Sara Happ Lip Scrub & Lip Slip Review

Mar 7, 2012 |

I caved. I've been eyeing the Sara Happ products for a while now, but could never justify the hefty price tag... but I caved one day seeing the beautiful packaging.... it was like "Jess... come buy me.... don't I just look so beautiful?" And i was like...dammit. fine. And so that is how that story began...

Their beautiful packaging is so inviting. I can't even bear to throw away the boxes because they just look like the most beautiful little presents. 

I quite enjoy the lip scrub. Unlike most lip scrubs, this scrub has thicker products in it to make the sugar hold together a bit better. I find that the scrub nicely exfoliates my lips and comes off when I want to wipe it off. Out of all the scrubs I've tried (LUSH, softlips), this by far is my favorite. and it comes in a lot of delightful scents, but I opted for almond creme because it sounded SO yummy.... and it certainly is yummy!

The lip slip has a lovely light rose scent and is a nice thick, a bit tacky, balm. It has slight shimmers in it, so its a perfect product to throw in your purse. It gives just a teeny hint of a milky pink color if you put a lot of product on your lips, but honestly you need just a teeny dab to hydrate your lips. Because of the thick, tacky nature, this product stays on my lips for a great 6-8 hours and helps my lips remain hydrated and plump throughout the day.

I personally think the products work best when the scrub is paired with the lip slip. Because the scrub really rubs off all the dead lip skin, it's perfect with the thick lip balm. It really gets deep into your lips for complete hydration.

Do they work? Are they wonderful? Yes, they are pretty fantastic products, but purchasing these bad boys will definitely have to be a sweet treat (and a huge splurge at $24 each). 

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Anonymous said...

I love the lip slip. And I have the sugar scrub in brown sugar. I'm on my second tub of lip scrub and first tub of lip slip. Will definately repurchase!!

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