Oh my Felix.

Feb 6, 2010 |
when it comes to attention- i LOVE it. but so does felix. So it's hard to share the spotlight at times. In group settings, I usually allow Felix to have the spotlight because he's a little better at thinking on his feet and being spontaneously funny. He will be very sensitive towards me and my needs as well, so occasionally, he will allow me to have my attention...but then there are a few times when he can't contain himself and he will just steal the show back. (sad life for me)

The other week (haha because I haven't updated in so long) we were in his car and he was letting me sing (which doesn't happen very often), and of course my girl GAGA was on. I was singing Paparazzi so darn loudly... I'm your biggest fan... I'll follow you until you love me PAPA PAPA RAZZZZZZZI. then this is what happened...

Jess: *Promisee I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine... Baby you'll be famous, chase you down until you love me... Pap---..."
(Felix Interrupts)
Felix: PAPA PAPA VENCHIN LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh. now if you don't get the joke and did not laugh, my father's name is venchin lee. that might put things into perspective for ya.

-- anyhoo, I am at felix's place now, and he has kicked me out of his kitchen and is making our valentine's day dinner for us. it has been a wonderful and perfect day with lots of bubbly hearts and love filling the air- but i will only give you a glimpse of the goodness... tomorrow before I leave for the motherland ;P
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