Precious Moments!

Mar 8, 2010 |
So you and precious have met, but i haven't given you a formal introduction, so here goes-

Meet Precious:

--my 4 year old niece that not only looks like gabourey sidibe from the movie Precious, but that is straight up bossy. she will yell at you, demand you to do things, does what she wants, eats what she wants, hella she don't care- as long as she's got her way! haha this is a picture of her deciding she wants to ride her bike... in the rain. because it is raining, she decides the best idea is to just use an umbrella while riding her bike. lol.

So here is to Precious! -- these next 5 entries will be my Top 5 Precious moments :)

Prec decides she wants to make a video with my sister. Obvi, my sister cannot handle her weight lol.. and she keeps telling her to SPIN. then at the end, not only does she scream at me to take her picture, she tells my sister TWICE to stop SPINNING. love it. love her.

Enjoy! -J
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