Have you ever been stranded?

Jul 13, 2010 |
MAN IT'S BEEN SO LONG. i know :( sorry. i've neglected you, cute little blogger.

so imagine if you and your friends decide to walk along some rocks near the water to just go fishin'! You spend a fantastic afternoon, just you and ur buddies... SO FUN right?! Then ur wifey calls and says "TIME TO COME HOME FOR DINNER!!!" but then....

you turn around.. and...

all you see is water.

damn those high tides.

Well that is exactly what happened to these four brilliant men.

LOL fel, laura phil and i went on a mini trip to RI and as we were passing ... i dont know where it was (i was too busy sleeping), these men had just noticed they were stuck on the island. after hanging around and after dinner, we decide it's a great time to just sit around and enjoy the sunset... but then we saw all these popos and firemen trying to rescue the stranded korean men! so instead ... being the rubberneckers we are (especially philip), we park the car in a hurry and run over to look. We watched for a good hour... &many videos, pictures and gasps later... we were finally able to cheer and clap that they were rescued.

u know the best part of this whole thing? You know what these darn korean men put in the boat first to save? Their cooler. Damn these men are bold. lol!


enjoy the article! BYE!!!! -J
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