Teaching Breakthrough...!

Apr 12, 2011 |
Despite what ANYONE says, teaching is one of the most challenging jobs out there. Every day is an absolute new obstacle and new adventure; you're always constantly on your feet; you're trying every new strategy in the book...

anyway... I am currently in graduate school and student teaching in a private school for kids with special needs. i love it. i love the challenge, i love the difficulties and most of all, i love the kids.

I had two breakthroughs today --

1) My child with Autism doesn't make relationships easily, doesn't acknowledge anyone, ever... for the first time asked me a question using my name. I, for one didnt even think he knew my name or who I was. Sometimes when I see him in the hall with his dad, I go, HEY J---!!! and he doesn't say anything. occasionally he'll look at me funny. but today.. he acknowledged my existence.. and on top of that, he wanted ME to work with him on his writing prompt (omg I have to show you guys what he wrote it's amazing) - will do that another day. :D It was such a beautiful moment. I looked at the cooperating teacher, and we both almost cried LOL!

2) I taught my kids about discrimination today using an awesome interactive activity. and they got it.

so for all you debbie downers thinking that you can't teach kids with "special needs" abstract ideas... you can suck it. anything with these kids is damn possible.

but hot dang. it was a long frign day! HAHA - glad its over. except, its about to start all over again soon! boo :(
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