Aren't you sad...

Mar 21, 2010 |
that the precious moments are over? lol. i am. then you might be even more sad that I have to take a break from blogging for a couple of weeks. I'll be back sometime mid april (haha i've been getting requests to do a "what do i want for my birthday" blog). It's just been so hectic with work, traveling and grad school apps... i can't keep up!

on the up side, i got to see fel this weekend.. we went to a wedding- and lucky for andy and lande, it was the perfect day for one! and... i got into NYU for their special education program. haha now if i could finish all my other applications- it'll be easier to decide where I want to go. . . sigh.

So I'll leave you with a little funny:
(We're talking about how I gave up shopping for lent)

Fel: haha its okayyyy i'll take u to shop haha
Me: i can't shop though
Fel: hhahaa then we'll wait until we get to outlet [after lent is over]
Me: haha yah : ) but iv'e done so good!
Fel: haha u did good bunnie
Fel: i'll take u to eat fish cheeks

HAHAHA. thanks for my reward, fel. :) but he knows my heart.. i do love them fishies.

take care these couple of weeks- catch y'all soon! -J
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