Tria At Home Hair Remover Laser Journey

It has been FOREVER since my last blog post. I apologize immensely as the school year has been so incredibly busy that I've hardly had time to do any of my beauty stuff!

Anyway, I was contacted Tria to do a 3 month journey on their Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x journey - and I cannot tell you how humbled and excited I am to work with them! Last year when I saw this laser product, I contemplated buying it. Since it was almost $500, I couldn't justify purchasing it! I thought about it literally for the full year and as lasering began to grow in popularity, I wondered if it was worth it instead to do an at home system. And now I can test it out and let you all know!

Just some information on the product: The Tria laser is the first and only FDA-cleared hair removal laser for at home use. It has a pluse counter which tracks the number of pulses per session. This could be used on your legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, feet, hands, chest, etc.

Even before trying it, the downside is that it is only really for people with light to medium skin tones with brown to black hair. While I fit perfectly in that category, it may not be for everyone! :(

Now I'm not an incredibly hairy person, but I really wanted to try this because - lets be honest, summer is coming and if I'm going to be wearing sleeveless shirts, them pit hairs gotta go. My armpit hairs are literally like wild animals! They grow so quickly and come back so thick that even 20 minutes after I shave, I can start to see it growing back. It got to a point where I started carrying a razor with me because I felt self conscious if they would start growing back! I want to really lessen the load for my pits. I would also really love to use it on my knuckle hairs and my upper lip. Those hairs are light and fluffy, but I find them to be an annoyance. I often forget about those hairs until I'm outside in the sun and i'm like SHOOT, forgot to get rid of that hair!

While I document my journey, I'll be showing you before, updates and after pictures of my knuckle hair journey (because lets be honest, I'm too embarrassed to show you my armpits!). I will update on my other body parts as well. I will be using this product once every two weeks for 12 weeks. AH!

Here's what came in my kit!
Cutie bear Tria Hair Removal laser 4x in Turquoise

Frontal View of the laser!

Here is where you can adjust the intensity of the product and it tells you the battery life!

This particular set comes with the smooth start calming gel as well as a cute travel pouch! 

You can purchase yours here. They also have other ones in super cute summery colors that you should check out! Would you purchase a laser devise for at home use? I think that if this works just as well as laser services in a spa, you'll definitely get your bang for your buck!

Will be in touch in two weeks! :D Don't forget to let me know if you have any questions, comments or excitements like me?! I'm excited and so nervous to try this out!

Too Faced Holiday Melted Set Swatches

Didn't realize how many people LOVED the too faced melted products. And I can TOTALLY see why! It has as satin-y velvet-y light weight feel to it and is fairly long lasting! The color pay off is beautiful and pigmented and wears for about 3 hours on me. After 3 hours, the glossiness is gone and it generally leaves (for darker colors) a slight stain on my lips.

Although I'm generally not a fan of these applicators, I found that it allowed my application to be very precise! I quite liked it, although I hate looking at it time after time seeing the old lipstick on the applicator. I want to wash it!

Be careful though, as you will see in some of these photos, it definitely will accentuate dry lips (especially flakey ones like me wah!), so make sure to exfoliate well before hand! 

Here are the swatches below! 

Melted Nude:

Melted Peony: 

 Melted Fuchsia:

Melted Berry:

The holiday set was a PERFECT set to try out some different shades before investing in the full sized, because lets be honest, these minis are the PERFECT size (and will last a very long time!). I see that this set is sold out in most places, so hope that you're still able to get your hands on this awesome deal! 


NEW! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette!

O M G  - when I heard about hourglass coming out with ANOTHER one of their infamous ambient palettes, I had to hop on it! Sephora was having an exclusive VIB rouge sale before it officially came out in October, so I hopped on to pick one (or two :P) up!

Here's your exclusive, first look at the palette. Now I already own one in radiant magenta and have used it for quite some time. The effortless, finely milled texture makes it so easy to apply and gives a somewhat 'airbrushed' finish. It looks so natural without looking chalky.

So you can imagine my excitement to pick up this cute little palette with THREE more colors - two that i've been fawning over! -- luminous flush and mood exposure!

Alright let's get into the picture + swatches for you!

Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra, Mood Exposure 

Each little blush is .116oz, the original blush is .15oz and the lighting powder is .35oz for comparison! 

Swatches of Luminous Flush (top) - described as a champagne rose
Incandescent Electra (middle) - described as a cool peach
Mood Exposure (bottom) - described as a soft plum

The palette comes out, I believe October 1 and is an amazing addition to your makeup stash if you've been looking to try out these awesome blushes! It's a great travel item too because its sleek, compact yet gives you many choices of color! At $58, it may be steep, but IMO beats paying for ONE blush at $35!  Definitely definitely go check it out! You will love this --- PS. it would be great for a holiday present ;P…. just sayin' <3 


Happy Mid Autumn Festival! :)

Hi friends! :) happy mid autumn festival! It's gonna be a FULL MOON tonight! so don't forget to check it out!!

I used to only really love this holiday because we got to have so much fun time with family, eating every moon cake on the planet with different flavors, yolks, textures. MM.. thinking about it makes me drool.

I was super excited when Godiva came out with their own Mid Autumn Festival Gift Box! I was already so impressed when I tried their unique lunar new year flavors last year that I had no hesitation in wanting to purchase some of these for family and friends.

This year's Limited Edition chocolates (they called them 'moon cakes' but there was nothing in it that actually represented a moon cake - this is just a chocolate that they called a moon cake, FYI! don't expect it to be like a traditional moon cake lol!) included four different flavors: goji berry - black tea, mango - green tea, mandarin - black tea and grapefruit - black tea!

(PS. yes, i'm that girl that bit them all to show you the inside contents LOL) 

They were all so delicious, but (surprisingly, because i don't really love white chocolate) my favorite was the mango green tea. It was a white chocolate on the outside with green tea infused milk chocolate ganache on top of a mango apricot mousse. My favorite part was that the mousse had teeny little pieces of hazelnuts which added this really yummy and slight crunch to it! It was the perfect balance and reminded me so much of a decadent bubble tea! LOL :D

I was a bit weary of the big grapefruit black tea piece hanging out in the middle of the gift set. It's literally the biggest piece of godiva chocolate I've ever seen (and the oyster one is my favorite.. and that one is HUGE!), but it ended up being super fun and reminiscent of my childhood because as kids, we always split every moon cake and cut it into a lot of pieces so we all got to try the different flavors… and with this huge piece, we were able to cut it into lots of little pieces and share them among friends! So fun!

So I hope you enjoy moon cake festival and if you're interested in picking up some of these Godiva moon cakes, they are having a sale right now.. buy 2 or more and get 20% off! :)

So pick some up, share with friends and family and enjoy the full moon! xoxo

ftc. chocolates sent by godiva. <3 yum!


Lionesse 4P Curling Wand Review + Giveaway!

Hey friends! I have an exciting review and giveaway for you all for the Lionesse 4P (4 part) curling wand! When they contacted me, I at first was hesitant to check this product out because I haven't had the best luck with removable barrels (although i LOVE clip less irons), but I decided to give it a try because hey! it might be better than my last!

This curling wand came with 4 different wand sizes ranging from 18mm to 32mm that are interchangeable. The trouble I had with my old curling iron that was similar, was that I had the hardest time taking on and off the different wands. This one, however, clips on (you do have to match the way the rod goes, which took a bit of practice for me) quickly once you get the hang of it and is very easy to remove as well!

Here are the four different wands! 

glove it comes in, for heat protection :)
how creepy do i look!?

The iron has two temperature settings (which I'm not exactly sure what they are), but the highest reaches 400 degrees. The curls last a fairly long time - although compared to my other curling irons, it is about the same.

What I love about this iron is that it creates beautiful, shiny ringlets - and this you can only achieve with clip less irons! Here is my beautiful, sweet model, showing off her 4 curly ringlets. from the left is the biggest barrel, which produces gorgeous loose beachy waves, the second - which is a gorgeous curl, and then the third and fourth which become cute tighter curls!

Overall, I really loved this 4 in 1 curling wand! It does come at a hefty price of $400… although I DO believe it is worth it, I'm not so sure if I'd be fully convinced by this blogpost to spend so much money on just a curling iron... so obviously, what better than… to have a giveaway!! :) This is a collab with my awesome friend Jenny - we have fun little back to school videos on our youtube channels! Don't forget to check them out + join in on our fun giveaways! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ftc. this is sponsored by lionesse, but my thoughts on this product are my own! and this giveaway is for yOU! <3

Shiseido Fall Line Overview + Ultimune Event

Hi friends!

So a couple of months ago I went to the Shiseido Fall 2014 launch where it featured shiseido's fall lineup of colors, new products and the newest addition to the skincare family - the shiseido ultimune!

Shiseido ALWAYS puts on great launches as its always the most technologically savvy and innovative. It was like going into willy wonka's chocolate factory… except.. makeup factory? It was like a museum of cosmetics to show their newest products.

First off are my favorite lacquer rouges. Love the formula of them - its like a hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss, but have a longer lasting finish than a gloss. I actually wore them on my wedding day!  They added 5 new colors to their fall range below: 

I seriously love ALL of them! I received Ophelia (which is PHENOMENAL!) and the Rose Grey. Still yearning for the Tango for cool fall nights and Dollface! (SO cute!) 

 Next are three new eye color trios! I have legitimately been wearing OR316 or the deep plum, orange and pink one SO much this summer. And I absolutely love how pigmented, soft and divine they are! The plum and orange look so good with one another!

These are their newest sheer and perfect compact foundations. I've been testing this out and its the perfect touch up powder! It's not as pigmented as my others (thus… their 'sheer' name… lol) so I like to use it on top of days that I only put on concealer. 

I got to touch this product a bit. It was thick and pigmented but did not get to try this product out (or find a good match for me yet!) but I'd be interested in hearing what people think about this when they try it! 

And the star of the show…!?!? The Shiseido Ultimune! It's been in the works for a long long time, and claims being the ultimate concentrate to enhance your skin (and fight signs of aging, environmental factors and daily stress). Therefore its like all of their serums put into this super power concentrate. I have been using it for the past couple of weeks - so I will have a review of it coming soon! 

Here are just some pictures from the launch!
Some of the Shiseido people introducing the products as well as guests! 

Everyone had their own seat with the iPad presentation. An ultimune product to try out as well as a cute little bento box of 'immunity foods!" (that i totally forgot to take a pic of… fail. but…. 

here was the menu? LOL

They also had awesome immunity boost 'shots' which were these delicious fruit juices with powerful products like ginger, blueberry, apples, etc.! so delish! 

And dorkiness alert! one of my favorite take homes? the cool sleek, white shiseido notebook and pen. LOL. 

Anyone interested in a review of any of these products? I will have swatches of the lip colors, eye trio i have and compact coming soon. as well as a review of the ultimune! :) 

happy friday! xoxo

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish - First Impressions

I have been anxiously awaiting my new Louboutin nail polish to arrive and it FINALLY ARRIVED TODAY! even though I literally just did an easy nail tutorial for you all… I didn't care, I had to take it off to get this up for you all! 
the beautiful box it comes in!

It is everything Louboutin and more. Luxurious, badass and classy. Worth the hype? Honestly, I would have to say.. YES! 
Okay, so first off - lets just talk about the packaging. Let me know if you think that any of these polishes stand out from the rest? (lol) The CL polish's packaging just doesn't compare with the rest! It does come in a fairly heavy weight bottle (with an obvious huge ass stick). Unfortunately, this bottle holds about .4 fl oz, which holds slightly more than a dior bottle (.33) of nail polish and slightly less than an essie bottle of polish (.5oz). So don't be deceived by how large the product actually looks, it holds a standard size of polish for you. 

The applicator may be a bit hard to get used to because of the huge wand and its heaviness, but you will quickly get used to the luxury. It has a standard looking brush, similar to Essie. 

Now onto the polish. Oh goodness. It is a fairly thin, liquidy formula - but in that thin coat, it is very rich, shiny and opaque. You can definitely JUST use one coat and it's already perfection. I've never had a nail polish that is quite like this formula -- I think the closest similarity would be to one of my other favorite reds - Chanel Dragon. It has a similar thin but opaque quality, but it lacks in shininess. 
one coat
two coats
I ended up using two coats anyway, which just built to the richness of this polish. The dry time was fairly quick. When I was midway to the second hand, it was completely dry already. I could actually rub (not just touch) my nail and it was already set. I think the real test is to see how long it lasts on my nails. Given that I just got it maybe an hour ago, I will have to update this post to let you know in fact how long it lasts. So far though, I am loving this polish!!

love the shininess of this polish! no top coat needed! 
I know that people have hated on the fact that it is a $50 polish- but let's just think a bit about CL. Known for their classic heels with colored soles - people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars on something that I could go to a regular store to buy for $50. People pay for the statement the shoe makes and the luxury and high quality of the shoe. This is the same concept. This is a very classic red nail polish, with a very unique design and statement. Yes, you can go to any store to get a 5 dollar bottle of red polish, but it is if you are willing to pay the extra for the statement of the polish, along with the luxury and extreme high quality of the polish. Up to the type of person to see if it's worth it or not! For me, absolutely!!! I plan to have a badass nail collections, just like people do, shoes! 

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