Speech Impediment

Sep 6, 2010 |
Felix has a speech impediment. This impediment didn't stem from any impairments or anything. It simply is because he is a FOB. :) So Fel cannot pronounce the /v/ sound- he just can't. You know when you say V out loud, your bottom lip kind of goes in your mouth and under your top set of teeth. His doesn't do that- his lips purse together... and unfortunately for him... makes a /w/ sound ...

for example-
Violin becomes Wiolin
Vita Soy becomes Weeta Soy

Anyway... we were hanging out and i was being annoying to him so he said he was gonna give me a wedgie. And he started to... and then he was just saying it over and over again.. WEDGIE WEDGIE I'M GONNA GIVE U A WEDGIE---table.

and he starts CRACKING UP... like you wouldn't believe (it was pretty durn funny) and screaming I BET YOU NEVER HEARD THAT JOKE BEFORE!!!!!!... Now I understand this joke, but you may not. so let me explain.

Felix doesn't quite understand his own speech impediment. so W sounds and V sounds are all just W sounds to him. so in this case, "wedgie" could be substituted for the W and V letter... making it either "wedgie" or "vedgie" aka "veggie" -- so what he was saying was "I'm gonna give you a.... veggie-table//aka//vegetable"


of course no one has heard the joke before.. ;)

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