOU NEED THEM! :P 

You can pick these up at NARS

See live swatches below <3 

*was given to me in a goodie bag from a Muses App event


COVERGIRL Vitalist Elixir Lip Oil Swatches + Review

Hey hey! Usually I don't post much about drugstore products, but I have been getting lots of new drugstore items and drugstore products are really steppin up their game!!!

Covergirl so sweetly sent me a bunch of their new Vitalist line and my favorite products of the bunch?? These lip oils!

Because my lips have been sooo darn dry this winter, I've been wanting something nice and glossy to moisturize and soothe my lips. I mean, matte lips have been around for long enough, right? lol

This is what covergirl claims:

Vitalist Tinted Lip Oil is a transparent oil that delivers a comfortable, non-sticky, non-tacky shine. Formulated from a blend of nourishing oils with a lightweight texture that instantly melts onto your lips. This lip oil works hard to deeply hydrate, condition and soften your lips with every wear while the tint enhances the beauty of your natural lip color.
There are 6 colors available. I have two of them in Cherry Crush and Melon Granita. Below are the swatches!

Top: Melon Granita
Bottom: Cherry Crush

Melon Granita

Cherry Crush

Here are my thoughts:

Texture: This is literally like a lip gloss texture. It's super hydrating and moisturizing. It's very reminiscent of the YSL lip oils.

Packaging: It is in a standard plastic lip gloss container. The doefoot applicator is a smaller applicator, which means that I needed to reapply a bunch of times to get it on my lips.

Pigmentation: This literally gives the lightest tint. If you are looking for a punch of color, you won't find this here. As you can see the melon granita is almost like clear gloss.

Hydration: YES! I've loved this for the really dry days. It's not sticky, its not so thick, but it does do a nice job of hydrating the lips.

Lasting ability: It lasted about 2 hours before I needed to reapply.

Overall, I really enjoyed these. If you want a cheaper version of the YSL Tint-in-Oil, I think this definitely is a fraction of the cost and very comparable! You can pick these up at any drugstore :)

*Sent by covergirl

Too Faced Life's a Festival Lipstick + Lip Topper swatches

Hey everyone!!! After the hype of the Too Faced Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick, you knew that they had to brew up some more! In fact, they now have a whole line of unicorn-ish items! Too Faced Life's a Festival collection features a ton of different unicorn items including 4 la crème lipstick (3 new!) and 4 lip toppers!

I was most excited about these lippies, so I picked up a bunch of them! Been trying them for about a week now and am so excited to share with you my thoughts! These are the products I picked up:

L-R: Angel Tears Lip Topper, Unicorn Tears Lip Topper, Fairy Tears Lip Topper, Fairy Tears La Crème Lipstick, Mermaid Tears La Crème Lipstick and Angel Tears La Crème Lipstick. (Missing from the collection are oldie Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick and Mermaid Tears Lip Topper) 

Mermaid Tears La Crème Lipstick || Iridescent mermaid tail green, blossoms to shimmering deep lilac

Angel Tears La Crème Lipstick || iridescent light yellow, blossoms into shimmering pink champagne

   Fairy Tears  La Crème Lipstick || iridescent pearl, blossoms into shimmering soft coral

 Unicorn Tears Lip Topper || shimmering light blue

 Angel Tears Lip Topper || shimmering pearl duochrome
Fairy Tears Lip Topper || shimmering light yellow duochrome with pink

Here's my breakdown: 

Packaging: It's very luxe and I have always loved the packaging and heaviness of the la crème lipsticks. They are easy to apply and the doefoot of the lip toppers are very precise. 

Texture/Moisture: They are SO moisturizing. I've always loved the la crème formula. They are incredibly moisturizing and smooth. The lip topper also did not disappoint! Both products are incredibly smooth despite the amount of glitter you see. The glitter doesn't irritate my lips at all - in fact, I don't really feel the glitter at all! 

Lasting ability: These don't last incredibly long. Maybe about an hour or so before I have to reapply. However, when it loses its product, you will find a STUNNING pink stain afterwards. So although the product doesn't last so long, the pink stain does! (what a bonus!) 

Pigmentation: because of the nature of these products, it gives more of a subtle finish. For the lip toppers, they are definitely more on the natural side with hints of awesome duochrome shifts. The la crème lipsticks are definitely more pigmented, but still sheer enough that you can see you lips. I think any more pigmented ... you may actually look like a mermaid's tail ;P 

Price: For the lip toppers - they are $19 each for .1oz and the la crème lipsticks are $22 for .11oz of product. They are very standard for a high end product. The la crème doesn't deviate from it's regular cost. 

Overall, I'm SOOO pleasantly surprised!! I LOVE the la crème formula and line and I thought the unicorn tears was super cool when I first tried it. I'm not a huge person into glitter or shimmer, so this is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I for sure think that these lip toppers are something I could still rock daily since it is relatively natural and subtle. I would definitely need a night out to rock the la crèmes! lmao! If you are into festivals or glitter, you will definitely need to try this collection!!!

You can purchase these at toofaced or sephora :) Will you be picking any up!? 


POPSUGAR Must Have February Box

Happiness truly was delivered when I got this box. lmao.. PopSugar Must Have boxes are some of my FAVORITE subscription boxes ever in the world! It used to be 39.99/month to get an awesome box filled with beauty and lifestyle items. Things are changing at the PSmh offices as they switch over to a quarterly box. They are now (this one is the last monthly!) going to have quarterly boxes at $75/month. They said that each box will be over $200 worth of product, so I'm totally interested in seeing how that will work out!

Anyways - this last monthly box ... SURELY did NOT disappoint!!!

Below are the items in the box:

K. Hall Designs | Peony Jar Candle | $26
Tokyomilk | Shea Butter Handcreme | $22
Nima Oberoi Lunares | Heart Vase | $49
Droga Chocolates | Money On Honey, Dark Chocolate Brown Rice Crispy | $4.99
La Soula Jewelry | Universal Love Bracelet | $39
Tokyomilk | French Kiss Parfum | $30
Stella Artois | 2 Limited Edition Chalices

My favorites this month -- were dang, like all of these items! lol! my life is always in need of handcremes and this one didn't disappoint. It's a beautiful floral scent! And the chocolates, I'm shamed to admit are already gone because it was so delicious. I thought the Stella glasses were a really unique touch, especially since this is in partner with to provide five years' worth of clean water for someone in need for each chalice sold!

You can purchase these at the POPSUGAR website here :)
You can use code SHOP5 for $5 off your FIRST Must Have Box.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box for January

Guys ---- I have to tell you... I've been on and off getting POPSUGAR Boxes for a while now... and I haven't felt this excited for one in a long time!!!

January's theme is all about self-care and rejuvenation and I'm totally digging this, esp with the start of the new year! This box had a good mix of things to "take care" of yourself. I honestly think I will use every single thing in this box!

Here is what was inside:

First up is the rxbar in Chocolate Sea Salt. I've tried these before and they are a great post workout snack. I wasn't a huge fan of these when I had them last, but I have yet to try this flavor! Will definitely be try this when I need a little pick me up! || Retail: 1.99

Next is the Best Year Ever Wall Calendar. This has super cute photos geared toward every month and if you don't have a wall calendar .. now you do! always has the CUTEST stuff and this doesn't disappoint! :) || Retail: $20

The next two items are this adorable KeepCup which holds 16oz. It's made of a clear BPA and BPS free pastic and is a eco friendly lightweight reusable coffee cup. It's just so darn cute - I can't wait to use it! Also, there are Nuun Vitamins in Strawberry Melon flavor. These are those tablets that you have with water! They smell delicious, but have yet to try! || Retail: KeepCup - $19, Nuun - $7 

Already wore this next one because WHO DOESN'T LOVE POMPOM HATS!? This is by Hat Attack and is such a perfect winter staple. || Retail: $44

Lastly, I was most excited about this Farmacy Beauty Honey Drop Moisturizer! I've heard SO many good things about Farmacy, so I was excited to finally get my hands on some. The packaging is SO darn luxurious with a magnetic spatula (what?!). Can't wait to try this out - especially since it has hyaluronic acid and honey! 

At 39.99, this subscription box can't be beat! And you can receive $5 off your first box with the code SHOP5. Will you be picking it up? Are there any must have subscription boxes you love?



Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Review

You guys knowww... I'm the ultimate concealer junkie - so when I Heard about the UD all nighter.. you knew I was all about that life! It claims to be a full coverage waterproof concealer that provides flawless matte coverage... for 24 hours!! It comes in 14 shades varying from fair warm to extra deep neutral.

Here are swatches of my personal shade that I use on my face which is in Medium Light Warm :)

Blended out with finger

Below are my thoughts:

Packaging: I love how pretty it is! It's really a stunning package that looks extremely luxurious. It's a pretty compact product so the doefoot can get to really precise areas. If you are trying to cover a bigger area, you will need multiple dips.

Texture: The product is what it says - it is extremely matte. If you have dry under eyes - DEFINITELY use an eye cream prior to using this. This product also dries down relatively quickly. I usually spot my whole face then blend out... in this case, I would do section by section. Although its blendable, its not like other concealer formulas. It is super concentrated in the spot that you placed your concealer and then you can blend in that area pretty effortlessly... it isn't quite as mobile as non matte concealers which I like (meaning it wont budge!)

Color: The color range is great - from very fair to deep with warm, cool and neutral tones. The pigmentation is also so fabulous! Covers even the darkest of blemishes and dark circles without the need of a corrector underneath. Something I did notice was that it oxidized on my face, so my under eye concealer ended up to be deeper than I would've liked. I ended up using a lighter concealer for under my eyes. Below is what it looks like under one eye LOL... doesn't it look like i dont even have bags!?

Lasting Ability: Let's be honest - I wasn't gonna try to see if it would last 24hrs.. however on a work day I am up with makeup on by 6:10am and I didn't get home one night until 11pm.. so that's pretty long! It definitely lasted until then! I had one side with setting powder and the other side without.. and both sides lasted really well! The side with setting powder did slightly crease. One thing I noticed that was awesome was that the concealer didn't seem to get greasy as my night went on (which is what usually happens to my face!)

Cost: The price point, although seems pretty standard at $29, there is only .12oz of product which is about a half of regular concealer prices. Therefore you are paying more money for the product you are getting, however I do feel like I need to use less than other concealers because of the extreme pigmentation of it.

Overall, if you have normal to oily skin - you would probably love this product. Although the cost is much higher than most, a little bit really goes a long way! (like I use about 1/3 of the amount I use with the shape tape) If you are thinking of purchasing, I would have to say - definitely try this out in store to see how the color wears first to see how it oxidizes or changes on your skin before purchase to make sure you have the correct color!

You can purchase this product at ulta, sephora, or urban decay :)

What do you think, will you be picking it up!?!?!?

*PR Sample

Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet Palette Swatches

Today is the day!!!! ... lol that the Jouer Blush Bouquet Palette came out! Jouer Cosmetics just launched 3 dual blush palettes and OH MY, they are gorgeous! Christina, the founder of Jouer made these into dual palettes because she said... when someone blushes, no one just blushes ONE color - they always have a little bit more rosiness around the apples of your cheek, and then it gets lighter as you go toward the sides of your face... thus, she made these gorgeous duos! Each has a matte deeper color with an accompanying shimmer shade.

These come in three palettes:
Coquette: Seduce Me [matte cool berry pink] and Tease Me [satin cool light pink]
Adore: Adore Me [matte warm dusty peach] and Hold Me [shimmering warm pale nude peach]
Flirt: Kiss Me [matte warm carnation pink] and Touch Me [shimmering warm light peach]

Below are the swatches:



I was only really able to swatch these for you and test these for a day but here are my overall impressions. As I wear them more, I will update this post.

Packaging: Um... this is BY FAR Jouer's best packaging yet!!! It's SO GOOD. It's high quality, luxe, feels very sturdy and is gorgeous. This is my color palette for life -- lol! It's pale pink with gorgeous gold floral detailing.

Application + Texture: I wanted to apply it the way Christina applied it -- where she mixed both shades and put it on her cheekbones for a beautiful wash of color and then put the deeper matte shade on the apples of the cheek. It looked SO natural, like I was glowing from within and each palette was incredibly smooth and silky to apply. They blended out easily with no streaks.

Color: The color is super natural, but is very buildable. As you can see - I could get a relatively deep shade of pink... showing me that this could work for a variety of skin tones. The only one that I feel like is for lighter skin ones is Adore since the peach color is harder to build into a deeper shade.

Wear: I can't comment too much on the wear, so I will have to update this later.. however, the one time I put it on, I had a full face of makeup. It lasted throughout the whole day, no problem (6 hours). I'm interested to see how it lasts on my usual makeup routine where I don't normally put on foundation.

Price: These retail for $30 each and you get 11g of product. I think although it's a bit pricy, you definitely get your bang for your buck. A little bit goes a long way!

Overall, these gorgeous thangs are worth checking out if you're due for a new blush palette! These are available online at Jouer!

*pr sample

A little giveaway for you... :D

Jan 21, 2018 | | 0 comments
To celebrate making new videos again -- I wanted to give ya a little giveaway to thank all of you that stuck around. You are all amazing!

All you need to enter is to be subscribed to my youtube channel and comment on the "husband does my makeup look" video! THATS IT! :)

For a bonus entry - comment in this blog :) :)

There are two winners!
Each winner will win a smashbox trio and a flower lippie.

This will end 1/26 Best of luck!! XO

iphone x giveaway!

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HIII! So this is my first time doing this - but I thought it would be fun!! I teamed up with some of my blogger and youtube friends to giveaway an iPhone X! (wait, can i enter myself? LOL) All the info is in the link below :)  The winner will be announced by 2/18 :D Good luck! XOXO a Rafflecopter giveaway
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