PopSugar Must Have November 2016 Unboxing!

GUYSSSSSSS You have no idea how happy I was opening this box!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't know, PopSugar Must Have is a subscription box of beauty, lifestyle, food, etc. for 39.95/month... and this month, was a dream box! If you've never purchased a box before, feel free to use SHOP5 for $5 off your purchase!

Because I'm a new homeowner - this box was like a little dream for me! It had the perfect mix of everything I love from decor, to home goods, to snacks, and makeup!
So first it had this gorgeous Pehr runner - which is perfectly paired with my west elm table. I love switching up my runners, so it was nice to have a new one! || $45

Then it came with this cute AJ Goods Nest wire bowl that I can put fruits in! Perfect to place in the center of the table for entertaining or just a nice bowl for yourself if you need something stylish to put kitchen goods in! || $35

It also had a delicious bag of Oogie's Toffee Butter Popcorn. It is gluten free and all natural. I shared it with some of my students and they were obsessed with it! || $3

Then was this cute little palette from Stowaway Cosmetics. I've never heard of this brand, but this is such a cute versatile palette that would be perfect for travel. Honestly, look how small and cute it is - it's about the size of a credit card (but a little bit thicker) || $25

And how about this gorgeous Kendra Scott bracelet. It is so elegant (so not me) - this is going to be a perfect gift for my friend who is so stylish! I love how it is rose gold and has such a cute white stone! || $50

Lastly, there was these little bonus meri meri star party picks! It was just what I needed to help entertain a party! I used them on top of my husbands cake!! || $8

Personally this was one of my FAVORITE boxes to date because of how versatile this box was! It not only had beauty, but jewelry, home, party, snacks... literally everything I need to live my life lol! The total for this month's box is $116!

What did you think of this box? If you're interested, you can purchase here! Don't forget to use SHOP5 for $5 off!

ftc. this product was sent to me to review. all opinions are my own!


Benefit It's Real Big Sexy Lip Kit

I'm just such a sucker for they're real products and dual colored lip products. I couldn't help myself!!! This set comes with four lipsticks with a lip liner AND lipstick to line, fill and boost the fullness of your lips! 

 Comes in four beautiful shades. L-R: Flame Game (orange red), Pink Thrills (bright pink), Revved-Up Red (bright red) and Lusty Rose (soft pink)

Swatches from top down:
Lusty Rose, Flame Game, Revved-Up Red and Pink Thrills 

 Lusty Rose 

 Flame Game
 Pink Thrills
Revved-Up Red

What I will say is I LOVED how these felt on the lips! They were all nice and silky although I felt as though the orange and red ones had a bit more of a balm-like texture than the others where as the other ones felt a bit more silky/matte. The colors, although beautiful, were definitely a bit more sheer than I imagined (which I still love), so don't expect this to be a crazy pigmented lippie! 

I love the idea of the lip liner in it - because I do feel like these lasted on my lips for quite a while. Even when the color wore off, I felt as though it was still nice and hydrated on my lips. The teardrop shape made it easy to apply on the top lip, but not as easy to apply on the bottom lip since you had to flip it upside down. 

The colors aren't incredibly unique, but they are solid colors that will flatter any skintone :) I personally loved this set and have the lusty rose in my bag at all times because its my perfect hint of color! 

I purchased mine from sephora here! The set is $29 for 4 lippies! :) 
Will you be picking them up?! 

Dear Mr. Trump...

Dear Future President Trump,

As I woke up last night at 3am to see the election results, a shiver went down my spine. "This is not what I thought it would be..." I couldn't believe that after all of this, you became president.

You weren't my first choice... and let me tell you why. I work in a school and teach a class of "high functioning" (I hate classifying it) children with Autism. I spent the past three years not only trying to get their academics up to par, but I spent the past three years trying to build confidence in who they are. We run a social skills program where we teach them that they may be different in some ways, but that doesn't make them any less special. We run a peer mentoring program with exemplary kids in their grade to build bridges of understanding and empathy. Kids realize that my students are freaking awesome... and even though they have Autism and even though they might be a little bit different, they still have a ton in common and could still be great friends.

When you were running for president. Kids began to question who they were...and if I lied to them about their worth. Kids worried if their parents would get sent back to their countries. Others worried because of their religion. And the fact was, I had no answer for them.

I worried for the day a student would ask me, "Do you think Mr. Trump thinks I'm not as good as other people because I have autism?" I wouldn't know how to answer because just the day before, I watched your speech where you made mocked someone by making flapping hand gestures and by stuttering. My students sometimes stutter. And my students sometimes flap their arms too.

You see, when you were running for president, your actions caused walls to be built, people to judge others harshly and angrily... and most importantly, your actions caused minds to become narrow.

Today when you were elected our next president... this is not what I thought it would be... but maybe my mind has become narrow too. You aren't even in the office yet and I am envisioning all the negative outcomes. And I realized by doing that... that won't change the fact that you will still become our president.

What makes America great is our diversity... in thoughts, races, religions, sexual preferences and abilities. As we embrace and celebrate our differences, may you lead our country with an open mind of who we all are. I will put my hope and trust in the Lord that He has great plans for you to continue to make America the great country it was, is, and will always be.

A fellow American


Humboldt Soap Company Body Butter + GIVEAWAY! :)

Arice, the owner of Humboldt Soap Company reached out to me to send me one of their Body Butters! I was super excited to see her line of awesome natural skin care!

A little bit about Humboldt Soap Company: Arice Miranda is the owner and founder and was a certified massage therapist in many high end spa resorts and noticed that there were many different types of skin issues with clients. Because of this, she decided to create her own affordable spa quality natural skin care products!!! You can read all about her story here!

So I was super excited to try out her body butter! It comes in 9 delicious scents and only has like 6 ingredients -- all in which I KNOW! (best part!)

When the first one shipped over to me, not sure what happened. I think it was left outside too long (it was over 90 degrees that day), the consistency wasn't correct. I sent her an email and she shipped me a new one asap (great customer service!).

When I got my second one - I was overtaken by the delicious smell of vanilla sugar. This scent always reminds me of the holidays, so I was SO excited to rip into it and use it! The first thing I noticed when I touched it was the consistency. It was such a unique feel since usually whipped body butters are relatively soft. This one was almost the consistency of raw cookie dough. Kinda thick, but kinda fluffy.

When you put it on your skin, it just melts with your body temperature. It's is quite thick and almost felt greasy when you first put it on. It took more work than other body butters to spread it across my skin. However, the cool part about it was that after I rubbed it all in, it became almost silky and powdery and didn't feel greasy anymore.

First putting it on! 

Starting to rub it in! 

Fully absorbed! 
I especially LOVED putting this on my elbows, eczema spots, knees and heels. It seemed to really love and nourish those spots because they were so dry.

The best part about it all? The scent lingers. Usually scents disappear off my skin the moment I rub it in, but this one lingered around for a while. I loved getting a sweet kick once in a while!

Now, I like this product so much - I want to give one away to YOU guys! I want to personally buy a whipped body butter of your choice to send over to you! All you have to do is follow my blog and comment below: your name, where you're from and what scent you'd be interested in!

Thanks Arice for introducing me to your awesome soap company! I'm looking forward to trying out some of your other goodies, because I definitely loved this one! If you're interested in purchasing anything from Humboldt Soap Company click here!

PopSugar Must Have October!

PopSugar Must Haves are some of my favorite subscription boxes on the market! It's a subscription box of beauty, lifestyle, food etc for 39.95/month. (They even have a "mini" box for 15.95... SO CUTE!)

The October Box sure didn't disappoint! For me, it was the perfect box for a rainy day to stay in (I themed it myself HAHA) I was expecting something halloween-ish, but there wasn't any! LOL!

Here's whats in the box :)
Henry Bendel Packable Umbrella: $58 | Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Bubble Bath or Shower Oil: $28 | My Cup of Cocoa: $4.99 | Morning Culture Mug: $16 | Makeup Eraser: $12 | Power Your Happy Book: $25 | Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen: $8.99 

The first couple things I took out were the Lisa Sugar (founder of PopSugar)'s memoir. I've seen this all over social media and am SUPER excited to read it and get inspired!! I also LOVED that there was this cute mug and cocoa - makes me really feel like the holidays are coming! 

The next set of items were more beauty/skincare items. It has a mini makeup eraser - which I have a bunch of the full size ones - so I'm excited to have a small one for travel! It actually works AMAZINGLY and get all of your makeup off easy! I'm also a liquid liner person, so I'm excited to try out this Revlon liquid eye pen! Lastly is the Lalicious shower oil and bubble bath - it smells SO Good!!! I don't tend to be a shower oil kind of girl, but because of the yummy sugary vanilla scent, I may give it a try! I'm hoping its not too oily - my husband always complains I use items that make him want to slip in the tub lol! 

Last up was my FAVORITE thing in the box - the Henri Bendel umbrella. It's been raining a lot here in NY, so I was so excited to have another umbrella in my life - but this one is so chic and cute! It's definitely something I'll always wants but never would purchase because of the hefty price! 

In total, this was a box worth $152.98! (WOW!) The umbrella alone made the whole box worth it! (seriously, I can't with this umbrella, I was so excited) I personally liked this box because it had awesome neutral items that I find most people would enjoy (except maybe the shower oil because some people may not like the scent!) What do you guys think?? Worth the price??? 

If you're interested in purchasing a box, click here

ftc. this box was sent to me by pop sugar to review, but all opinions are my own! x 

Lorac Mega PRO Palette 3 Swatches!

Hey friends. I knew when this palette came out -- I HAD to get it. I just love the buttery, smooth shadows from lorac!

This palette is an Ulta Exclusive Limited Edition palette with 32 shades with 16 matte and 16 shimmer shades! They were inspired by Hollywood. :)

I am so happy with these shadows as they are so versatile to bring a really smokey night time look or just a very neutral look! It has colors and tones for everyone! 

Here are some swatches for your viewing pleasure :) 

1st Row: Pink Cream (matte), Tan (matte), Pecan (matte), Walnut (matte), Dusty Mauve (matte), Violet Gray (matte), Eggplant (matte), Dark Navy (matte)

2nd Row: Crépe (matte), Toffee (matte), Mist (matte), Vintage (matte), Hickory (matte), Maple (matte), Bark (matte), Jet Black (matte)

3rd Row: Snow (shimmer), Cava (shimmer), Cider (shimmer), Bellini (shimmer), Brown Sugar (shimmer), Sequouia (shimmer), Glacier (shimmer), Deep Fog (shimmer)

4th Row: Tulle (shimmer), Pink Bronze (shimmer), Rust (shimmer), Rose Quartz (shimmer), Olive (shimmer), Dark Roast (shimmer), Pomegranate (shimmer), Licorice (shimmer)

This proved to not be my best idea... but the butteriness of these shadows are undeniable!!! The pigmentation is so amazing - these were hardly done in a swatch!! 

Here are the shadows close up!!! 

Will you be picking this up at your Ulta?? It comes out TODAY!!! <3 


MakeUp Forever Artist Palette Volume 4 Swatches

whoa girl whoa. MUFE sent me over their newest artist palette!! Now I've never tried any of the other palettes - in fact... I think these are my first eyeshadows that I'm trying by MUFE. So far, I'm so impressed by how pigmented (and not ashy) these matte shadows are. I'm looking forward to doing some looks with this and seeing how they hold up on my lids!!!

Below are the swatches of this palette. Will you be picking it up? Have you ever tried MUFE shadows before?

Pixi Multibalm Review

Sep 22, 2016 | | 0 comments

Moisture: Usually cream to powder products leave my face feeling ashy, but these dont! They have almost a semi matte feeling where it looks matte, but still feels slightly dewy on the skin. They leave my face feeling nice and hydrated throughout the day. I loved this dewy look for the summer, but am REALLY looking forward to it over the winter!

Comes in five gorgeous shades (perfect for all seasons! :P) in Watermelon, Baby Petal, Soft Strawberry, Wild Rose and Sheer Sculpt.

Longevity: It has a really nice natural finish - lasted the whole day when set with a powder. (at least 4 hours) On the lips, it surprisingly kept my lips hydrated, and looked a little bit like a stain after a while. It does look pretty matte on the lips but because of the shea butter, oils and aloe vera, it kept my lips hydrated throughout the day. I did have to reapply pretty frequently.

Blendability: These blended effortlessly... however I had to becareful, because sometimes i blended too much, that i think I blended the color out. lol. I needed to do minimal blending to get the perfect color.

Colors: Of course I gravitated toward wild rose :P the mauve pink color, but it has a wide array of colors that are very buildable! Soft strawberry seems to be the most vibrant (and stains the most)

Above is Wild Rose on my cheeks and my lips! The perfect natural swatch of color! :) 

I think this is perfect for the girl that is always on the run. This is a perfect product to toss in your bag when you need an extra lift or when you need a quick 'healthy flush' - I gave some to my friend (who is a mom now) and she said its a godsend because how people don't ask her "how come she looks so tired" every 5 seconds. These are only $12 at target! Definitely less expensive than other multibalms out there :)

Will you be picking any up?! x

BTW.. let me know if you want a swatch post! <3


GenBeauty Survival Guide

So GenBeauty is approaching - this may be your first time or it may not be... but I'm just going to share my thoughts on how to survive this fun, but grueling day lol! I've attended NY's event last year and LA's event in January and both experiences were completely different. As each year goes by, I feel like I can expect things to get a bit more crowded and crazy!

So, if you don't know - GenBeauty is an awesome weekend event run by ipsy, where you can connect with other beauty lovers, network with brands, meet your favorite stylist/beauty youtubers, explore new products and get so many awesome goodies! The beginning few are great for all attendees, but then the end ones are going to be more geared toward content creators!

1) wear cute, but comfortable clothes. you will be walking all day - and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable. Most of your time spent, when you are inside, is waiting on lines.

2) don't lose the map! The map has little perforated "tickets" on the edges. These serve as tickets to get your 'free items' at each booth.. some brands will give you a little sample and others will give you a full size goodie! On that, it also has your saturday and sunday goodie bags (if you were not invited to the cocktail party) - these have an awesome selection of goodies from the brands!

3) map out where you want to go first. Because all the lines get really long, you'll want to map out the places that are most important to you. For me, I know that toofaced and makeup forever always had AWESOME goodies (usually full sized foundations or palettes!) and sometimes they run out, so you will want to get to those first! A lot of times within the first hour, the lines get so ridiculously long, they close it, so you won't be able to get on it until things are out :(

4) stay connected to social media. a lot of times, if you are in it for the goodies (i mean who isn't!), social media will tell you what goodies you'll be getting. A lot of times if you just check the hashtag for #genbeauty, you'll see lots of people posting the free stuff they are getting. Then you can judge whether or not it is worth it to wait on line to get the item! This way you can map out your time wisely!

5) Bring a bigger bag. The first year, I brought this teeny little crossbody bag and it was so annoying because I had to carry all these samples and stuff! Luckily I was able to get a paper bag (I think ipsy provided it), but with all the crowds, it kept getting knocked around! The next time, I opted to bring a bigger bag, and I was able to shove everything in the bag! So much more convenient. This year, I have a cute lil backpack, so it'll be way convenient for me! HAHA :)

6) Bring water / a snack. They will have food trucks and what not outside, but since you'll be waiting forever on lines - it's smart to bring a little something to hold you over.

7) Make friends! If you don't bring a friend, make some friends! Remember, we're allllll beauty lovers so you already have that in common! You also never know the friendships that will be built from this event!

8) Bring business cards - some newer brands may ask for it when they see that you're a creator and some you'll just have a great conversation and will happen to give them out. Having it will just make networking that much easier - you can give them to other creators and be able to connect!

9) Do your research and don't be afraid to talk to the companies! I actually know most of the PR contact's names by doing my research on each brand. This way when I get to the brands, I can ask for a specific person to talk to. If I am in contact with some of the PRs, I will opt to even email them and ask if they will be there so they will know to expect me!  Don't be afraid to talk!! We're all on even playing field. It doesn't matter if you have 10 subscribers or 10,000,000 subscribers - if you are memorable and show that you are awesomely you, it gives you a better chance of them actually wanting to connect... which leads me to....

10) Ask for business cards - this was especially helpful for me when I was meeting with brands. If there is a particular brand you REALLY want to work with - after you chat with them, definitely ask for their business card. Yes - although its great to give them YOUR business cards... chances are they are getting a TON of business cards from everyone. However, if you take theirs, you can be proactive and follow up with them. What I always do is after our conversation - I remember something that was interesting about our convo and I'll write it on their business card. This way, when I email them, I can refer to that moment to help them remember who I am. For example - the PR from toofaced and I talked about how amazing the chocolate products smell and made all these jokes about it. When I emailed her, I referred to our conversation with something like.. "It was great meeting you - I'm so excited about the chocolate lipstick from GenBeauty... and you're so right! Every time I put it on, I can't help but want to lick it!" I found I gained way more responses when I emailed this way because it is a bit more real and thought out!

11) Be nice! I saw lots of people that would stomp up to the front of the line and say "I'm a creator!" expecting to get something and go to the PR right away. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it made the people that worked for the brand go "uh... yeah, the lines over there for you to get on." It's not worth it to be rude and ruin your reputation.

12) Have fun and be yourself! You NEVER know the opportunities that may come your way through this weekend... so it's most important to be who you are! I've gotten to meet so many brands that I never dreamed I could work with through this event (benefit, toofaced, etc.).. even though my subscriber count isn't as high as many others. Believe in your self and be confident! :)

Please let me know if you have questions! I'm excited to go! And if you're interested, I can post about my full experience (including the cocktail party, haul and concierge program) after this weekend if it would be helpful for you all in the future! LMK! Are any of you guys going to GenBeauty? XO


NYFW - Glossy Nude Lip Trend!

Sep 13, 2016 | | 0 comments
I could not be MORE excited that nude lips are coming to trend at #NYFW - so much so that I wanted to share with you my go to nude lip!!

When I'm putting concealer/foundation on my face, I also go over my lips as well to 'cancel' out any pigmentation that my lips have. (they are pretty dark!) Then I'll line a bit of the outside with a nude lip liner and then use a lip brush to dab on my favorite lip gloss: Nude by Jouer (fitting right?!) 

Have you been following NYFW? Do you have any favorite looks?! 
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