Jun 16, 2011 |
I get a lot of questions from brides to be as to what they should buy for their make up. Rather than telling then the usual, I think that this set can really do it all! Besides two products (the mascara and the lipstick), I absolutely ADORE all the other products! I think this is a great set for all the DIY brides (given it is missing your color matching products like foundation and concealer).

For fifty dollars, I'm thinking this is a great set. Probably a great gift for a bridal shower for, even if she is getting her make up done, because there are a bunch of things you can use to touch up your face! I just wish it game with a small size of a setting spray... like the UD all nighter :) but, you know.. we can't ask for it all. sigh <3 haha!

What do you think? I think... i may need to pick it up for myself... just for fun! haha!

Click here to purchase :)
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