Chantecaille haul & mini review

Jan 22, 2012 |
About a month ago, I was lucky enough to go to a Chantecaille sample sale. It was a small little place filled with a lot of goodies. They had lots of palettes and face powders... lipsticks and good stuff, but nothing that I "needed" as I was looking for foundation and concealer for face coverage!

Anyhows.. I got sucked into (lol) buy a couple (many couples) of things. Here are the only two products I ended up using so far. Other products, I felt too greedy since I bought on an impulse.. so I gave them away as gifts or as backups when I finally FINISH a product! 

Their packaging is just impeccable. I mean, the purple box is normal.. but then you open it and it comes in this beautiful luxurious baggy.... and then you carefully open it and *surprise* see its this beautiful fancy, metal case. no joke.. my eyes start twinkling! 

Here is the lipstick I ended up picking up. This is in azalea which is a cool toned red color. you have no idea how freaking FIERCE i look when I wear this. Honestly this lipstick gives you confidence lol!  The lipstick also has a really great moisturizing, long wearing formula. It's similar to the Edward Bess lipstick, but I find that it's more moisturizing in that it sinks into my lips a bit more. Because of this, the long lasting ability is wonderful... even after the moisture wears off, the color is still a bit stained on the lip. Now, i'm not sure what this would translate into for any lighter shades, but for this darker shade, it's great!!

I also picked up the face powder in walnut. I'm SO lucky because they didn't have anymore left except the TESTER!!! It was only touched by one lady, and then I saw it and I took it (sneaky sneaky). She went to go ask her if there were anymore left and the lady said no. So I took the product and asked if I could buy the tester at a discounted price. She gave me a little discount which made it easier to purchase. I mean it was almost new, only one other person swatched it since I was there early... and I have product sanitizer, so life was A-OKAY!
I am lucky because this is a FANTASTIC product. The powder is finely milled, so it is incredibly soft of the face. I have a severe problem with over powdering - thus leading to caking. That unfortunately can happen to this product EASILY. I would suggest using the sponge they provide because it prevents me from putting on too much product since I use a light tapping motion to apply the product when using the sponge. Because I only use the powder to set my cream concealers, I am unaware of the actual wear time.. but the product wears all day on top of my concealers. 

Overall, I could not be happier with my purchase. I'm so glad I got to go to the sample sale and pick up these goodies at about 50% off the original prices!
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