January MyGlam Bag

Jan 17, 2012 |
So I caved.  .  .

I picked up the subscription simply because if anyone can do it right, it would be beauty gurus. If you don't know MyGlam Bag is a $10 monthly subscription where you receive samples of awesome goodies - usually marked under a theme. This particular brand was developed by Michelle Phan - and she has teamed up with a bunch of other beauty gurus (Jessica Harlow, Bethany [macbarbie07], and Andrea [andreaschoice]).

I have to say for the second month in a row, I've been pretty impressed with their line up of products. If I am doing this in comparison with other monthly subscriptions - this one by far has the most full size products and deluxe samples - rather than lots of small samples and a couple deluxe samples.

This was the second bag launched - and was the first of the new year - because of this, this bag was filled with natural products - natural, cruelty-free, organic and earthy products. I'm totally loving that because as you guys know, I'm subscribed to the eco-emi box & love hipapotheca.com - so I really do love my organic and natural products.

Alright, alright - enough chit chat! Here is my January MyGlam bag:

Here is the cute packaging!

Freeman Cucumber Facial peel-off Masque & Sachets

Here is the cute bag- perfect for travel.. and a peek at all the goodays inside! 

Here are the coupons, a note from Michelle saying what the bag is about.
On the back of the flyer with Michelle there is a list of all the goodies you will get. descriptions & prices! 
Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner
First Impression: Smells yummy - but smells more like sweet mint to me. I love Wen products, but you do use lots of product for one hair washing & it does not lather up like traditional hair cleansers. I guess that this cleansing conditioner will last about 2-3 uses. 
theBalm Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Coral Reef-ined
First Impression: nice color! I love how summery and fun this looks! 

Sheer Cover Duo concealer in Light/Medium
First Impression: It's really creamy and slick - similar texture to Eve Pearl, but more wet upon first touch and more dry when applied on skin. I'm interested to see how this turns out! 

So here is the lineup- 3 full size products, 1 deluxe sample and a cute baggie!

Impression: I'm really impressed with the goodies I got in my bag this month. The sheer cover concealer is full size and is $29 bucks and the Freeman is $8 and the nail polish is $10. Already this package is over $47 dollars - but in addition to that you get a cute baggie and wen cleansing conditioner - all for $10! :) 

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Lindsey said...

As soon as I move back to the USA I am signing up for this bag! It seems pretty promising so far with it only costing $10 a month. I was pretty impressed by what Birchbox offered also this month. Great post and I like the photos!

Jacki Brown said...

Ok so I am BEYOND jealous of you LOL!!! Everytime I try to order it says sold out... So i'm still waiting... looks like you got some nice stuff...

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