too sexy too soon

Apr 11, 2009 |
i went to a workshop called too sexy too soon, basically talking about how young children are growing up too fast... something that i completely agree with.

i was like freaking out when i found out that dora the explorer is growing up as well. WTH!!!!!!!! here she is, going to middle school with her trendy outfits and girly jewelry. sigh. she actually looks like a bunch of my kindergarteners. so now my K kids want to be a middle school aged dora the explorer. oh life, stop for these kids!!

dora might end up hanging up with the wrong crowds:

look up to the wrong people:

and then become like this:

as funny as those pictures are, it's true... and is really sad. kids, slow down! don't be in a rush to grow up!

enjoy the day! -j

ps. my next entry is going to be a "wishlist" since you know, someone (ahem mine)'s birthday is coming up! :P
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