Drunk Elephant First Impressions

Ever since I heard about Drunk Elephant Skincare products, I have only heard rave reviews on their products. I was lucky enough for DE to reach out to me to ask if I wanted to try out some of their products. They seriously have some of the best travel sets, so you can get your hands on a bunch of their products to test out which your faves are for your particular skin.

I'm still kinda testing out -- but these are my faves so far!

TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum - this product has AHA/BHA gel so it can really improve the texture of your skin - especially if you have lots of pore issues. I always find these kind of products really help to exfoliate and lift up my dead skin, creating the perfect canvas to put healing products onto my skin. It ha 12% AHA/BHA blend and does cause a slight tingly sensation, but it's perfect for my stubborn skin.

TLC Sukari Babyfacial - this product has 25% AHA and 2% BHA and is supposed to be used weekly. I LOVE THIS STUFF! When I'm done with this travel size, I'm going to pick up a full size! This also gives a tingle, but is meant to be left on your face for about 20 minutes and then washed off. This in conjunction with the night serum have been amazing for my congested, pore filled face!! My skin feels so incredibly soft after using this! This is a product for those that have congestion on face and tough skin. If you have sensitive skin, I would definitely first get a sample to test on a patch first!

Virgin Marula Oil - this oil is extremely luxurious feeling and so versatile. You can use it for your hands, cuticles, face, etc. I use this right after I use the night serum or babyfacial, and it's such a great combo. The oil legit get SUCKED UP by my skin and soaks in every drop. It's quick absorbing which is another plus for me!!!

Are there any must have DE products for you that I need to try!?

Also here is The Littles Set if you wanted to try a bunch of DE products without paying for all the full sizes!


My Sephora 15% off Sale Recommendations!

Some of these products I just purchased from my VIB sale, some have been my tried and true that I've been loving for forever... but here is my list of shiz you gotta try out when you got a good sale!! :P The VIB sale is 15% off from April 20-23 (insiders get 10% off I believe!)

Drunk Elephant Acid Trip Set ($100 --> $85): Guys. I've been SO obsessed with Drunk Elephant recently. And this set is such an awesome deal. Because my skin is combo oily - I swear by the Marula Oil, the Sukari Baby Facial and the Glycolic Acid Peel and this set has all three products (plus one more!). With the exception of the Marula oil, they are each .5 oz which is a pretty decent size.

Drunk Elephant Littles Set ($90 -->$76.50): Now if you're brand new to DE, I would say this littles set is such a great set to try. You have to be prepared to know they are TRULY LITTLE.. like travel size little!! But... you do get to try most of their products and find which ones you love love love! That's how I found out lol!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ($179-->$152.15): This has been one of my favorite products for a while. I love this essence because of the way it changes my skin texture. It's smoother, more plump and brighter. Although it's extremely pricy - using it in the long run has really helped my skin!

Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Ambition Palette ($55-->$46.75): I have been dying to get this palette since it came out. I went to the store and swatch every single one of her palettes and this one I absolutely fell in love with the buttery pigmentation of each shadow. Although this isn't incredibly unique, if you want to splurge on a great warm neutral palette, here she is! :P

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Smoothing Eye Masks ($65-->$55.25): These are some of my favorite eye masks. There are 12 sets in this, so with the deal, it comes out to less than $5 per set! These are great retinol eyemasks that are super hydrating. I definitely feel it working while my mask is on. I don't have wrinkles, so I can't speak for that, but I do have dark circles and I do notice that the area is much brighter after I use these!

Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Masks ($70-->$59.50): These now come to about $10 per sheet mask, which is still a bit expensive, but I do love these! I find that one of my biggest concerns for my skin is dullness and discoloration. This really combats that. It helps to brighten your skin and helps to moisturize as well. I find that a lot of my hyperpigmentation begins to lighten because of this mask which I'm always super happy about!

Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer ($52-->$44.20): I've been using this and you literally need the teeniest bit, but it really helps to create such a smooth "canvas" -- I've used this on a lot of clients and they love the silky finish of the product! If you are extremely oily, definitely try it out first as my friend had some trouble with it breaking up on her face throughout the day... however I love it! It makes my skin smooth, and my pores reduced!

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask ($62-->$52.70): You know I'm all about that vibrancy... so of course, I love this face mask so hard. It definitely makes your skin more vibrant and fresh and glowy! I will have to say - if you have sensitive skin, be known that this tingles and has chunks of stuff!

YSL Volupte Liquid Color Balm ($32-->$27.20): I AM OBSESSED. I just picked these up at the sale and I am going to buy TWO MORE because i LOVE THIS SO MUCH! This has such a lovely balm-y formula but has great color pay off. It's hydrating and plush like a balm, but swipes like a color of a lipstick. so so so so so so so happy with this purchase!

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss ($20-->$17): I think these are such a fun little lip gloss. They are plush and minty (slightly plumping!) with a fun little swig of color. Although I really don't need any more lip glosses, I find myself constantly reaching for these. Fuel, Backtalk, and 1993 are my faves!

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil ($24-->$20.40): This is another product that I've gone through at least 6 or 7 of! This just is a no fuss, great brow pencil that doesn't budge throughout the day. I went on a hike this weekend and my brows were still well in tact!

Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'Eclat ($72-->$61.20): I've gone through a whole bottle of this perfume and I can't get enough of this scent. It's floral, yet sweet and warm and is so feminine and really lasts on the skin!

YSL Black Opium Rollerball ($28-->$23.8): This is my go to rollerball that sits in my purse and every time I put it on I'm instantly put in a better mood! This also similar to the lancome has a sweet but floral scent. It has a bit more vibrancy than the lancome though (more orange or patchouli maybe!). Both are wonderful scents!!!

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray ($32-->$27.20): I've literally gone through so many of these I can't even count anymore. This is my true favorite setting spray and I legit use it on all clients as well. Nothing more needs to be said except if you need a setting spray.. get it. lol if you don't ... get it still.

And that's my round up! Of course, I want to say get the lash stash and the sephora perfume sets, but I feel like everyone writes those... lol so if you want to check them out, they are a great value you can check them out here! :P But above are truly my must have products that I think are worth getting! Although I already got my VIB rouge purchase, I think I may opt to buy more... I definitely need more of those YSL color balms as well as maybe another Tatcha set.... :P

Are there any must have products that I missed?!?! Let me know! :P

Jouer High Coverage Creme Foundation ALL 50 SWATCHES! whew!

How I felt by the end of my swatch session LMAO

Okay my friends -- here is my attempt to share with you all 50 shades of the Jouer Foundation! Not gonna lie, I went a little cuckoo by the end (see picture above), but hopefully this is helpful for you!  Below you will also find my thoughts on the product!

Top to Bottom: 
Ivory (New - very fair skin with cool undertones)
Alabaster (very fair skin with peachy undertones)
Warm Ivory (New - very fair skin with warm undertones)  

 Top to Bottom: 
Pearl (fair skin with neutral undertones)
Bisque (New - fair skin with cool pink undertones)
Soft Beige (New - fair skin with yellow undertones) 
  Top to Bottom: 
Buff (New - light skin with neutral olive undertones)
Vanilla (New - light skin with cool pink undertones)
Sand (light skin with warm and peachy undertones)
 Top to Bottom: 
Porcelain (light skin with neutral undertones and subtle golden tones)
Biscuit (New - light skin with neutral undertones undertones and subtle pink tones)
Linen (light skin with warm undertones)

   Top to Bottom: 
Shell (light skin with very pink undertones)
Beige Nude (New - light skin with peachy undertones)
Pebble (light-medium skin with neutral undertones)

 Top to Bottom: 
Cool Beige (New - light-medium skin with cool peach undertones)
Fawn (light-medium skin with golden undertones)
Cameo (New - medium skin with warm yellow undertones)

  Top to Bottom: 
Cashmere (New - medium skin with peachy undertones)
Almond (medium skin with cool peach undertones)
Birch (New - medium skin with yellow undertones)

Top to Bottom: 
Latte (medium skin with golden peachy undertones)
Golden Sand (New - medium skin with golden undertones)
Honey Beige (New - medium skin with neutral olive undertones)

Sorry I did these looking at the camera viewfinder, 
so I didn't realize I still had foundation allover my face!  
  Top to Bottom: 
Bronzed (tan skin with neutral undertones)
Macchiato (tan skin with warm golden undertones and subtle pink tones)
Cashew (New - tan skin with cool pink undertones)

Top to Bottom: 
Desert (New - tan skin with peachy undertones)
Nutmeg (tan skin with golden undertones and subtle pink tones)
Sable (New - tan skin with neutral undertones and subtle pink tones)

      Top to Bottom: 
Caramel (tan skin with golden-yellow undertones)
Maple (New - dark skin with neutral undertones and subtle golden tones)
Chai (New - dark skin with neutral undertones)

Top to Bottom: 
Mocha (New - dark skin with cool undertones)
Café (dark skin with golden-red undertones)
Cinnamon (New - dark skin with golden undertones)

Top to Bottom: 
Walnut (dark skin with olive undertones)
Cocoa (dark skin with warm yellow undertones) 
Praline (New - dark skin with neutral undertones and subtle red tones)   

   Top to Bottom: 
Pecan (New - dark skin with neutral undertones and subtle yellow tones)
Espresso (deep skin with warm undertones) 
Chestnut (New - deep skin with neutral olive undertones) 

    Top to Bottom: 
Carob (deep skin with rich auburn undertones)
Mahogany (New - deep skin with neutral undertones)
Toffee (New - deep skin with warm yellow undertones)

 Top to Bottom: 
Hazelnut (deep skin with cool red undertones)
Suede (New - very deep skin with neutral undertones)
Caviar (New - very deep skin with cool red undertones)

  Top to Bottom: 
Mink (New - very deep skin with warm undertones)
Truffle (New - very deep skin with cool undertones)

Packaging: I love the chic and expensive looking glass bottle and gold top. I think it looks extremely high end. I like the pump, and didn't have any trouble getting the product to pump less than a pump (if I just wanted a drop or half a pump). I did however have a bit of trouble with keeping it clean - often times the foundation would end up all over the cap and around the pump.

Texture: This product is extremely lightweight. It doesn't feel like anything on the face honestly. It's such a thin product going on the skin that you feel like you need a lot, but you don't at all! Something to note though, although it is extremely thin, I felt that it did cling on to my dry patches. I have combo skin, so it looked great on my skin, but I do have patches of eczema which it kinda clung to and emphasized, so I had to kinda spray those spots a bit. You know press down that dead skin. lmao.. ew..

Pigmentation: This stuff is DANG pigmented. One full pump and I can do my whole face. Two pumps and the coverage is so good you can't even see some of my beauty marks if you use the right brush!

Longevity: This had great longevity on me. It lasted through a 10 hour day for me without coming apart on me.

Finish: This is a matte, airbrush like finish.

Ingredients: Just to note because I think this is something really great about Jouer -- it has great for you ingredients such as hylauronic acid, cucumber extract, chamomile extract and tripeptide complex. It is also oil free.

Price Point: These retail for $38 for 20mL or .68 fl oz. Although that may seem like very little compared to other foundations, you LITERALLY need a drop for your whole face, which will allow this foundation to last a lot longer.

Now with 33 new shades (50 shades altogether), there's definitely a shade for everyone! I HIGHLY recommend this foundation. I'm not really a foundation wearer, but this one definitely will be in my arsenal for nights out!!!

You can purchase the foundation here and if you are unsure of your shade, they have a shade match quiz... but for me, what was SUPER helpful was this brand comparison guide which allows you to see the shade match via other brand shades!

*pr sample


MY NEW FAVES! :D Kleenex Moist Facial Cleansing Wipes

So if you are on my social media, you will know my deep, DEEP love for these new Kleenex Moist Facial Cleansing Wipes. I, as I hope you can guess, wear makeup on the daily. So my most annoying part of the day is always taking my make up off.

Now I've tried my fair share of makeup towelettes - and these are the things I'm looking for:
a thick wipe that feels nourishing, a wipe that doesn't sting, a wipe that takes off makeup, a wipe that is stays wet enough until the very last one.

These Kleenex Facial Wipes come in a hearty plastic container that seals in the freshness of the wipes. You can purchase refills to place back into the container. On Jet.com one box is approximately $11, but if you purchase a box with a refill, it's only around $14, saving you a huge chunk of change!
(I believe purchasing refills on its own is around $6)

Next up, these are incredibly thick - now I definitely don't expect any less from Kleenex since it's been around for so long being a life saver to my nose. These are thick and durable, so they won't rip and you'll be able to use the backside of the wipe easily for extra removal. Lots of the wipes I use, because I rub so hard (lmao), the backside is kind of dirty too! -- I usually end up using two wipes!
Also because these are so thick, you don't have to use as much pressure removing your makeup, which is always a plus for me.

The wipes are incredibly gentle and doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes. If I'm super lazy (sometimes I can beeee), I'll use this and I won't wash my face after lol. Sometimes when I use other wipes, that results in pimples the next day or blemishes, but this hasn't done that for me!

After doing a light wipe on one side of my face. EW look at all that makeup!
Overall, I'm super impressed by these! The one thing is that if you compare the price against other wipes, these do retail for a higher cost -- around $11 for 25 wipes. However, for me, it's worth it because I only end up using one wipe (hm maybe I'll cut it... jahahah!) and the refills end up being near the same cost as other wipes. I can't wait to dive into the rest of their amazing collection!
There is all my makeup in all its glory lmao!

You can purchase these online at Jet.com, Walmart, Target, or Walgreens!

*Sent by PR... but wasn't obligated to share in any way, shape or form!


We got a new car!!! Just kidding :P - Toyota Prius Prime Premium

We have regrets!!! *sigh* so let me tell you this whole story before I get into how cute and cool this Toyota Prius Prime Premium is! 

(this was after the second snowstorm of having the car! lmao)

The awesome people at Toyota lent us a car for a week -- and we were SO excited to try it. We decided that the 2nd week in March would be PERFECT since we were going away on a church retreat and we can take it for a scenic ride and take some super cute shots with it! Lo and behold.. 1938749374 different snowstorms decided to come our way. My husband has driven Prius' before and was worried since we were driving to a place with a lot more snow than we got here in NY (which was already a lot!), we weren't sure if the Prius was better to drive than the SUV.


When we finally made it back to NY after our weekend trip and tried our Prius for the first time - we COMPLETELY regretted our decision! We wish we would had more time to take this baby for a spin! 

Let me be the first to tell you.. I don't know ANYTHING about cars besides how they look, feel and ride. I dont know much about horse power, engines, tires, etc. lol. I leave that to the hubalubs! However, I HAVE rode in Prius' before and this one is unlike any of the old Prius' I've been in! 

It's sleek, gives off cool vibes, almost like a sports car. Although it looks small, its surprisingly roomy. One of my favorite features is this huge touch screen monitor. It's probably one of the biggest I've seen and is super easy to navigate your music, gps, bluetooth, etc. 

Another thing I really liked was that the dashboard was in the middle top of the car rather than right in front of your steering wheel. It helped me see all of the functions I'm used to seeing in an easier way. 

And of course, we had to test to see how much space it actually had. We had some friends sit in the back seat and with all seats comfortably placed (like the front seat was not all the way up), there was still a good amount of leg room available!

We also put the trunk to the test. I'll be honest, I didn't trust it! lol. So we took ourselves over to Costco... got THREE cases of bottled waters and so many other random things and EVERYTHING FIT EASILY! I was like.. wut. I'm so shocked at how much room this cute little car has! 

Lastly, it was such a smooth ride. It felt fast, but didn't feel bumpy. It moved quickly and I have to be honest, I felt pretty darn cool with it! I'm 100% sure that if we were to ride in rainy or slushy conditions, this car would've made it just fine. (sigh do you still feel my regrets lol!)  

Because of this, I actually did get quite curious about the differences between the prime and the regular prius, as well as the whole gas + plug in stuff.. and I found this site SO helpful in answering frequently asked questions! 

Overall, I'm thinking that the Prius has really advanced itself to another level with this car and I am kicking myself in the shin that we didn't spend more time with it! Thank you so much Toyota for letting us hang with your new 2017 Prius Prime Premium! We loved it! Thank you so much Toyota! 

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Review

Thanks to my wonderful friends at lookfantastic for sending over the new Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Transformative Night gel-cream. I kept seeing it on the dermalogica instagram, but at the hefty $80 price, I wasn't sure if I was willing to invest yet! Now that I've gotten to try it for a week, I'm able to give you my thoughts!!

Here's what the Sound Sleep Gel-Cream claims:

Revitalizing treatment gel-cream transforms skin overnight by optimizing nighttime skin recovery. Tamarind Seed Extract creates a nourishing cocoon of comfort for softer, more hydrated skin while encapsulated, motion-activated French Lavender Essential Oil (with Sandalwood and Patchouli) work all night to promote deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin by morning. Other key ingredients include Persian Silk Tree Extract which reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality while Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract provides visibly radiant skin by the a.m.

It says it will increase radiance in the morning, reduce signs of skin fatigue and restore vitality, and promote deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin.

Here's my breakdown:

Packaging: The Coolest, most hygienic packaging ever! You twist it and press it and it dispenses just the right amount of product for you! I hate that I can't see how much is inside, but I have to give kudos to their super clean, sleep packaging!

Scent: That french lavender is STRONG. like.. really strong. like.. it'll either make you pass out HARD or it'll make you sneeze kinda deal. I'm pretty sensitive to smell so it kinda took a while for me to get used to.. but by day 3 of using it before I slept, I kinda was in love with it.

Texture: It's definitely a gel-cream, but it's not heavy like I thought it would be for a night time product. It's definitely a gel texture, but was also slightly watery and melted right into the skin. After a minute or so, it's as if there is nothing on your face.

Melted in so quickly!

The Morning After: I'm not sure if it was psychological (lmao) but I do feel like I got better rest. Maybe it is as if you spray lavender on your pillow, but way stronger. I woke up more refreshed! I looked in the mirror every day - and I can't say that it looks more radiant or it reduced signs of fatigue (not even sure what that looks like via skincare).. but I did notice my skin looked smoother. I will update this post since I've only tried it for a week! I've heard of people saying that they did start looking more glowy and radiant and I will diligently try it to see if that happens to me too!

Overall, it seems promising! I definitely see how this can help you sleep. It is also wonderful in seeping straight into your skin so you don't feel like you have a thick mask on or something. This product definitely changed the texture of my skin for the better, but I'm also waiting to see how it changes my skin longterm to see if it will create more radiance!  

You can purchase yours here for $80 :) 

Jouer Cosmetics High Pigment Pearl Lip Glosses Swatches + Review

The new Jouer Cosmetics Pearl High Pigment Lip Glosses just came in -- and if you like your metallic lippies, this is not one to miss! I personally adore the new high pigment gloss formula (even though I was so sad to see their old lip gloss line go!).

Their Pearl Lip Glosses come in 7 colors ranging from a warm peachy pearl to deep cool blackberry pearl. Below is their description:
This lightweight, creamy gloss delivers full-coverage pearl color that glides on smoothly and moisturizes the lips with Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil.
• Lightweight• Jojoba Seed Oil• Coconut Oil• Non-sticky formula• Warm and cool shades
Below are the shades and their swatches:

Maui - warm peachy pearl

Ibiza - cool baby pink pearl

Seychelles - Warm muted coral pearl

Riviera - Warm coral red pearl

Sahara - Warm cocoa bronze pearl 

Tulum - Warm black cherry pearl

Maldives - Cool blackberry pearl

Swatches Top to bottom: Maui, Ibiza, Seychelles, Riviera, Sahara, Tulum, Maldives

And here are a breakdown of my thoughts: 

Packaging: The packaging is the standard jouer lip gloss and lip creme packaging. It's luxe and heavy duty. I really appreciate when packaging is not round (this is square) so it doesn't roll around and is see through so you can see the color! 

Pigmentation: As the name suggests lol, these are high pigment. In one swipe, you do get full coverage color - even the lightest shades provide full coverage. In all of these shades I didn't see my bare lip color! The shimmer in it is beautiful, but not overpowering -- just the right amount of pearlescent color. 

Color range: I think for the 7 shades they chose, it was a great mix of cool / warm and light / deep. In this collection there is bound to be a color that everyone enjoys. I personally enjoy the deeper shades and maui is just so reminiscent of papaye which I love! (It would make a great topper to lipsticks!) 

Moisture: These glosses are packed with jojoba seed oil and coconut oil, creating a super hydrating formula. These are some of the only glosses that leave my lips feeling hydrated rather dry and flakey. 

Texture: The texture is very smooth (despite it being a shimmer) and lightweight. It doesn't feel sticky at all and they are very comfortable to wear. 

Long lasting ability: It transfers easily... I mean of course, it's a lip gloss. And the color wore off probably within two hours. It's quite standard for a lip gloss as most last about the same time. I never minded reapplying :) 

Cost: These are $17 each -- online you can ALWAYS get 15% off with Christina (Founder)'s code CZ15off I believe so then it becomes less than $15 per lip gloss. Each shade comes with 6mL of product.  

Overall, I really love these lippies. I think they are great quality for the cost. If you are not a metallic/pearl person, I would skip these and stick with their regular high pigment lip gloss collection, but if you are, definitely check these out! 

You can purchase these from jouercosmetics :) 

*pr sample 

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