Food truck i eat you

Oct 4, 2011 |
This week is happy weekend for Steph and Normie (congrats to them for getting married)

They had their wedding at a farm. I like farm, I like to feed animals! Steph and Normie arranged for a lot of food trucks to come. One of them is my favorite Korgilla, I got it about 7 times, was about to line up for my 8th but then they ran out of beef.

Animals were excited to see us at the farm, some of them were so excited to see me that they almost broke the fence. I fed them corn. I "accidentally" drop a few on top of the sheep and suddenly that sheep became so popular and everyone is chasing it down to eat from its back.

Sunday we had another banquet, it was for older chinese people, the MC lady was loud n bossy. The music played was really old 80s music and all the old chinese people started to go wild. it reminds of that old dude from the 6 flags commercial. Later I saw Jess's dad and he got some action too from this lady who's getting way down... not something i want to remember too much but glad he had fun.

Jess was not too grum so she get grum -1
I get +1 for driving her around so I level up.
health -1
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