thanksgiving asian vs. traditional

Nov 30, 2009 |
so many of you guys asked what thanksgiving is like for me. and my response would usually be "very different from you" ... hahah thinking about it, its a very special night because we don't have tons of family in NY, so we rely on close friends. A couple family friends, every year, get together, have a semi potluck meal (semi because host always makes more food). There is always random tension between parents (haha two in specific LOL) and the parents always make the children go around in a circle and say what we are thankful for (hoping that we say them).. this year was no exception. another memorable year, and another year to thank god that he's blessed me with so much.

Some of you must wonder (or maybe not), what does a chinese thanksgiving dinner spread look like? OHH Let me show you.

Traditional Turkey with Stuffing:

Our Thanksgiving Turkey stuffed with yummy Sticky Rice:

Traditional Side Dishes: Corn & String Beans

Our Thanksgiving Dinner has Edamame & boiled nuts

Traditional Salad haha (?)

Our Thanksgiving Salad w/ fruit and sweet mayo

Traditional Ham

Our Thanksgiving Pig's Intestines (a little too asian for me..but don't hate, it's not bad until you know what it is!)

ahhaha we had a ton of other delicious food including my dad's shrimp, some salmon, tofu, handrolls etc. Here's the whole spread (minus the turkey because my dad went to go cut it)

it was a wonderful night, fill with laughter, gasps, and awkward moments. :)
hope yours was just as special and memorable! -J
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