COTW with Felix

Apr 4, 2011 |
Felix (annoying jess. poking me. and doing annoying things then accidently hits me and kinda hurts me)

Jess (*Mad*): There is only ONE THING u can do to make this better. and YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS. (aka. massage my damn back for hours)

Felix: Put my head down and fall asleep? --- (pretends to fall asleep and snores)

but wait...

then he did fall asleep.


While I'm procrastinating.. here's another one.

So in church the pastor was talking about the locust swarms....

Pastor: Does anyone know what a Locust is?
Felix: Oh I love to eat that stuff with rice... and soup.
Jess: Huh...?
Felix: You know... it tastes pretty good.
Jess: Are you talking about lotus root?
Felix: Oh yeah... whoops......


Felix: thank god one of us reads books for the both of us.  
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