YSL (Rouge Pur Couture) Glossy Stains in #7 & #17

This was the PERFECT last purchase I made before lent.

I've been loving the YSL Glossy stains ever since my good friend Rae talked about them. I have some of the darker shades and was really inkling to buy some more everyday wearable shades. Luckily, because I was able to mosey on over to get a lot of Sephora gift cards from my credit card rewards, I was able to splurge on some (four) of these babies.

I will have a more in depth review of my little muffincakes once I have the whole clan together (as I am not home right now), but I just couldn't wait to share these beauties with you before I pray really hard about how I can't buy any cosmetics for 40 days.

If you don't know what these glossy stains are about, they are extremely long wearing lip products that mixes a hybrid of a... lipstick, gloss and stain in one. It slides on like a gloss, ends up feeling like a thicker, slightly tacky gloss, then into a more lipstick feel, lastly once the balm like texture disappears, you are left with a nice stain of color on your lips. These outlast any lip product I've ever used at a whopping 10 hours of wear for me, which included eating. They do have their pros and cons, so I will definitely be doing another review on these :)

Here I have the YSL Glossy Stains in #7 and #17, easily the two most wearable, everyday shades. I hope the lighting is okay, as it is an extremely cloudy day today!

It comes with this unique doe foot-ish applicator which makes applying very simple.
#17 is a gorgeous cool rosey color that I find would be flattering on most skintones.
#7 is coral/peachy color that leans tangerine with a bit of shimmer.

I was afraid #17 would be too pastel pink as it is a bit bright in the swatch, but as you can see in the second - smooshed around with my finger swatch, it tones down to a nice, medium pink.

Here are the same swatches completely wiped away, leaving a beautiful stain behind.

I NEVER do lip swatches as I find it incredibly embarrassing. I might as well just show you my blackheads! Lol! BUT I think that the quality or color of the product is not true to color until you see the transformation on the lips.

Here is #17:
1st Picture: Naked, extremely dry and peely lips. HAHA sorry I was too lazy to get balm to put on before I put the product on.
2nd Picture: As you can see when it is first applied, it seems quite bright and pastel-y. Similar to the swatch that is shown. (don't you hate when hair gets stuck on your lips?!?!)
3rd Picture: As I smoosh my lips together, you can see the color is already transformed to a more toned down, cool medium pink. This is what the color will look like on your lips, for the most part.
4th Picture: This is after the product has gone away, it leaves a nice pink stain on the lips.

 Here is #7:
1st Picture: Naked lips
2nd Picture: This is first applied. A beautiful coral - which looks more tangerine on me. (I've seen this color look a bit more peachy on others, but this is how it looks on my lips)
3rd Picture: After the product has been wiped away, it leaves a nice coral stain.

I can say, these are going to be a holy grail, "it" product for me. It's perfect for the cooler weather to keep your lip color long lasting and to keep your lips hydrated, but it's also perfect for the warmer weather with a no muss no fuss stain. 

It is available at sephora.com in 20 shades.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? 

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Kathryn at Cherries in the Snow said...

I really like the idea of a glossy stain. I think at YSL prices it would have to be a treat!

Tiffyjiffy said...

Thanks for the lip swatches they are very helpful! ^o^

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