happppy 4 years to me and Jess

Sep 20, 2011 |
A few days ago was the 4 year anniversary for me and Jess. (its a little late cuz the weather was no good which lead me to become lazy and sluggish) but happy anniversary to us! Jess is still nice to me after 4 years and that's amazing cause i usually annoy the crap outta people after 4 days. I can't believe its been 4 years, time go by so quickly when you are with someone you love <3 thank you Jessica for the good times and bad times along with all the other times, we went thru happy and sad days but you still love me the same way. so thank you for making me special and thank you for being you always!

for the 4 yr anniversary, Jess brought me 3 Domos and bath salt, she said it can make me more smooth, i think i m silky smooth already but i guess more smoothness the better.

The weather is really having an effect on me, rain does not go well with me =O
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