Mac Cham Pale Collection!

OH MAC. Why do you keep coming out with new collections. SIGH. it's making me so annoyed because every time they come out with a new line, they have me tempted to get more!!!

Anyway, I picked up some items from the Cham pale collection and I picked up a longwear concealer (LOVE it). I didn't pick up a lot because although i LOVE my neutrals and champagnes, I found that I either had a lot of dupes (I have a LOT of neutrals and champagnes LOL) or they were entirely to shimmery and glittery for my liking. Here are the items I picked up!

So I ventured over with one of my closest friends and her niece and got bombarded by this woman that was trying to sell me the sparkly lip gelee (and put them all over our hands! AG), so I didn't get to play around with as much as I wanted (which might be a good thing)... so I didn't really get to play with the powders or lipsticks.

Onto my haul:)

I ended up picking up the dangerous cuvee paint pot because I felt like I didn't have any other colors like this. I have a lot of champagne-y paint pots and felt like this was more unique since this could be a really beautiful base for a smokey eye or a more day time look! it has these really beautiful sparkles in it -- when you put a matte shadow on top it look GORG! 

Next, I picked up the Tinted lip conditioner in Calm Mode. I really love their tinted balms, they are moisturizing and have a beautiful packaging. I love carrying it around in my purse. Any chance I get to pick up something that's milky pink I will. This did disappoint me a little bit because it kind of just looks like.... regular lip conditioner. I dont really see the color as much as I want to, but nonetheless, its still a beautiful balm. It also says it has lavender. I was deceived at first because i could NOT smell that lavender when I was at the store, or when you are smelling it out of the container.. but when you smudge it and put it on ur lips, the scent really comes out, and it's wonderful!! :) 

Then I picked up some Fix+ with lavender. I'm a little over half way with my regular fix+, but honestly... I'll just have to say it! I'm a sucker for lavender scents. I think maybe its psychological because I never sleep well, so in my mind I believe that lavender is solution to all my problems. I think the scent really helps calm my mind and makes me feel relaxed (again probably psychological).... but when I sprayed this, I knew I had to have it. It's nothing beyond what Fix+ is.. so if you don't care much for lavender or fix+, there is certainly no point in getting this... but if you are a sucker for lavender, DEFINITELY get this! 

I know a lot of u are like.. seriously? you spent the money just for the scent..? But let's be honest, if you loved the scent of chocolate ice cream and they had chocolate ice cream flavored fix+.. you know you'd be pickin' some of that sheezy up!! :P 

Lastly, I've been EYEING this concealer for so long and have been holding back (especially from doing my p10p), but since I was here, I decided why not. I absolutely adore this stuff so far! I've been using it every day on my under eyes (on top of my giorgio armani corrector) and on my blemishes, and it works like a dream! I am surprised it is not drying or cakey at ALL for my skin.. and it's incredibly buildable! I even used it on my good friend this morning when I was doing her make up for her engagement shoot! I will have to do a real full out review for you guys once i use it for more than a week though.. who knows what will happen! haha! btw if anyone is curious, I'm in NC30!

Any questions or reviews- feel free to ask!!

Take care everyone! Hope everyone's new year is everything and more! xoxo
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Stina said...

Nice haul you got there..
I haven't been too tempted by this collection, although I tried a lip gelee on and it was so sparkly, I regret not getting it, as it lasted for so long.. Might have to get it later this week ;)

Jess said...

yeahh that stuff LASTS!!! if i loved glitter, i know i would be obsessed!!! they have so many collections coming out soon, so good thing at least one of them didn't tempt you!!! <3

Unknown said...

i'm a little disappointed with calm mode too, but i am determined to finish it!

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