Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Winners

Oct 14, 2011 |
Just when I think I am getting sick and tired of the youtube & blogger world, I do something like have a giveaway for something meaningful in my life... and your support, generosity and compassion remind me of how special and unique my hobby of doing this is. You have all moved me to tears with your comments, support and donations. I cannot thank enough the emails of stories you shared with me. I would go to sleep crying with tears of sadness of all the heartache that some of you are feeling or happy tears of the amazing miraculous stories you tell me. You all are the reason why I love doing what I do... well, besides my love for beauty of course ;D HAHA!

Thank you so much to everyone that has donated and entered. I went into this not expecting much because how strange is it to ask people publicly (in which some of you I don't have the honor of knowing yet!). When the first 5 dollars rolled in, I was SO excited! I didn't even think we'd make it past $50....

but i'm excited to announce that we raised....

$610 dollars!!!! 

HOLY COW!?!!!!! I nearly YeEEEpped for joy when I counted the donations. I cannot believe it! thank you 
thank you 
thank you 
for taking steps with me to make a cancer free world. 

I want to make a special thanks to Erin (mssmalltownbeauty) for partnering with me for this giveaway.  You don't even know how amazing of a friend you are to me and you will never know how much i appreciate and love you. I am so thankful that you are in my life!!! I'm so glad this cyber world has brought us together :)

Onto the giveaway winners: 

First prize winner goes to: 
LadyAerlinn or Meri!!! 

Second prize winner goes to: 

Congrats ladies!! You have both been contacted already! :) 

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