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Pretty and Cute is having their 15% off sale... so I decided to take advantage of that! :) Here are the things that I got from them!

Amazing :) I was so excited to receive this and it certainly did not disappoint me!!! I believe I ordered this package about a week ago. So it arrived in about a week... that's including the holidays and a huge blizzard! lol!

I've ordered from P&C many times and I absolutely adore their staff because they are wonderful, responsive and so accommodating... plus the owner, Janie, is flippin' soo adorable and is one of the sweetest, most down to earth girlies ever! They have incredibly fast shipping and if there is ever a problem or inquiry, the Pretty and Cute team are quick to help you out. so thumbs up you guys! Oh Right... onto my haul :)

The main point of my purchase was because I was dying to try the IPKN lip glosses (doesn't this look like a typo). This is a korean brand and I've been hearing numerous *OMG* they are soooo awesome!!! so of course... I want to try it! I got PK52 which is some baby pinkie color. The lipgloss is HUGEEEEEE.. like honestly, when I saw it, I couldn't believe it. In addition to that, it comes with this baby lip gloss (not pictured) that is like a cute keychain so you can keep that with you on the go (so cute!!) It's not too sticky-- but is more sticky than the lioele blooming gloss for sure. It is a beautiful milky pink color and has kind of an old lady floral scent (similar to the lioele donut balm, but with a bit more of a fruity note). It lasts longer than the L. blooming gloss as well, but it might be because it is stickier. It's 18.99, which is pricy, but its huge and will last a long time!

Next I've been dying to buy clip in bangs since i've always wanted them but i have a slight widow's peak hairline, so i dont have much hair to make into bangs. HAHAHAH omg. i look ridonk because its SO much bangs, but I've been playing around with it to make it work and its so fun! HAHAH I can't wait to show u pics of that, I'm trying to make everyone I know try them on. I will definitely blog about it. The hair is incredibly soft. I have the Black color and its extremely shiny (shinier than my own hair) LOL. but I love them! they are so fun and only 12.50, so you can't really go wrong!

I also picked up the Lioele A.C Control Trouble Patch for 7.29. InsideOutElle RAVES about it. I always trust her judgment because she always has really wonderful thorough reviews (not to mention she's adorable!!). She also did a great experiment on this product with two pimples next to each other and it really does a great job!! Although I don't get too many pimples, I get the occasional one, so this might be useful in the future! :)

Next, with the code frmheadtotoe and a purchase over 35 dollars, I got a P&C foundation brush. This normally retails for about $17, so it's a great deal to get it for free! I actually already got one from a previous order, but it is such an amazing brush- so dense and soft, it is so exciting to get another one!

Lastly, I got a sample of the Lioele Pore Rich Balm, Janie raved about it when she was talking about it in her youtube videos, so I decided to give it a try. Their samples are awesome because when you check out because now you get to CHOOSE which product you want to sample! whoohoo!

Overall, this was a great purchase. I love Pretty and Cute - so if you want to order from them, definitely do it soon to take advantage of their 15% off deal before the new year!! :) xoxo

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Unknown said...

aahah I totally took advantage of this sale too ^_^ I couldn't resist! I've been eyeballing the IPKN lipgloss but I couldn't bring myself to drop $18 for a lipgloss... arghhhh one day one day~

and I'm glad to hear my obsession~ with the lioele acne patches is rubbing off xD and u dont get that many pimples?! *sigh* my face is battlefield, as soon as I get rid of one, another pops up :P

I haven't tried the pore rich balm yet but if you do soon def let me know :D

Jess said...

I couldn't bring myself to buy it either... but somehow I did.... it's a great gloss! I love it!! although I'm waiting to use it after I finish some other glosses first HAHA

I'm excited to try the acne patches! I am waiting for one to juice out (ew) so I can try it! I always get the occasionals during my time of the month :P

I will def let you know how the pore rich balm is!! :) xoxo

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