Lush Matryoshka Set!

Nov 8, 2010 |

So I originally had no intent of getting this or even gave it a second look when I was looking at the LUSH website.. but when I got into the store.. I was sold.

Honestly? Look how cute they are! These dolls always remind me of my childhood because my childhood best friend had one of these dolls and we used to take them apart and sing about babushkas and laugh all day.

So So White is definitely on my top 3 favorite LUSH holiday scents. I got about 3 last christmas and refused to use the last one up until more came around. and the time is finally here! but WAIT! there's better news!!!

what's that i hear ?? They now have a SO WHITE SOAP?!?!?!

that is correct. but it is only in the matryoshka doll :)

This cute little doll is made of two huge chunks of so white soap (smells just so good) and on the inside on one side is a so white bath bomb (in a babushka shape!) and on the other side is a cinders bath bomb (spicy with pop rocks!)

They can be kinda dusty since the two bath bombs are probably rubbin' up against each others like lovers do (sorry so inappropriate), but the trick to getting them out is pulling the soap out and stretching the soap to make her wider, and then gently peeling the bathbombs out.

For $19.99 you get all of that, plus this cute little babushka hankerchief ;)


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