New YSL Glossy Stains in #27 and #29

If you've read my previous posts on the YSL Glossy Stains, you will know I am obsessed. Although many of the colors aren't my typical "every day" colors, I still loved them.

YSL came out with 4 new spring colors. From what I could gather on sephora's swatches, one is baby peach, a rose, a redish purple and a deeper purple color. I though OMG the peach and rose look like more 'every day wear!' i MUST get it to try.

OMG. How I do not regret it ONE BIT.

You can actually read my product breakdown here and why i absolutely adore this product and why I have so many of them!

but here, I am going to share with you two more of the colors. And honestly, I'm SO glad they added these to the collection because I cannot stop wearing them.

swatches of #29 (left) and then #27 (right)

swatches slightly smudged 

swatches wiped off after about 30 minutes

*please excuse the spot near my lip. there was a cut there because after my facialist cleaned my face, the next day i used the st ives apricot scrub and it was a bit rough -- now i have a scab! lol. (its better now though AHHA)

#27 Peche Cerra Cola is now my absolute FAVORITE glossy stain. It is the perfect peachy color for my lips and I love the way it looks like a perfect coral as a stain. I have this in my bag, and literally, I can't stop wearing it!!! It's a perfect 'every day lip' product for me!

first put on my lips - i purposely smudged it strange so you can see the color first placed on my lips! 

After about 45seconds of smudging my lips :) How pretty is this color!

This leaves a slightly 'orange' color (as you could see from the stain swatch above) which translates to a coral stain :) 

#29 Rose Forreau is a beautiful rosey strawberry color. I wouldn't wear this every day but its perfect for  a date night or for when you need a slight pop of color. Although I do believe this color is very dupable, it is still a gorgeous color and the YSL texture is so unique, to me it is still worth it! 

again, placed on sloppily so you can see the color it is when it is first placed on the lips! 

i love this color as well. its a warm strawberry color! its such a beautiful stain!

Although i do not have a picture of it, this stains to just a slightly bitten color. This looks beautiful, especially if you have 'dead lips' like I do. hahaha!

I highhhhly recommend you go pick these up!
if I had to recommend one, i'd definitely say to pick up #27!

I ordered these from Sephora, but I'm sure they have it in department stores as well at YSL counters :) 

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