I did Clara Chung's Hair!!

Dec 3, 2011 |

I don't know how it landed in my hands, but I was given the opportunity to do Clara C's hair for one of her concerts in boston. Not only have I been following her for ages, but I adore her voice, talent and passion for life and music.

I was super excited, because this was the first time I ever got a 'backstage' pass! My friend Veronica (who did her amazing makeup) and I got to go wherever the heck we wanted. We sat in the second row of the concert... u know, because we could ;P

Because she has some natural waves, she just wanted some extra definition to the curls so when she 'whips' her hair it look look extra special ;D Here's me being a creepster taking pictures of her during her sound check.

She was a joy to work with. She's filled with happiness, quirkiness and just a bit of edge - perfect for the music industry. And as a music enthusiast/musician myself, I really appreciate her art... a lot a lot! I already thought she was extremely talented... but good God! She was even better live! She's a freaking -- soul sister for reals! Here are some pictures from her concert:

btws, look how amazing her guitar & case are! (again, total creepster?)

Go check her out here - she's currently touring around Asia/Australia right now! : )

I wish I could post the picture I had with her and Ver, but as you all know, I don't post pictures with my face in it because of the field I work in! Sorry! xx
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