HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, and the winner is...

Apr 21, 2010 |

HAHAHHAHA!!!!!!! O M G. the winner is DOUGHBOY. meaning it is felix. -____-

we all know he will not want lush products because he cannot even stand being in the store with me anymore :P Good thing i bought him some books today! HAHA sorry fel, i'm going to choose someone else : )

(haha, i chose 3 times, and the #s were 9, 4, and 7... LOL, so I will keep choosing until it is not felix.)


Jennifer Ritz!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be contacting you about your prize soon :)

thank you for all subscribing and for being AMAZINGLY awesome people! for being amazing readers and wonderful people! don't be sad if you didn't win... because more will come :)))))))

i hope you all have an amazing day :)
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