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Mar 16, 2011 |
Ok so I used up all gift cards. OK i cheated a little and spent an extra 7 dollars. well, at least i didn't go a WHOLE PRODUCT over, right? ;) I tried, really I did. I was even going to get another one, but I didn't want to let you guys down, so I only went a couple bucks over my project pan hehe!

I went to MAC and picked up 4 of their sheen extreme lipsticks... guys i LOVE THEM! When on lips, they are the most moisturizing feeling ever! It feels like I put on a lipbalm and then some lipgloss on top! it does NOT feel like I have a lipstick on! The downside to it is that it feels kinda dry once the product is actually gone - but for the 3-4 hours that it is on, its beautiful and feels wonderful!

 Quite the Thing! I never gave it a second look because it looked SOOOO dark at the store, but the Mac Make up artist urged me to get it since it was one of her favorites but no one ever really gives it a chance! Lol! I love it! :) its a beautiful berry color- although I would personally choose this color more for a fall and winter look, but it would look gorgeous if you are looking to be a sultry queen in the evening ;)

Impeccable - my FAVORITE. You wouldn't think because its kinda a nudy rose color, bordering on brown, but it is an amazing every day lipstick that i can just wear and I have had at least 3-4 people say I love that lip color, what is that? Ah!!! I did really want bare again, but they are very similar, except this is just a bit darker with a rosy color. I just keep thinking... after my project pan....

 Ultra Darling - This is another one that is more every day wear and is gorgeous! It's this pinky mauve color- it looks bright on my lips compared to the one above, but it looks beautiful! It kinda lifts up your face and looks so SPRING!!! without looking like too much. i love this!

Full Speed - I picked this up because I was feeling daring. when i put it on my hand it was NEON! I promise, it was like... glow in the dark!! but when i lightly put it on my lips (almost as if it were a stain), guysss, this is it for the spring! it's the perfect 'pastel' -coraly color for the spring without looking like TOO MUCH! so absolutely pick this up for the spring!!

absolute love the creamy, soft texture of these! 

did any of you get any of these? how are you liking them? 

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elciaravi said...

Hi there,
I went to a MAC counter a week ago because I wanted to find a more moisturizing dupe shade for my beloved Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink lipstick. A very sweet SA patiently went through quite a few swatch comparisons with me, and we came up with Bare Again. I love it! It feels so great on and the shade is fabulous!
Thanks for your're making me want to go out and pick up one or two more! (-:

Jess said...

@lciaravi - AH! you are making me want bare again! i've been eyeing it ever since i knew i couldn't get my hands on it since i'm not spending anymore money on make up! LOL :) they are wonderful! i'm so glad they are permanent! xoxo

ErinElizabeth said...

I am regretting not getting some of these now!!!!!! BOOOOO!!!! Well, I will need to go back to Mac and get some sooooonnnnn!!!!! I want Full Speed so badly!!!

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

Waaahhh i wanna get it i wanna get it i wanna get it!!

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