YSL Glossy Stains Overview

Here are my newest obsession!!! 

stain of color that the glossy stains leave behind :)

Here is my breakdown: 
Texture: This is kind of unlike any product I've felt before. It goes on like a silky gloss - begins mixing with your lip warmth, becoming a more tacky gloss texture, soon after feeling more like a creamsheen lipstick... then once it fades, it turns into a beautiful stain. This does not bother me, but I can see how if anyone does not like tacky feels, this could cause some discomfort on the lips. I can also see how this may be a bigger pain during the summertime as it does feel quite thick when it is first on your lips. Might make u sweat ;) 

Pigmentation: Pigmentation has been great. It gives a beautiful opaque color in two coats. I do have to warn you to try the colors before you go thinking you found your HG color, because the colors tend to be different on the lips than in swatches. 

Lasting Ability: This product has far beat any other product that I have ever tried! It lasts a whole whopping 10 hours through eating, drinking, talking, licking (lol jk)... maybe even kissing ?!? HAHA! I would say the product lasts on my lips about 5-6 hours then when the product fades, the tint lasts for a good many hours before finally disappearing. Many times at the end of the night, I had to physically take the product off :) 

Moisturization: It's a very hydrating product - as I will say again, it can come off as very thick. So I think this may be something to think about in the summertime or for those that like more of a thin, slippy lip product. 

Smell: It has a slight alcoholic (hand sanitizerish) scent to me with some fruity smells. It doesn't smell bad at all - it smells very similar to YSL lip products. 

Price: Whopping $32.00 for a .2 fl oz product. Hey, at least it has a shelf life of 2 years ;) 

For swatches of the product, refer to my previous blogposts: 
Enjoy xoxo

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Wendy Bentley said...

Thank goodnessss! these dont look like something I would be interested in personally, lol But fabulous post, info and pictures! Very helpful in my decision making :) luff you! xo

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