Nov 8, 2011 |
I feel sleepy right now... i just made cornbread and i ate a lot of it...
Last weekend was a good weekend except Jess crycry again. when she crycry I ask her does she drink a lot of water because I don't want her to get dehydrated. I also asked her if she ever read that children book call the 10 Chinese brother and I told her she's the 10th one.
she is stressed with school work, not yet with the wedding, i'm scared to find out what she'll do to me when she's stressed with the wedding.
last wednesday I play game until really late at night, Jess was really grumgrum, she even posted on fb that marrying a gamer will be hard. she don't know my strategies, i plan to play games when i have kids and own them on the games so that way the kids will never play games again because they know their dad will always own them on it. that's my educational view on video games.

I feel sleepy, its only 10:53am but I'll take a nap.

Jess level up again! water magic is now level 3, learn crycry+
Felix level up! learn hibernate!
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