Money Money Money!!

Jul 7, 2011 |
Felix was kind enough.. (lol) to buy me a digital piggy bank because he sees that I collect lots and lots of change... but let me tell you all a little secret.

Felix has change every.. freaking.. where. in his pockets, in his wallet, coming out of his ears. And everytime he came over to my apartment and would change from his jeans to his shorts, MAGICALLY... change would fall from his pocket to the ground (as did socks)
Although annoyed, I diligently picked up the coins and put them in a little bottle.

Anyway, i took all the coins that I have so diligently collected..

that's right suckerrrsss... that's more than enough money to pay for the new bronzer i've been eyeing. ;D

As Felix's coins drop out of his pocket left and right, I pick them up and making over 50 bucks. YEAHYUHHHH
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