i don't have fresh underwear

May 21, 2009 |
oops! sorry about no posts. hahah :(

anyways. an FML moment! wahoo!

so I was in the lunch room with my kiddies and one of my little space cadets comes up to me and says, "Miss Lee, I don't know how it happened, but poop came out of my bottom and it is in my underwear right now." UM. wth, we are in the lunch room. So of course, usually what I would do is send her back with a buddy to hte classroom to go get changed but of course she says "And um. I dont have any fresh underwear. So I'm not sure what to do." And of course that isn't bad enough... she continues, "maybe should I sit down and smush it around so it spreads.. so its not a lump?" fml.

i was speechless.

anyways. i made her keep her "lump" in her booty until we got back to the classroom. thank god for the pile of fresh random clothing for the kids during random uncontrollable bowels. i gave her a pair of undies and told her to change (and clean herself UGH) and put her soiled undies in a baggie to take home. LOL.

her mom was embarrassed. as she should've been.

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