Precious Moment #2

Mar 11, 2010 |

WoW! top twooooo!!!! i dont know if you guys are quite ready for these. well actually this one is kinda long, but the ending will make up for it :) So we are just having midnight snacks at my uncle's place. there are tables everywhere. it's basically like u know a dining area or something. Precious decides... i want to ride my bike between all these tables, where there is no room anywhere. well, she had it comin to her. See what happens when she rides her bike. Wait til the end. it's worth it :) And yes, she keeps yelling at dave because he is pulling the back of her bike. and yes, she is confused as to why her shirt was stuck on the seat... i guess she didn't realize its because she's behind the seat? (she's sitting on the wire thing that u put stuff on!)

anyways. happy almost friday! Enjoy #2 :)

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