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Mar 30, 2011 |
Ok... wow. long time no write... right???? Sheesh, i can NEVER let that happen again!! :D

After break, I had a crazy week of school... and this week is pretty relaxed since my student teaching placement is on spring break and my big huge project/paper was due on Monday! So needless to say, I have some time this week to relax, catch up on work and hold my little fingers back from clicking or picking up anything beauty related! dang doing a project pan is definitely very hard! lol!

So I was in sephora today freakinn' temptation island!!! I went to pick up a birthday gift for my lovey Erin. I haven't stepped foot in a sephora since February because I was afraid I would cheat! It was weird being back in there... but I got a VIB email last week about getting the new benefit skincare line samples! -so although I didn't buy anything for myself, I still got a little free perk!!

Benefit's Radiant Skincare:

What a beautiful box!!

I think that the presentation of this is gorgeous. how cute are these teeny little sample bottles. You can tell that they are really promoting this the right way.. lol even if it's a waste of materials. BUT... these are little containers I would definitely reuse-- so it's not a waste!!

Bottle: Triple performing Facial Emulsion
Middle: Foamingly Clean Cleanser
Small Jar: It's Potent! eye cream

Can't wait to try them out! SO CUTE!!!

I'm so excited to share with you all the items I finished in Project Japan Pan. I worked really hard. AND I'm so excited to share with you all the money we raised together. I couldn't be prouder of the beauty community for showing compassion and care towards others. It's truly a beautiful thing.

I'm getting ready to do a clearance blogsale because I'll be moving at the end of June and I need to kinda deep clean some things. So a lot of my things will be on clearance... so it'll be like a blog clearance rather than a blog sale lol! BUT I wanted to show you the coolest thing! I went out to buy some tape and more envelops to mail stuff out in... and look at this duct tape!! SO CUTE! ZEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha the things that amuse us.

I signed up for Out of the Beauty Box Tour in NY! I'm so excited to be going!!! If you dont know what that is, Koren (enkoremakeup) and Elessa (pursebuzz) are hosting this tour where they teach seminars and have pro make up classes. I signed up for the pro make up class and for the airbrushing class!!! At the end of it, I will be make up certified! I'm so excited!! Beyond this, I'm so excited because one of my dearest friends, ERIN (who is mssmalltownbeauty) will be coming all the way from CANADA! So I will meet her for the first time! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! :) Can't wait to share the experience with you!!

In about a week or so, I'm thinking if I should put up a Birthday Wish List. Usually I do it just for fun, but every year my friends ask me to do it so that way they have a good idea of what they want to get me. I've just been showered with so much love this year, I'm contemplating if I should even do this or not!!! -- I'm turning 25!!!!!!!!! It's definitely an adult... ADULT.. year. lol so maybe I shouldn't even be asking for gifts anymore! LOL :)


Lastly... THANKS for helping me reach 200 followers! I remember when I had.. 13.. LOL (kinda like my personal blog right now HAHA!) and i was SO excited reaching my first hundred! Now I can't believe I'm already at 200!!! I think that calls for a celebration! Don't you think?!?! :)

This is just for my blog followers (I will check, leave me your blogger name you are following me under) and all you have to do is leave me a comment of a product you have been LOVING recently. I get off my project japan pan in TWO days... and I am out of the loop in the beauty community! help me get back on track! :D

You can comment up to ONCE per day! This will end on April 7 @9pm EST.

You'll be winning PINK things! (I decided to make it a theme hehe!)
My Beauty Diary Face Mask in Mixed Berry
Physicians Formula Highlighting Blush Powder
Scandal Pink Lip Gloss (with blinggeddd out cap!)
Shisem Lashes in DG (love!)

Good Luck!!

OK. end of random update. Have a great week xoxo
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Mindy♥ said...

Girl!! I love how you called Sephora "temptation island!" soooo true! Seriously, I can live in there and never come out. Usually, my friends have to drag me out of Sephora whenever we go together. When I'm alone... I stay in there for a LONG time. lol. Your birthday is coming up?? Woohooo!!
and congrats on all those followers, doll! <3

Unamused_artie said...

I don't have spring break until next week, ugh! -_-

I've really been diggin' l'oreal blush, best drugstore ones out there!

makeawish said...

still loving my naked palette!

GFC: makeawish2468

and i think we have a mutual friend, jo wu? :)

Lisa N. said...

Congrats on 200 subbies Jess!! I follow you under Lisa N. I've been loving my NYX Sheer Gloss in Rose at the moment :D

makeawish said...

we're from the same church back home :)

sqweira said...

Congrats on reaching this milestone! c:
As for a product that I've been loving... this Avalon Organics conditioner in Nourishing Lavendar. My hair feels soooo nice after using it.

Unknown said...

well i havent been loving anything but my covergirl luxe foundation... its so light weight with light to medium coverage. when is ur bday exactly? im turning 25 on sunday the 3rd..not as excited as u about it.... i wont be doing anything but helping my sister move in new york over the weekend..uh wish i could meet u..that would be really cool

Stephanie Sewell said...

Congrats on 200 :) I follow you under stephanies094 and I have been IN LOVE with Maybeline's One by One mascara. I've tried so many mascaras and this is the only one that isnt too heavy on my lashes and really seperates my lashes. I love it :)

ErinElizabeth said...

I follow you under ErinElizabeth....
And I have been loving.....
YOU!!!!!!!!! Does that count??? You may not be a product, but if you were sold at Sephora, I would buy multiples of you, so I can have back ups for a rainy day, or when I'm running low on Jess-ness, or when I just need a little Jess-pick-me-up!!!! LOL
(I'm not sucking up btw ;P)
And I am super EXCITED for NYC!!!!!! And Enkore and Pursebuzz and O2B2 and Temptu and MUFE and the Statue of Liberty and the cupcakes we will inhale and to vlogs and the $20 challenge and my Jess-a-boo!!!!! YAY!!!!! 2.5 months is sooooo far away!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!

ErinElizabeth said...

Oh, and for real, you need that Revlon lipstain you sent me...it's to die for!!!
And Show orchid form Mac...
And Irony from Gosh...
Just saying :)
Oh and you also need to post a bday list...so I can buy you more ADULT things, then all the cutesy things I was planning on buying you!!!

graci3 said...

Skinfood Peach Sake BB Cream is my fav foundation lately. Smells yummy!

I follow you with GFC with my email grace.hsiao@gmail.com but my blog is http://goodnessgraci3ous.blogspot.com/


Valentina Dang said...

I have been loving skin fx matte acne-treating primer. I haven't been breaking out now that I've combined this with my acne treating make-up by clinique :)

I follow you under ValentinaDang.blogspot.com :)


Kawaiiberri92 said...

first congrats on your 200 followers >u<
i follow you under giselle ^__^

i am loving my pin me up chubby white eye stick its my all time favorite thing to put in the inside corners of my eyes ^__^

Jie Jie said...

Congrats Jess!!!~ follow your blog through your FB.

My current favourite is Shiseido Maquillage 3D face creator which I have hit the pan for one of the colours ^^

My blog is http://jiejie2005.blogspot.com/

Elisa ♥ said...

GFC: Elisa
Product that i'm loving at the moment is the cure natural aqua gel =D it's really the most awesome product that you got to try ^^ !!

Lisa N. said...

Following your blog under Lisa N. I'm loving my e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Fairy right now too!

Lisa N. said...

Following under Lisa N. I like my e.l.f. Studio Blush in Tickled Pink right now :)

M said...

I'm loving my Benefit Creaseless Cream in Strut. Makes for such a quick smokey eye.

rosie said...

CONGRATS on 200, finishing project pan, and for raising over $900! I been loving my Colossal mascara by Maybelline. I'm under the name of Rosie.

Lisa N. said...

I'm loving the Wet n' Wild trio oin Walking on Eggshells!

Diana said...

Im loving essie's sugar daddy right now! :)

Diana said...

I'm loving dolly wink lashes right now! :) following under hollisterrox0

sharonreyes. said...

congrats! i have been loving my estee lauder hypnose drama mascara :)

my blogspot name is : sharon_seyer37

waxapplelover said...

congratulations on everything...japan relief, blog, birthday! i follow as waxapplelover.

my current favorite mascara is Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus. it's AMAZING. stays put without smudges (which every "waterproof" mascara does...smudge, that is...). and it really defines and lengthens. the only thing is that it's a bear to take off.

iffy said...

congrats on the milestone!

i have been loving the diorsnow skin care line latley.

Lisa N. said...

I like my Wet n' Wild palette in Vanity :D

Xinyi 씬이 said...

Congratulation! Hahaha! >_<
I'm loving my Za powder foundation and shu uemura eye lash glue <3

PS: I love your pink theme!

Nina said...

I love makeup. It makes me feel confident

morewhippedcream said...

i really love my rimmel sexy curves mascara right now<3 and yay, you get to go crazy shopping in 2 days :)))

Lisa N. said...

I'm loving my la colors lipgloss in this pink shimmery color :)

KrispyTinCan said...

I am a GFC follower as ktun

and I am absolutely in love with my Missha m perfect cover bb cream

KrispyTinCan said...

I am loving my Too Faced Natural eye palette.
It's so cute and pretty. I LOVE IT

Lisa N. said...

I'm loving my Covergirl Lash Blast mascara right now :D

KrispyTinCan said...

I love the Benefit Posietint. It's so awesome!!!

Lisa N. said...

I love my Ulta eyeshadow in Mink :)

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