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I was looking back because i remembered that i made an entry last year about my new years resolutions... and i realized that I started my blog exactly ONE YEAR AND ONE DAY AGO!!! : )))

to celebrate-- I've decided to do my own contest giveaway! (so fun!) Literally over the past month, I've been entering in online contests and it's so exciting to think that you MIGHT win. OBVI i didn't (sad life), but I want to give you guys that excitement that I had entering contests.. and for one of you, the excitement of WINNING the contest!

So this contest is to win some of my favorite things/products that I use everyday:

$10 Itunes gift card
Burts Bee's Radiance Healthy Glow Kit
A 6.75 oz The Body Shop Almond Body Butter
A 5.07 oz Ojon Hair Revitalizing Mist

One winner will be selected at random on January 10, 2010 @ 8pm Jessica Lee time (I live in Boston).

answer the following question in a comment below including your name and email address (if you feel shy, email


I don't know about you, but mine are the same every year :P I'm going to try and be healthy and try to SAVE money rather than SPEND it! :)

Don't worry, if you don't win, I will have more contests in the future since I have so many gift cards to spend on people like you <3

Good Luck! -J
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Anonymous said...

my new year's resolution is to take advantage of life! i want to be super active in every aspect such as spiritual life, professional life, career, relationships etc!

enter me in the contest! :)


Anonymous said...


my new years resolution: 1. work hard to become successful in my goals (grad school) 2. lose weight

- Jenn C.

tiff wong said...

hehehehe. i love jessica lee.

my new year's resolution is to love on people more and be a bit more patient. i can probably try to complain less, but saying that will actually mean i have to do it. *le sigh. ;)

<3 tiff

Anonymous said...

Oh man.. my New Year's resolution is to drink more water, go to the gym more often, and not eat your candy! Here is to a resolution lasting for the next 363 days!


Dot Hsu said...

my new year's resolution is to pay off my student loans annnnd have enough money to travel! which means... my side resolution is to resist very good salespeople (you) and shop less. hehe.

happy new year! love your blog. :D

sharon cho said...

my new year's resolution (for the millionth year in a row) is to work out more :) and also to love shopping less. haha! love you <3

david cho said...

i don't make new year's resolutions, but if i were to make one...

i would resolve to relax so that the sausages don't get hard. that sounds perverted. :D

Doughboy said...

my new year resolution is to love my gf a little more this year.

laura cheng :D said...

my resolutions for 2010 are: to cook at least 3 times a week (with my awesome new cookbook!), to eventually not have to bring work home, and to be better at keeping in touch!

... and maybe, to stop complaining about having to do work. maybe. (but i don't think that one is going to happen, lol. :P)


Anonymous said...

^ felix... puke.

my resolution is to be healthier in every way! the good thing is my doctor just told me my cholesterol is fantastic :D

pick me pick me pick me!

Anonymous said...

My new year's resolution...
I haven't given this much thought, but I would have to say that I'd like to be more patient, less worrisome, and take better care of myself.

What does the hair revitalizing mist do? Will it do anything for my inevitable hair loss?

- Sam

Anonymous said...

my new years resolution is to take more healthy risks in my life (new career direction, etc.)

you're the best, love youuuuu

-- jenna

Anonymous said...

my new years resolution is to work out more money..stay in contact with friends that are far..enjoy life without so much stress! :)


Doughboy said...

i think i m the winnner! yay to me!

Jo Wu said...

my new year's resolution is to complain less, be more joyful, and have the "just do it" mentality... and have a more balanced lifestyle. aka exercise, stop being a workaholic, get my social life back. :) on that note, we need a date soon.

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