Toothache. COTW.

May 2, 2011 |
OMG. have you guys experienced a real toothache.. omg it's the most annoying thing i've ever experienced in my life. It totally hinders me from doing anything... from talking, from eating, from thinking... sheesh! Anyways... Felix said some things that really cracked me up. --that one always knows how to make me laugh.

So it all started last week when I was eating a salad... because I wanted a light snack before i ate dinner. By the time dinner rolled around, I wasn't really hungry... but only a little bit hungry... so, I decided to eat something really little. I went over to my pantry and picked up some almonds... one bite *CRACK* and the second to last molar on my left side - part of it cracked off! :(

Anyway - I was talking to Felix and freaking out.. and of course he goes and tells his whole family and they get a huge laugh out of it (jerk) lol.

Jess: OMG I can't believe this.
Felix: LOL laughs his head off....
Jess: I can't believe that the stupid almond did that.
Felix: This is why I don't like to eat healthy foods. That is the moral of the story. 


A couple of days later, we were eating.
Felix: Don't get the salad. Remember what happened last time? --crrraccckkk--


A couple of days ago we went down to NJ to attend a wedding/for me to do my first hair gig.. after dinner, I was brushing my teeth and....

Jess (complaining voice): Ugh. Now even brushing my teeth kinda hurts my tooth. So annoying.
Felix: See this is why I don't like to brush my teeth. See... look at me. No brush - Strong teeth. Good.

sigh. maybe felix is right. eat fatty foods and don't brush your teeth. maybe I wouldn't be where I am. LOL.
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