Makeup & Hair Trial - Arianne

Sep 7, 2011 |
Arianne is such a wonderful and free spirit. It was such an honor to be able to work with her!!! Her hubster to be came along for the ride and played video games with my boyfriend the whole time and brownie points to him for complimenting her throughout the whole process ;)

Here is the before and after! 

Here is what her hair looked like :) 
She had asked for a low off to the side bun with a bit of curl details.
She wanted it to be a more structured bun, but for it to look soft and romantic.
We will be opting to pin her bangs up for the actual wedding to not only give it a little oomph, 
but so she doesn't have to worry about her bangs getting all up in her face! 

She had asked for a soft and extremely natural look that didn't look too different from her natural face.

Her Chinese teacher made her this hair piece to go with her chinese dress which will be worn later on in her wedding. She asked for it to be on the right side so it can peek out the side of her head a little bit when you see her from the front! 

Congrats (almost!) to the happy couple! 
I look forward to your wedding <3 

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Unknown said...

beautiful work! I love the flowers :)

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