Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick

The Peripera Wonder of Lips lipsticks are the new YSL rouge volupte lipsticks...

YUP. I said it. 

I wish that the YSL lipsticks worked for me, but for some reason, as silky and creamy as the lipsticks feel at first, I find that my lips are so dry and flakey within an hour (sad life). These Peripera lipsticks are like an enhanced version of them. They are creamy and dreamy and although the lasting power is mediocre, it doesn't leave my lips looking like they've been through battle.

I have two colors in #11 and #12 (out of 23 colors!). And here they are :) 

 The left picture has a more accurate picture of #12 (wine)
 The right picture has a more accurate picture of  #11 (nude)

Here's my usual breakdown:

Texture: They are silky, creamy and glide on very smoothly. They are not very thick in texture. They in fact do feel quite like the YSL lipsticks but maybe feel a teeny bit thicker and more velvety.

Smell: It has a very yummy nummy smell. I dont know why, but asian products always have this yummy sweet kinda floral, kinda fruity scent. I can never pinpoint what the scent is, but it smells real yums.

Color: They have a HUGE selection of colors (23 COLORS!) and the color pigmentation is amazing. I personally find that they have just the right amount of pigmentation to make you not look crazy or dead. #11 is a wonderful peachy nude color. It's a little bit darker than the YSL #1 and actually looks quite flattering on me, where as the YSL #1 makes me look REALLY dead (yes, more than just dead. it's REALLY dead. lol). #12 is a gorgeous wine-ish pink color. In fact it's a cooler version of Mac's supreme sheen in Ultra Darling (just as a reference).

Lasting Power: Like most of the lipsticks that have similar formula, it doesn't have a wonderful lasting ability. I think it lasted about an hour. The color itself was still a bit stained on my lips (the wine color) which I actually enjoyed, but I did find myself reapplying because I loved the smell and loved how they felt. They didn't leave my lips feeling really dry, but they didn't leave my lips feeling extremely hydrated either.

Packaging: A nice metal casing that says WONDER OF LIPS (lol I dont know why that makes me laugh). It's a really nice sturdy case and I really love the packaging. It's light weight and I dropped it so many times, but they have survived and are doing well ;)

Price: The price is extremely affordable (especially compared to YSL lipsticks). From they are $17.46. With the 30% discount that you will see below, they are only $12.22!!! That's only a couple more bucks than some drugstore lipsticks!

Where can you purchase? This can be purchased from pretty&cute -- and LUCKY FOR YOU...... they are having an AMAZING promotion 30% off until 12/25/11 with code Xmas -- off selected brands and YESSS peripera is one of them!! I am actually going to be picking up some more! (Maybe even for a giveaway in the future??)

If it is after 12/25/11, you can type in the code jessicalee422 in the comment section for a "surprise gift" or type it as a promo code to get 10% off lioele products :)

Hurry and pick them up before they run out!!! 

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