Wet n Wild 8 pan Color Icon Palettes!

Feb 16, 2011 |
OMG I NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!

I heard they are exclusive to Walgreens and Walmarts, so I am heading into the closest Walgreens to me ASAP to try and find these little babies!!!!!

I already love the color icon palettes, but this 8 pan, in Comfort Zone is by FAR my favorite. I absolutely adore all the colors (neutrals OF COURSE)!

Check out the Muse's Swatches and Reviews for a more indepth everything!

Amazing!! Will you be picking these up???

I will, along with my mac GAGA stuff that comes out tomorrow ;)

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ErinElizabeth said...

WHAT?!?! Gorgeous!!! I love the palette you sent me!! I may have to cheat on my p20p!!! Hahaha and I ordered GAGA 2 today...but for my kit...I can swatch it, but that's it!! lol I hit 10 items today, so I figured I'm allowed a treat! ;)

Kim said...

nice palette~

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