Project 5 Pan Success :)

Here are the products I finished!! I'm actually very impressed with myself because in general, I can only finish bath and body products for P5P because I'm super itching to finish everything! So you think, OH I can try and finish this shower gel and then I find myself using about half the bottle in one shower! HAHA!

So below are all of the products, reviews... and if I would repurchase! 

1) Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick: I absolutely ADORE Bobbi Brown concealer/correctors and this stick is definitely one of the tops on my list. It's so creamy and dreamy and is PERFECT to dab when you are on the go. I love keeping this in my purse for touchups. I think I've gone through about 4-5 sticks already.

2) Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque: I will never be without this product. It is the PERFECT product for under my eye area. When I was at the BB Counter, the SA was searching SO long to find the PERFECT under eye color for me. We went through like a billion correctors and concealers and finally we found the one. It's the perfect color to carefully correct my under eye circles (which is my least liked part of my face!) and it has the same creamy dreamy consistency as the concealer stick. I'm pretty sure this is my 8th or 9th pot and don't worry, I already have a back up of this ;)

3) Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser: Again. Another one of my faves! I adore this facial cleanser because its so 'fresh' (lol) smelling, is extremely gentle and takes off all dirt and makeup like a dream! I usually hate washing my face because I always get cleanser in my eye, but this is the one product I never mind using! I still have full size bottle of this (as this is just the travel size), but this is the one I kept in my shower to use when I was cleaning up!

4) Bobbi Brown Malted Eye Cream Shadow: You know, I quite liked this product. I liked the consistency of it. Although the color was a bit off my skintone (a bit taupe ish) during the cooler weather, it still is a great product. In fact, I think it maybe be better than mac paint pots! I often used these as a primer for my lids and they make AMAZING bases. I may not pick up this color again, but I would definitely pick up the product again.

5) Nars Face Powder in Flesh: Oh I really loved this product. This pressed powder was really nice. It was finely milled and it was incredibly light - like unbearably light because the MUA at the Nars counter wanted to make me a living china doll. He made my eyes look SO strange, powdered my face SO white, and made my lips BRIGHT orange. I liked how the product felt, so I purchased it. I ended up LOVING this product to use under my eye area to brighten up my face. I ended up buying the Nars Flesh loose powder as a replacement, which is awesome, but I may go back to the pressed powder afterwards. It's just easier!!! lol
I have NO clue where I put the empty pot, so here is just a pic of what it looks like! lol
So there you have it! 5 finished products *pats back* -- Now that I'm done with P5P... I decided to give up purchasing makeup for lent. HAHA! So we'll see...... :) If I can get some more products done! Will keep y'all updated! xx
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Leslie K. said...

I think I love the second ST of pics. Love the coral color. So pretty.

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