Drunk Elephant House of Drunk Pop Up Shop Experience!

Recently, Drunk Elephant opened up a Pop Up Shop in NYC -- and I wish I got this post up sooner, but life has gotten in the way, and the pop up is gone already :( However, I wanted to show you how COOL and fun it was! The pop up was in the heart of soho from June 14-23. It was a relatively small space, but inside were so many fun, instagrammable spots and of course the best part - free samples!

The pop up shop had an "acid trip" type of theme with their big smiley faces and 'psychedelic' walls. You definitely can't miss the place (I came in torrential downpour and saw the cute little flag and neon signs lol!)

Upon walking in, you immediately see the check out to the left (with fun charms) and to the right, was an amazing lit up wall that looked like a kaleidoscope. WHEN YOU TOUCHED IT, THAT SH*T MOVED! I didn't get a picture, but I had to capture this video for you to see it! :P
When you continued on, there was just a fun room where you could sit that had cool blow up furniture. And to the left, were all there products displayed. There were such sweet people on the floor to help you with all your skincare questions -- however, I literally had all of the products already...... so I really didn't need anything. :P

To the left of that, there was an interactive machine where you can type in the type of skin you would like, and they printed you a ticket so you receive some free samples. You didn't need to purchase anything to get this sample -- and you got three great sized samples! I got the night time one which I received a glycolic night serum, protein peptide cream, and the marula oil (three of my FAVORITES!).

As you continued, there was the perfect little instagram shot of a mouth. I of course made my husband pose for me, even though he was reluctant LOL

Then came the "star" of the show, because they will be launching the new LALA RETRO soon -- with CERAMIDES! -- Now... I feel hesitant because I do love the original LALA, but the lady mentioned that it'll be the same formula, but with added ceramides, which made me feel a bit better. Unfortunately, you couldn't buy it early from there (which I was hoping!!!), butttttt - they gave you a sample on your way out, which was AWESOME!

Before you pay, they also had their DE gear that you could purchase, such as a sweatshirt, a bag, and other logo-ed items that you would otherwise have to purchase online. I of course picked up another Dopp Kit because it's literally the best bag (its like a traveling cube) but cooler, neon and is the perfect size to fit ALL your travel needs -- plus it's only $18 which I find to be a HUGE steal.

When you pay, you are able to receive your sample, they threw in a new lala retro sample as well as a charm of your choice!

What a seriously fun experience! I'm just sad I wasn't able to post this sooner for you to all go if you were able to! However, if you follow me on IG, you would've seen all the good stuff on there! Not sure if they are planning any new pop ups in the future, but I'm sure if they do, they would announce it on their website!
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