COTW: Dad's Birthday Gift Edition

Jul 3, 2011 |
So as I was chatting with Fel about what to get my dad for his birthday. My sister and I had bounced around the idea of maybe getting him an Ipad. (dang we baller!) So this is how it went down...

Jess: I'm thinking about getting my dad an Ipad for his birthday, what do you think?
Fel: Oh... how many? One eye pads or two eye pads??

LOL -______-

and now because my boyfriend is a crazy nut, he decided that he wanted to make a blog too... and name it "big boy, you are handsome" -- you can find him @ (LOL. if you know him you will know why this is hIIIIlarious! HAHA he hates all fruits and vegetables bahaha)

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