HiMirror Overview + GIVEAWAY!

Oh mannnn -- so I got the HiMirror (first generation like way back when) a while back and although I felt like it was SO cool - it had many updates that it needed. For example, you had to wave the mirror in order to move it from screen to screen and there were no online functions you can use.

BUT O M G.. their new HiMirror (mini) is updated and SO DARN COOL! Now it is a touch screen and has so many more functions!

If you don't know what HiMirror is, it's a "virtual beauty and health consultant featuring the Amazon Alexa-Enabled feature." It's basically a "smart mirror" -- a mirror that can help to personalize your skincare routine and can analyze what you need to make your skin better. It has a face detection thing, so you are able to log in with just your face!

Here is the face detection!

What it does:
The biggest and coolest function I believe is the skin analyzer. It allows a camera to take a picture of your skin and analyze to see the condition of your skin. It discusses the texture, pores, wrinkles and more. Once you use this every day, you can see how your skin may be changing for the better (or maybe not) with the current skin care routine you are using.
Here it is analyzing my face! 

Here's all the stuff my face needs help with WAH!
It even shows you your problem areas on your face! Here's where all my dark spots occur.

Other features:
Amazon Alexa Enabled - I don't have Alexa, but I could see how cool this could be if you are commanding Alexa to do things for you! lol :P

Make up Light - My original HiMirror light ONLY turned on with the camera, so this one is amazing because you have an LED light to apply makeup or to look at your skin. You can even adjust the brightness and warmth.

Virtual Beauty Box - This is a way to manage all the skincare products you are using. This is SO cool. It not only tells u the products you are using, but allows to track how certain products are affecting your skin. They also tell you if your products are about to expire.

Internet / Entertainment - OMG!!!! You can stream youtube, spotify and go on IG and FB. WHAT. It also has weather and news!!!

Below you can see how it has a bunch of different functions as well as the light that you can freely turn on to use as an actual mirror with lights!

Add ons:
HiMirror also has 2 different devices that you can add on with the mirror itself. There is a Smart Body Scale ($99) which provides accurate measurements of your body index. Also it has the HiSkin ($49.99) which measures your skin's hydration and pigmentation.

Honestly for me, this is a do it all mirror. I love that it analyzes your skin every day, but I think for me the most exciting part is knowing that it will help to track how each skin product works for my skin. Especially because I have my daily regimen and I always have so many products to try, it's nice to be able to see if products are truly effective for my skin.

I also love that since my skin is constantly changing because of weather, it helps to let me know what is going on with my face. It shows the specific places my face needs more hydration or more attention because it's porous or wrinkly. This way I can even target the specific spot on my face that I need to work on!

Overall, I am really loving this. There is a learning curve with all the functions that it has. And like any fancy piece of technology, it does has some ticks here and there like being frozen, but a simple restart usually fixes it all.

and GIVEAWAY!??? yes!! within the next couple days, I'll be hosting a giveaway on my IG to celebrate this awesome device! Come find me @beautybyjessicalee

The HiMirror retails for $119, but there is a $25 discount on amazon
You can also purchase from the HiMirror from the website - here are the discount codes you can find! 
BM668 Mini $119+Free ground shipping ($25 off coupon code: OFF25)
BM608 HiMirror $139 +Free ground shipping
BM618 HiMirror Plus $189 +Free ground shipping
BM619 HiMirror Plus+ $239 +Free ground shipping

Products for Dry, Itchy Scalp

Ever since I began getting eczema on my scalp, it has been such a huge blow to my confidence in so many ways. My head is not only itchy, but also flaky. This causes so many embarrassing things :( When I scratch my head, all of a sudden there are flakes all over my clothes and on the floor. I have to start thinking about ways to wear my hair as well as clothes that will mask all the flakes in case I do scratch when I'm not thinking.

Your shoulders are made for greatness, not dandruff
 That's what my husband ALWAYS tells me... when he runs over to help me clear off flakes when he sees that I've been scratching.

It's been a journey, that's for sure... but I found some products that have definitely helped to alleviate some of the itch or flakiness and I wanted to share them with you in case you are like me.. struggling with flakiness.

Philip Kingley:

Flaky Shampoo
-I've been using this product (and finished it and threw it out!) and it has been amazing on my scalp! If you just have a dry, itchy scalp, I think this will help clear it up without stripping your hair of its natural oils or feeling overly dry. It left my hair still nice and shiny! I rotate this in with my medicated shampoos and find that it still keeps my scalp at bay without feeling dry! And another plus is I love the slight apple scent!

Flaky Toner
THIS. I love the applicator that makes it easy to get to all the spots of your scalp. This really works though, and helps keep your itching at bay. NO residue and I find myself itching less with this product! Definitely does a beautiful job soothing your scalp!


Apple Cider Vinegar Salt Scrub (not pictured, because it looks SO dirty in my shower since its a tub you scoop! lol)
SO this one is super difficult to use if you have long hair like mine. HOWEVER, I think this is a product that can be super effective if you have short hair or have the time to sit and separate your hair. When I sat and separate my hair, placed the product in the itchy, infected areas, gave it a bit of a rub, it seriously made a huge difference in my hair. I think it was the longest that I felt my scalp without an itch. It also felt SO clean, and I was SO happy about that!

Lotus RX:

Shampoo and Conditioner
-This is a great shampoo and conditioner that is paraben, sulfate and salt free. This was developed specifically for dandruff with prescription strength while gently washing and nourishing scalp and hair. This stuff is SO creamy and provides such a nice lather and is excellent at soothing and moisturizing my scalp. When my eczema on my skin is bothering me, I also use the conditioner and lather it on my skin! It definitely calms the redness and irritation but feels so nourishing! And the creamsicle smell... OMG. so delish!

Hope some of these products will help you! I am definitely adding to the list as I continue to use more products! <3 Hope some of you on this scalp journey with me find comfort that you're not alone!!!


Drunk Elephant -- Inspector Drunk Holiday Set

If there is any set you NEED to get this holiday, it's the Drunk Elephant Sets!!! If you've always wanted to try their products, or even restock, this is a great way to get a hold of their products and try a bunch of samples as well!

Today we'll be chatting about my personal favorite set of the bunch, the Inspector Drunk Set! I'm the biggest fan of their Framboos glycolic night serum -- however, it's an expensive little number (at $90 for the 1oz), but it has worked wonders for my skin. In the Inspector Drunk Set, you get the full sized Framboos, along with 4 other little minis (which aren't that mini!) for a total of $98. That means you're getting all of those travel sized products for ONLY $8!

Here are the products you receive in the set:

Full size Framboos Glycolic Night Serum - here is the description of the product: 
This high-tech gel resurfaces dull skin, lifting dead skin cells away by gently dissolving the glue that holds them to the surface. The results are greater clarity and a smoother, more even-looking complexion. Formulated with a dream-team AHA/BHA blend including glycolic, lactic, tartaric, citric, and salicylic acids, and blended with raspberry extract, T.L.C. Framboos™ sinks in easily and delivers an effective level of chemical exfoliation without the harsh side effects like dryness or sensitization. Fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, along with excess oiliness and the appearance of pores, appear dramatically diminished over time. Horse chestnut, bearberry, and white tea help to calm and soothe, while improving the appearance of broken capillaries. Go from a drab complexion to an absolutely luminous one—practically overnight.  (From Sephora.com)
- 1 oz/ 30 mL Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser
- 0.27 oz/ 8 mL B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum
- 0.5 oz/ 15 mL Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream
- 0.17 oz/ 5 mL C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream 

As you can see, they aren't skimpy travel sizes - these minis will still last you a couple of weeks!

I personally have been using these products and saw a huge difference in my skin. I loved using this skincare regimen! I would use the Jelly Cleanser to get rid of my makeup and cleans my face, then I would make a little cocktail of bhydra, framboos, lala retro and a bit of marula oil. After I would apply the eye cream. It has made my skin so incredibly soft and clear since I've used them. I don't notice as many random acne spots and blackheads popping up, and I noticed my skin looked more consistently clear, smooth, and even -- even despite the cold weather change!!

FYI -- Drunk Elephant is also a CLEAN brand. Here are some of its promises:
Drunk Elephant is committed to using only clean ingredients that either directly benefit the skin’s health or support the integrity and effectiveness of the formulations. They never take into account an ingredient’s synthetic or natural status, but instead choose based on its safety and bio-compatibility. You won’t find what Drunk Elephant calls "the suspicious six" of any kind in their products (1. silicones, 2. chemical screens, 3. sensitizing colorants/perfumes, 4. sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) 5. essential oils, 6. drying alcohols), making them appropriate for all skin. They believe that these six ubiquitous ingredients are at the root of almost every skin issue. When formulating the products, they focus on pH and toxicity, always making sure that the actives are at efficacious levels. This is the Drunk Elephant difference.
They also have another (Agent Ellie) set which has a full size C-Firma Serum, specific for the daytime as well as a Rescue set with a full size La La Retro, and The Big Reveal Kit  which has a full size Sukari Baby Facial.

Of course during this time, Sephora is starting to have its 20% off sales. So these are a MUST HAVE to pick up! With the 20% discount, the Inspector Drunk set is only $78.40 before tax, which means its LESS money than even just the full size framboos! HOLY COW! (Yes.. I picked up another set. LMAO). Will you be picking this gem up!?!

Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer Swatches!

Alright!!! I feel like i've been anticipating the launch of these concealers for SOSO long because Christina, the founder of Jouer, has been hinting at this product for so long!! SO EXCITED IT IS HERE -- and is completely worth all the wait and hype! 

Here is the description from the website: Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer offers full coverage with Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol to achieve a creaseless, soft matte finish while correcting and smoothing skin imperfections.  Apply thin layer to desired areas, can be applied directly from the applicator while using finger tips to blend, or with the Essential Precision Concealer Brush.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Resveratrol
  • Matte
  • Paraben Free
  • Dermatologist Tested
I'm excited to know that this is beyond just a makeup product, but is also a product that packs in skincare benefits! Below are swatches of all 25 shades! 

Snow: very fair skin with pink undertones
Lace: fair skin with yellow undertones
Creme: fair skin with peachy pink undertones Shades Swatches // Blended Out 

Chiffon: light skin with yellow undertones
Custard: light skin with neutral pink undertones
Wheat: light skin with neutral undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended Out 

Creme Cafe: light skin with neutral yellow undertones
Macaron: light skin with peach undertones
Macadamia: medium skin with neutral undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended Out
Toast:  light medium skin with peachy pink undertones
Creme Brulee: medium skin with yellow undertones
Biscotti: medium skin with peach undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended Out
Honey: medium skin with golden-olive undertones
Dulce de Leche: tan skin with olive undertones
Butterscotch: tan skin with peach undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended Out
Ginger: tan skin with pink undertones
Rich Ginger: tan skin with golden undertones
Dark Ochre: dark skin with peach undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended

Coffee: dark skin with neutral undertones
Cafe au Lait: dark skin with olive undertones
Amber: dark skin with golden undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended Out

Cappuccino: deep skin with neutral undertones
Filigree: deep skin with olive undertones
Hazelwood: deep skin with red undertones
Ebony: very deep skin with neutral undertones
Shades Swatched // Shades Blended Out 

First Impressions: I'm LOVING IT! This product feels like second skin and doesn't feel heavy at all. It's incredibly smooth and definitely is creaseless. It's high coverage, and doesn't make my skin greasy or oily by the end of the day. I will have to try it out some more and let you know more thoughts!!! 

Overall, I'm really liking this product! What I think sets this product from others on the market are that it has skincare benefits in it. You use a makeup product, but not many makeup products provide skincare along with it. Because of that, I feel like it FEELS GOOD on my skin as I'm using it! 

You can purchase this product for $22 from sephora.com or jouercosmetics.com :) Will you be picking it up? 

*Sent by Jouer, but all opinions are my own! 


Paypal $700 GIVEAWAY!

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Hey everyone! So I teamed up with some bloggers and youtubers for an awesome giveaway. One lucky person will in $700 in PayPal Cash!!!! :-D Contest will run until Oct 6 and the winner will be announced by the 8th of October. You'll receive 3 points for each entry. The more points you have, the greater your chance of winning!

By entering this contest, you're subscribing to the hosts email list. Be sure to enter the contest below! Good luck :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

NEW: Fresh Vitamin Nectar Glow Products

Fresh's Vitamin Nectar line is one of my favorites (after the rose line ... and the soy cleanser) so when they rolled out these two new products, I jumped as quickly as I could to purchase them!

The first product is the Vitamin C Antioxidant Glow Face Mist. It comes in two sizes 8.4oz ($44) or 3.3oz ($25). This product claims to give your face instant hydration while delivering tons of nutrients to help you glow such as vitamin C, E, and B5, citrus fruit extracts and minerals. It can help to revitalize dull skin for a more vibrant, healthy glow with smooth texture. You can use this product as a cooling primer, makeup-setter, or an instant refresh.

At first use, I fell in love. Although this isn't a product I would normally purchase, it's a nice little treat. It's a great refresher, smells amazing and (sweet peach and slightly citrusy?) and has the nicest, finest mist. I never used it as a setter because I want all the nutrients to go into my face lmao! It is such a luxurious treat to use, especially in the summertime!

The next product I was SOOOO excited about and it's the Vitamin Nectar Vitamin C Glow Powder. Said to be a "30-second foaming facial" with 12 packets aka 12 uses for $40. This product is supposed to instantly brighten skin and tighten pore with 20% vitamin C. You are supposed to use this product twice a week so this product will last you 6 weeks total.

The packaging is great for travel and comes in these cute little packets. It has a citrus-y scent which was very reminiscent of those effervescent packets like emergen-C or airbourne. lol! I will say that adding the water to mix it together got a little bit messy as some of the powder went flying out of my hand. The product left a tingling in my skin and when I washed it off, my skin (in one go!) seemed brighter, smoother and tighter. As an avid vitamin c girl, I'm excited to see how my skin changes in 6 weeks!

You can purchase these items at sephora or fresh. WIll you be picking these up?? 

How to work with Brands // PR Lists, Collabs, etc!

Hi Friends!

I get so many messages and DMs from you asking how to get on brand PR lists, how to work with brands and how to get brands to notice you. I've compiled 3 of my most important ways to try and get you there.

As you may notice, I'm not the hugest of "influencers" -- in fact, I have a relatively small following compared to many of my other blogger friends. However, I've been able to make my way onto many PR lists and get invited to some of the coolest events. At first, I thought it was pure luck (honestly, sometimes I still think it is lol!), but I realized through chatting with a lot of my other friends what seems to help get you on the list.

1) Knowledge is key. You need to know yourself and know the brands you are approaching. 

     a - Know your own brand. For me, this is something I still evolve from time to time, however what is your personal niche? Yes it may be makeup or fashion, but what about it makes it special? Am I about all natural makeup? Am I about neutral colors? Do I love to play with color? Do I do glitter looks? Mine leans toward "girly" and "neutral". This will help you know the types of brands you want to approach. As a girl who likes neutral looks, I may not be reaching out to a crazy lash brand, a glitter brand, or a brand with crazy bright colors. Knowing your specific niche will help to keep yourself authentic to your brand and will align to the brands that you do reach out to.
    b - Know the brands you want to work with. If you are approaching a brand and you know nothing about them, yet you want them to work with you -- seems kind of silly, right? Know their products and their new collections that are coming out. Know what they stand for. And find their PR team. Here is where you have to do a little bit of research to help yourself. You can find most of the info on their website, however finding PR team people may be a little more difficult, but LinkedIn can actually be a huge help in finding them!

2) Find opportunities to meet the brand and the PR team. 

   a - There are so many different events and conventions that will help to get you to meet the people behind the brand. Find the opportunities to do so! Genbeauty, Beautycon, Stylecon, IMATs, etc. Search for your personal niche and guaranteed you'll find some event!

   b - When your opportunity arises to talk to the PR team: be yourself, be memorable, and bring business cards! Your pitch to the brand's PR team will be short and sweet (since they are probably so busy with a million people wanting to meet them) so that's why its important to [refer to #1 lol] know the brand and know yourself. Let them get to know you a bit, talk about products, but never leave without getting their name / info / business cards because you are going to want to follow up via email afterwards!

3) Reach out to brands via email. 

   a - just like at a convention, they have a TON of things to do. PR brands don't just sit and reply to emails and send people stuff.. they have 1038498327498 other things to do. So when you are reaching out, you want to keep it short and sweet. The main thing you want to convey is why do THEY need YOU? Even if you are a smaller influencer, how will your posts align and meet their needs?

  b - your email will need to have the following: short introduction, why you love the brand, why the brand needs you (what can you offer?), all your links / media kit, and a thank you SO much! *bonus #1 send links of posts that you've done already with this brand. *bonus #2, if you met them somewhere, add that in! and mention something that will remind them of who you are. "It was so great meeting you at ______. I still can't believe we have the same favorite lipstick from the brand!"

  c - many times you won't hear back. and that's okay! that just means you have to keep posting about their stuff, keep tagging them and later on you can try to email them again with more good stuff that you've posted!

Hope this was helpful to any of you! Are there any must have tips that I missed! Let me know down below <3

Winky Luxe x Nordstrom Set Swatch

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How pretty is this winky lux x nordstrom juicy watermelon set!! As we’re in midsummer, this is the perfect august pick me up! The lipstick is a juicy pH balanced lippie that changes colors and the lip gloss is a beautiful, pigmented pink! Below are swatches of the lip gloss! 

No Flash


You can purchase this set for $29 on nordstrom :)

*sent by pr


Favorite Sunscreens + Swatches

Since we are in the heat of summer, I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite sunscreens at the moment! I use some of these in different ways -- so there are many different options for you! 

1. Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF50 ($34): I've been obsessed with this one! This is an amazing face sunscreen! It's thin and light weight so it doesn't feel like you have an extra layer on your skin (especially if you put on makeup). It is a white color, but goes on clear! 

2. Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF30 ($34): This sunscreen has been a life savior when I was using it in the wintertime when my skin was a bit more dry. It leaves my skin dewy and plump and seems way more hydrating on my skin. So this is a great option if you have more dry skin! 

3; Shiseido Wetforce Clear Stick UV Protection SPF50 ($28): I love this product for touchups! ... and I am dying that it is CLEAR! This is the perfect on the go product to smudge on your arms, your face, your neck... EVERYWHERE without it disturbing your makeup, etc. The wetforce line has some of the BEST protection i've seen. It does leave a bit of a sheen, FYI. 

4. Dermae Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Stick ($7.99): You really get your bang for your buck with this stick. This and the shiseido wetforce are similar in that it's great on the go product, but this one is natural and inexpensive! This one leaves a bit of a white cast for me, but when you are out in the sun, it is way easier to blend then when you are in 68degree temperatures lmao. My mommy friends LOVE using this for their kids at the beach! 

5. Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 - Matte Tint ($36): I love this stuff!!! Especially when I don't want to put on a face of makeup and I just want to look like an easy breezy summer gal - I use this product because it leave my skin matte and has a slight tint so I don't need to use anything else! This is especially great for oily skin girls! 

6. Not pictured: Skinceuticals Light Moisture SPF UV defense SPF 50 ($39): YOOOO I love this stuff for body! This is a great spf product that is thin and feels just like a moisturizer. It's light weight and leaves your skin moisturized and leaves a slight sheen on your skin. It's perfect for your legs to look hot and dewyyyy! <3 

L-R: Coola, Dermae, Shiseido, Drunk Elephant, Skinceuticals
These are now blended in - as you can see the dermae is the only one that has a slight cast, but in warm weather, it does not happen! So if you use this stick, go outside in the warmer weather to blend in your sunscreeen! :)

Stellar Highlighting Palette Swatches

I realized I had this stellar palette in the back of my makeup drawer and I can’t believe I sidnt rake it out until NOW! I received this from an event a while back and forgot about it. WHY WOULD I DO THAT!? These are legitimately some of the most buttery, smooth, creamy products I’ve ever felt. Their contour palette has shine to it with two highlighters and one contour shade. The contour shade has a sheen to it which I was worried about, but when it’s on your face its the perfect bit of sheen. The highlighting shades are extremely pigmented and will give you the pop you’ve always wanted!

Here are the shades in the Nebula Set. They do have a lighter palette as well. These are all one swipe of product!

If you were hesitating, thinking if you should get this palette, don’t! Although the shades are not unique, it’s incredible in every other way possible from formulation, to color to lasting ability!

You can purchase this product at sephora for $37!
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