Mar 30, 2012 |
I cannot begin to thank Jenn from enough!!!! She helped me redo my WHOLE blog layout with my unorganized, mumbo jumbo vision, annoying nit picky personality, and crazy -let me email you 100x in a row in 3 minutes- ways.

Jenn is not only a wonderful friend, but is an amazing source for health, fitness, well being and all natural goodies. I absolutely adore reading her blog and navigating through all the interesting topics she talks about - i especially like her round up of her top blogposts at the end of each week! In addition to her AMAZEBALLZ blog, she has a fantastic youtube channel where she also hauls lots of her goodies (many being natural woot woot!), reviews products, etc. Her content is already fantastic, so it's just icing on the cake that she is frigin' gorgeous :D

Not only is the new layout everything I hoped for, it is now more functional! Now I can interact with you as I do on youtube with the new reply section in commenting, blog posts are also shrunken so you can preview more posts on one page so you can easily click what you'd like, and now there is a section for my own personal blog and felix's personal blog... so rather than fel and i both having separate "personal" blogs, we now have one big blog with all this goodness!

To celebrate my new layout - I would like to start it out right with a giveaway! I'm giving away a couple of my fave goodies to one lucky blog follower. Here is what you can win:
Mini Benefit It's Real! Mascara

Scented Betsy Johnson Polish! 

My FAVORITE hand cream of all time!
All you have to do to enter is:
1) Follow this blog (you DO NOT need to have a blogger)
2) Comment below the username you are following me under and what type of posts you would like to see.
3) Also comment below, if you were to win the mega million tonight - what would you do with all yo money HAHAH! Everyone is going crazy tonight with this whole mega million goodness :P

Good luck!
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Anonymous said...

Luvcharity3 and I would love to see more wedding things u might consider using for your wedding. If I win the big jackpot...I would def give money to the autism team out here...they def need it. I would get a house and have it toddler proofed and a good suv. I also would love to donate some ipads to parents with autistic kids...its such a huge help :)

sincerely,bao said...

Ba0wser. I absolutely love your blog and your blogsales! I try to catch every one of them as much as I can! That's what I hope to see most.
If I won the megamillion tonight, I would share my money with my family and get me a new car and invest the money!

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