It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution Toner Review

haiii friends!

Long time no post -- I apologize! it's been pretty crazy with the start of a new school year and a new set of students! However, I've still been trying a TON of skincare and fun things.

I recently tried the new It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Leave-On Solution Pore Refining Toner (that is a mouthful) and I SEE IT COMING THROUGH!

If you haven't heard of this product, it is one of their new toners that works to mattify and smooth skin as well as minimizing the look of pores. Some stand out ingredients that it contains are kaolin clay, silk and coconut water. This is a toner that is meant for my more oily skinned friends!!!

I purchased this back in September when my skin was hella oily and it was still very warm. I naturally already have clogged and kinda gross pores (not proud of it) and my skin looks so greasy by the end of the day you might be able to fry an egg on it.

The first time I tried it, it is a nice thin milky liquid. I shook up the product and put it on a cotton pad. And seriously --
INSTANT mattification stuff going on. It kept my skin from becoming too oily throughout the day as well. From that alone, it was pretty impressive to me. Within a couple days, my pores started to shrink. With the addition of a good exfoliator, my pores started to look real decent! So impressed with this!

The downside is that this is a product for a very specific demographic -- oily girls. As the weather is beginning to change, my skin is also changing with it. It is becoming more sensitive with dry patches, and isn't as oily anymore.. and I find that it does give a little sting to my face. Although the product still works fine, I think that using a more hydrating toner would be more beneficial for my skin at this time.

I would say, if you fit the bill -- definitely pick this up. If you are combo/oily or oily, have big pores, have a greasy face, you will LOVE this product and definitely give it a try! At $34 for 6.8oz, it's a great product!!!

Are you a fellow oily girl and gonna try this?! You can pick this up at Sephora + ItCosmetics

Jouer Lip Enhancer Shine Balm Review + Swatches

I've been dying to try these since I was away this summer and I finally got to get my hands on these and boy, did these not disappoint! These are glossy and shiny and I'm loving this easy, on the go product!

The Jouer Lip Enhancer Shine Balm comes in 6 different shades at $18 per balm. If you order off of Jouer's website, there is always a 15% off code (CZoff I believe) that Christina (founder of Jouer) always offers. That means each lip balm ends up being $15.30.

In this six shade range, it ranges from a clear shade to a deep berry shade. Many of the shades lie in the neutral, wearable, every day shades. Personally, I love this mix - one clear, 3 neutrals, a red and a berry. I think the only thing that might have been missing is a brighter pink (but I don't care for those, so I"m happy with these shades! lol)

Below are the swatches and the shades on my lips:

L-R: Naturel (Translucent Light Pink), Peony (Tinted Peachy Pink), Amaryllis (Tinted Warm Brown Nude), Rose (Tinted Warm Pink), Poppy (Tinted Warm Red), Dahlia (Tinted Deep Berry)  






 Here are my thoughts on these balms:

Packaging: Its a beautiful, weighty packaging with a standard twist up product. Each package has a different (and beautiful) floral gold design. So far I've have no problems with it -- and it definitely feels more luxurious than that price point.

Moisturization: This is a definite YASSS! These are super hydrating and balmy despite the fact that they are tinted. It helps my lips reduce flakes and they do feel plumper after I use it.

Texture: The texture is more slippery than I thought it would be. It is a shine balm, so it adds LOTS of shine which I think can attribute to the slip. It's not thick or heavy, but leaves your lips feelings really nice and moisturized.

Pigmentation: I was pretty pleasantly surprised by how buildable the pigmentation is. Usually for tinted balms its either you get moisture or you get color, and this you definitely get both! Although it's not like full on the color of the tube, it gives you the perfect tint.

Lasting ability: Like most balms, this lasted 1-2 hours before it faded, however it's easy to reapply and keep in your bag. Some of the darker shades left a bit of a stain and left my lips hydrated even after the lip product was gone.

Overall, I'm loving these! I think that these are perfect for every day wear and that dahlia shade is going to be my go to shade for the fall and winter!!! For the price, I think it was worth every penny! I happen to pick them up at a bundle price which actually made them $13 and some change. I'm SO happy I picked them all up because I seriously am in love with every shade!

You can purchase yours on the jouer website or at sephora!
Which shade is your favorite?


Hourglass Unreal Volumizing Lip Gloss Swatches and Review


I guess the idea of lip glosses isn't something brand new or trending, and in all honesty, this type of product isn't something so incredibly new... but it's basically all the things you love about a lip gloss in one. 

Here's the Hourglass Unreal Volumizing Lip Gloss! Just a bit about the product: It has .2oz of product for $30, so it is considered a luxury item. Hourglass also says: 

An innovative formula infused with powerful active ingredients for rich hydration and a long-lasting look of volume. With supernatural volume and ethereal shine, lips appear fuller without the sting of traditional lip plumpers. Light-reflecting shimmer and brilliant luster give multidimensional shine that’s unreal. Unreal Volumizing High Shine Lip Gloss is available in 18 high-shine shades.

It also has: *Volulip™ and Hyaluronic Acid: Delivers rich moisture to enhance the look of lips’ natural shape for long-lasting volume. *Shea Butter and Avocado Oil: Hydrates lips.

Below are the swatches of the shades I have: 

L-R: Halo, Provoke, Solar, Canvas, Icon

Halo - clear with gold shimmer

Solar - coral with gold pearl

Provoke - mauve nude

Canvas - true rose

Icon - blue red 

Here are my thoughts: 

Packaging: The packaging is in any standard lip gloss package. It does feel weighty and luxurious with a golden cap. I love the round but flat doe foot applicator that really allows to carry a lot of gloss in one go. It almost looks like a paddle, so it's able to conform to my cupids bow as well! 

Formula: is SO SMOOTH! It's NOT sticky at all and feels thick enough to feel hydrating and luxurious, but not too thick that it feels overwhelming. It has a bit of a minty flavor to it to help "plump" your lips, but it's not overwhelming or stinging. It's incredibly comfortable on the lips! 

Moisture: This is SO moisturizing! I got a sunburn on my lips the other day and didn't have anything else but this gloss in my bag, so I used it, and it really did hydrate my lips so nicely! With shea butter, avoid oil and hyaluronic acid, there's no doubt this product hydrates ur lips nicely! 

Pigmentation: I mean - LOOK AT THEM! They give just the right amount of pigmentation for a gloss. The neutral colors are not fully opaque, but you can still SEE the colors for a while. Then you have the bold colors that are -- well, as you can see in Icon ... bold! 

Lasting ability: I would say they last as any standard lip gloss. It was about 2-3 hours before I had to reapply. 

Overall: LOVE. If you have an extra $30 lying around, I definitely recommend trying this product out. Although it's not a super new type of product, they really perfected the lip gloss formula to give you everything you've ever needed! Like.... I'm waiting for the 20% off sales so I can pick up more!!! :P 

Thank you Hourglass for sending me some of these! :)


Drunk Elephant Reformulated LALA Retro with Ceramides!

GOSH -- guys, when I heard they were reformulating LaLa Retro, I was a bit freaked out! I (along with so many people) loveee this cult favorite product. It's a great staple moisturizer for me during the winter month when my skin needs a bit more moisture and love.

The original LaLa Retro is a whipped moisturizer that is a blend of six African oils and locks in intense moisture. It also has plantain extract (to brighten skin), sodium hyaluronate cross polymer to release long lasting hydration and antioxidant rich fermented green tea and omega acids to combat aging. Personally for me, I lived off of this moisturizer during the winter months. It kept my eczema from flaring up because the texture was lightweight but extremely hydrating.

Now insert my freak out when I heard they were reformulating it. WHY!? I asked. lol. According to Allure, Tiffany Masterson, the brand founder said:
"I believe there is always room for improvement," the brand's founder, Tiffany Masterson, tells Allure. "When it occurred to me that ceramides needed a more prominent place in my line, I decided to add them to a product that was already great instead of making a whole new product. I didn’t know I could like it [Lala Whipped Retro Cream] more, but I do."
Here is the new formulation of the LaLa Retro (with Ceramides) that I received from the Drunk Elephant Pop Up Shop!
So this product apparently is the SAME formula as the original LaLa Retro, but now has added ceramides. According to Drunk Elephant's instagram, they said the new formula has the power of plant ceramides AP, EOP and NP. (I honestly have no clue what that means lol and had to look it up) They further explained:
Derived from plant sources, ceramides are identical to the moisturizing lipids and fats that occur naturally in skin. In [the new Lala Retro], they help sooth and maintain the moisture balance of skin while protecting against water loss. 

Ok. SO.. luckily, I was able to stop by the Drunk Elephant Pop Up Shop  where they were giving out samples of the new LaLa Retro and I was able to try the product out. I tried it for a week. Of course, the last time I used lala was in the winter time, but this formulation seems very similar... maybe, just maybe I would say it's a bit creamier, but even a bit more lightweight than the original formula. Below you can see the left is the new Lala, and the right is the old Lala. I honestly, can hardly tell a difference!

For me, the original product doesn't work for me in the summer time because my skin gets HELLA oily. Last year when I was still trying to finish up Lala, I had to stop because it was too much moisture and made me have to wash my face more often because it was getting too greasy (I was scared to break out!). When I tried it out last week (for a week), although it was still more moisturizing than I need, it didn't cause me to want to wash my face off. I would still save the rest of this product for the winter time when I really need it for my dry skin days, but at least I know that it has an extra added boost to help maintain my moisture balance. Below you can see it leaves a slight sheen but melts right into your skin.

I think for me the best part is that even with the added ceramides, this product is still $60. To me that is SUCH A WIN because they are adding even more great benefits to your skin without any added costs, so THANK YOU DRUNK ELEPHANT! lol!

I noticed that the original Lala Retro is now S/O on the Drunk Elephant website, so I believe this product comes out very soon in early July... keep your eyes peeled! ;) I will update when I get confirmation of the launch date!

Will you be picking this up?! :D

Drunk Elephant House of Drunk Pop Up Shop Experience!

Recently, Drunk Elephant opened up a Pop Up Shop in NYC -- and I wish I got this post up sooner, but life has gotten in the way, and the pop up is gone already :( However, I wanted to show you how COOL and fun it was! The pop up was in the heart of soho from June 14-23. It was a relatively small space, but inside were so many fun, instagrammable spots and of course the best part - free samples!

The pop up shop had an "acid trip" type of theme with their big smiley faces and 'psychedelic' walls. You definitely can't miss the place (I came in torrential downpour and saw the cute little flag and neon signs lol!)

Upon walking in, you immediately see the check out to the left (with fun charms) and to the right, was an amazing lit up wall that looked like a kaleidoscope. WHEN YOU TOUCHED IT, THAT SH*T MOVED! I didn't get a picture, but I had to capture this video for you to see it! :P
When you continued on, there was just a fun room where you could sit that had cool blow up furniture. And to the left, were all there products displayed. There were such sweet people on the floor to help you with all your skincare questions -- however, I literally had all of the products already...... so I really didn't need anything. :P

To the left of that, there was an interactive machine where you can type in the type of skin you would like, and they printed you a ticket so you receive some free samples. You didn't need to purchase anything to get this sample -- and you got three great sized samples! I got the night time one which I received a glycolic night serum, protein peptide cream, and the marula oil (three of my FAVORITES!).

As you continued, there was the perfect little instagram shot of a mouth. I of course made my husband pose for me, even though he was reluctant LOL

Then came the "star" of the show, because they will be launching the new LALA RETRO soon -- with CERAMIDES! -- Now... I feel hesitant because I do love the original LALA, but the lady mentioned that it'll be the same formula, but with added ceramides, which made me feel a bit better. Unfortunately, you couldn't buy it early from there (which I was hoping!!!), butttttt - they gave you a sample on your way out, which was AWESOME!

Before you pay, they also had their DE gear that you could purchase, such as a sweatshirt, a bag, and other logo-ed items that you would otherwise have to purchase online. I of course picked up another Dopp Kit because it's literally the best bag (its like a traveling cube) but cooler, neon and is the perfect size to fit ALL your travel needs -- plus it's only $18 which I find to be a HUGE steal.

When you pay, you are able to receive your sample, they threw in a new lala retro sample as well as a charm of your choice!

What a seriously fun experience! I'm just sad I wasn't able to post this sooner for you to all go if you were able to! However, if you follow me on IG, you would've seen all the good stuff on there! Not sure if they are planning any new pop ups in the future, but I'm sure if they do, they would announce it on their website!

Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash

Look at Fresh, rollin' out with so many awesome new products and I'M HERE FOR IT!

They recently just launched their new Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash. I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical because I love love love their regular soy face cleanser and love their face polish -- but something with fruit? Mmm.... Not sure how I feel about it!

Here's what it says about the product:
It's a gentle exfoliating face cleanser that removes excess oil and dirt without drying. It also states that it refines the look of pores. Some products in this are: a blend of white sugar crystals, strawberry and black currant fruit extracts and grapeseed oil. Also said it's good for normal, dry, combo or oily skin.

How I used this product:
They recommended using the soy fresh cleanser prior to using the exfoliator, so I pre-washed my face (although they say this is a face wash). Then, I put some of this on my damp skin and massaged it into my skin and rinsed it off.

Now here are my thoughts: 

Texture: This product is relatively gentle. I feel like this is a good product you can use more than any usual exfoliator. It's definitely something I could use on a daily basis. Although you can feel small granules of sugar, it isn't overly aggressive on the skin.

Moisture: I would say that this product was pretty hydrating. It didn't make my skin dry after I used it, it felt quite cleansed, but not stripped. Compared to other exfoliators, this was by far more hydrating.

Packaging: is in a standard tube that's squeezy similar to their soy cleanser. Easy to control and easy to use.

Smell: The one thing I was disappointed with. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the strawberry scent to it, but I did notice that there was added 'fragrance' to the ingredients, so for those of you with sensitive skin, you might want to try a sample of this first to see how your skin reacts. Besides that, it smelled lovely and refreshing.

How did my skin look: It didn't feel overly dry, but it did a nice gentle exfoliation. I would say my skin did feel cleaner, but my pores didn't necessarily look anymore refined. It's possible with daily use that my pores will eventually look cleaner and smaller, however after one week, I didn't notice any other different besides some brightness and cleaner feeling skin.

Overall: I really enjoyed this product. I think this is a great addition to your every day routine. It's gentle enough to use daily and gentle enough to do a great job cleansing your skin without stripping it of it's natural oils. I am definitely going to keep this around in my regimen!

You can get the Sugar Exfoliating Face Scrub for $33 for 4.2 oz at sephora or fresh online.

What do you think? Will you be picking this baby up?!


Fresh Rose Sleeping Mask Review

I've been DYING to try this but it was sold out for the longest time! : ( but thankfully the lovely ladies at fresh HOOKED a girl up and sent one over to me to try. ugh so excited.

So unlike any of Fresh's products, this is a sleeping mask. It's their two step overnight hydration mask. It claimes to lock in hydration for 24 hours, prevent water loss, and increase deep hydration.

Step 1: The Cooling Gel Essence: filled with rosewater, damask rose extract, and hyaluronic acid
Step 2: The Silky Water-Cream Mask: has a time-release technology to form a moisturizing veil and evening primrose root extract to lock in hydration.

How to use:
*I essentially replaced my skincare routine to just use this product, but found it more beneficial to use after my regular skincare routine.
1. After cleansing - apply the apple jelly colored essence to your face and let it absorb.
2. Follow with the silky water-cream mask.
3. Leave overnight.. and wake up feeling awesome.

Now, to let you know a bit about my skin, it's combo/oily during the warmer weather, but it's been pretty temperamental because of the seasons changing and weather being continually strange. It's combo alright, and a bit on the oily side, but I have patches of dry skin from eczema around my eyes and cheek areas. I'm ALWAYS looking for products that will make my skin dewy, but not greasy because I find that even though I have greasy skin, it constantly feels dehydrated in certain areas.

So I tried this baby for about 1.5 weeks so far and used it every other day. (Not sure if it's a daily use item or less?) I cleansed my face, used the rose toner and my vitamin c serum, then used the two step system.

Here are my thoughts:

Packaging: I want to love the idea of the packaging, but it keeps get into each other's sides and I need to get some sort of spatula instead of my fat fingers. I think the dual packaging works... eventually when I use more of the product. However, even though its better for travel because its in a dual container, I need to be a bit more careful using it.

Smell: The smell is pretty strong IMO. I LOVE IT. however, if you're not huge on roses or the "fresh" scents -- it might be slightly overwhelming for you.

Texture: I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. it's gel-ish, and cooling. This is perfect for the summer time because it feels so nice. I find that as an oily skin girl, it feels great on my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. It absorbed right into my skin, so it didn't leave residue on the pillow.

Moisture: I loved it for my skin. I woke up with plumper skin and with a nice dew. Because of the consistency, I'm not 100% sure how this would be for people with really dry skin, but for me it gave me just the right amount of hydration without it being oily on my face. I think it worked out perfectly that I used it 3x a week. Maybe an every day thing if you have dry skin? (just making a guess lol)

Overall: I REALLY loved this, especially for my face. It gave me the right amount of dew without being too much. It plumped without the extra residue. However, it's $50, so it is quite pricy for a product that has two steps. I could see myself probably going through this pretty quickly. However, if you have a bit of extra cash to splurge, I think it's totally worth it! What a great addition to the beloved rose line!!!

Drunk Elephant - Get Even Kit

Whenever I hear Drunk Elephant is coming out with sets, I'm always one of the first to hop on it! All their sets have amazing value and is always a great opportunity to be introduced to the brand.

This Get Even Kit is packed with so many of my favorite products, that I HAD to (lol always have to) pick it up. This is a great set to get your skin back in line -- for smoother, hydrated, even, healthy looking skin.

This kit is worth $100 and here is what the Kit has:
- 0.33 oz/ 10 mL A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream 
- 0.5 oz/ 15 mL C-Firma™ Day Serum
- 0.5 oz/ 15 mL T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum 
- 0.5 oz/ 15 mL Protini™ Polypeptide Cream 
- 0.5 oz/ 15 mL Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 

This set has a bunch of midi and travel sized products. Below are the prices of each full sized product. And lets take a look to see if the cost is worth it!!!

Full Size Product Breakdown 
$80 for the full size C-Firma (1oz)
$74 for full size Retinol (1oz)
$90 for full size Glycolic Night Serum (1oz)
$36 for full size Daily Defense (2oz)
$68 for full size Protini Cream (1.69oz)

This set, the products are worth $136.12
Retinol Cream - $22
C-Firma -$40
Glycolic Night Serum - $45
Protini Polypeptide Cream - $20.12
Umbra Daily Defense - $9

Now if you even KNOW ME!!!! You will know I ADORE drunk elephant products. The Protini, Glycolic Night Serum and Retinol cream are some of my favorite products in their line, so you knew I wasn't gonna hesitate to pick this up!

My skin is combination oily in the warmer weather and combination dry in the cold weather and here are my thoughts on the products so far:

Glycolic Night Serum: I will purchase this maybe til I die! Although I do have more combo skin, I've had friends with more dry skin that love this. This is super effective with their AHA and BHA products that exfoliate your skin to give you super smooth, radiant and even skin. If you have more sensitive skin, I would recommend patch testing it on your skin!

Protini Polypeptide Cream: I've gone through like 3 or 4 of these and its my favorite gel formulation moisturizer! It's hydrating but does not make me oily. It does keep my skin bouncy!

A-Passioni Retinol Cream: I have a whole post on this and I think its the first retinol cream that doesn't dry out my skin. I saw that it definitely made my skin brighter. Definitely check out my post if you are interested!

C-Firma Day Serum: I've tried a small sample size of this, and used it a couple years ago since I do have a bunch of Vit-C products that I love, so I haven't felt a crazy need to try this. However, when I finish up my Vitamin C product, I may opt to try this one again!

Umbra Daily Defense: I think out of all of the products, I was least interested in this one. I am always weary of products that are tinted only one shade. It was a bit hard to blend on my skin and for some reason kept pilling on my face no matter what I did. Although I can see it would work okay for my skin during the cooler weather, it is a bit heavy and greasy for my skin for the warmer weather.

Overall this is such an amazing set for anyone to try, especially if you're looking to brighten and even out your skin. And with the price point, you are definitely getting a great value!!! Another amazing set, Drunk Elephant! <3

You can purchase it at Sephora or at drunkelephant :)


Drunk Elephant Littles Set -- with price breakdown!

OK DRUNK ELEPHANT! I SEE YOU!! ;) They've recently (well not that recently) come out with a brand new littles set and I'm loving it! If you've never tried Drunk Elephant these are the best little sets for you to test out their products. Although the products are small, they've lasted me 2-3 months to finish all the products. You are able to truly test them out to see which products are right for you.

Their cute sets are always a great value and deal, but the problem is, many times they don't stick around, so snag them up when you still have the opportunity!

Below are the products it has:
-30ml Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

-8ml C-Firma™ Day Serum
-8ml B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum
-8ml T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum
-8ml Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil
-NEW! 15ml Protini™ Polypeptide Cream
-NEW! 15ml Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30
-NEW! 5ml C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream
-NEW! Bright Aqua Waterproof Travel Bag

The major differences with this and the last Littles set was that this one has Protini Polypeptide Cream instead of Lala Retro, C-Tango Eye Cream rather than Shabu Complex Eye Serum, Umbra Tinte Sunscreen rather than the regular sunscreen, and a blue bag instead of pink. 

OK. So PERSONALLY --- I picked this one up because it has SO many of my favorite products. I personally (because of my oily combo skin) like the Protini better than Lala. I'm also a huge fan of the C-Tango Eye Cream. And I've never tried the tinted Daily Defense, so I was interested in trying it. 

It comes at a hefty seeming $90, but honestly, each product packs SO much product, it's well worth it. Let me break the prices down for you from full size to these travel sizes:

Jelly Cleanser 
$32 150mL // $6.40 30mL
C-Firma Day Serum $80 30mL // $21.33 8mL 
B-Hydra Serum $52 50mL // $8.32 8mL 
Framboos Glycolic Serum $90 30mL // $24 8mL
Marula Oil $40 15mL // $21.33 8mL
Protini Cream $68 50mL // $20.40 15mL
Umbra Tinte $36 60mL // $9 15mL 
C-Tango Eye Cream $64 15mL // $21.33 5mL 

SO -- with the cost of all of these products broken down, it should be $132.11, saving you over $42 worth of product. (!!) So although the cost seems expensive, it's actually saving you so much money to test and try the products to see if they are worth it for your skin! 

Highly, HIGHLY recommend picking up Drunk Elephant sets when they come out!!!! 

You can purchase these at or


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review

I had a couple questions about what my favorite cleansers are. Some of you say that yours doesn't get rid of all your makeup, others say that your cleanser seems a bit too stripping and dry out your skin. I've been using the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser on and off for over 10 years now. I finish one, and use something new, and then when I come back to it... I'm like wait, why did I ever use something different?

If you've never tried this product -- here are some of the details:
A gel face wash that gently removes dirt and makeup. It is filled with amino acid-rich soy proteins, soothing cucumber extract, and balancing rosewater to tone, sooth and soften skin. It's formulated for all different types of skin - I use it (combo oily), but when my skin is at its most sensitive, I always go back to this as well.  It leaves you with a radiant, healthy looking complexion. It is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens and phthalates.

Cost: $38 / 150mL or $15 / 50mL

My thoughts: 

- it's a very standard plastic tube that you squeeze.. similar to toothpaste (or any other product that comes in a plastic tube lol). Because of it's thinner formula, you won't have a hard time getting out every last drop. This is one of those - let me give it one big shake and all the product will naturally maneuver its way to the bottom.

Texture - The texture is a gel formula and it doesn't become foamy in any way. It's kind of strange because when you squeeze it out, it kind of looks like allergy snot (lmao), but it's cooling and lovely and although it seems like it wouldn't be so effective because it doesn't foam up, it really does do a good job! I found this gentle enough to use day and night.

Effectiveness - I don't tend to wear too much mascara, but they said it even gets off mascara! I have had many stubborn makeup products on my face. And although I still use a makeup wipe before (it's my standard), it gets rid of the last traces of all my makeup that the makeup wipe didn't get off. It leaves my face feeling soft and cleansed and non-irritated. I found that if my skin was super oily and clogged, because its more of a slippery consistency, it's most effective when I used a clarisonic or some sort of cleansing device to really get the product to work deep down into the depths of my skin.

If you are thinking about getting this product, I say - don't hesitate! They have so many purchasing options with sizes, you can always get a travel size to try first.

You can purchase it at,, or
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