Dior Summer 2012 Crystal Coral Lip Glow & Jet Set Review

I decided to combine these two together because I figured that I can give a breakdown of how dior lipsticks are in general rather than my usual breakdown for each individual product :)

Here are the two lipstick-ish products I purchased from the Summer 2012 line. Of course, I inevitably chose the two colors that were more coral/orange... since, I'm.. obsessed. lol. Although I think they are both gorgeous shades in tube - the color is not what I had hoped for. They were much more sheer than I had imagined, but if you go into this without expectations, you will be very happy :)

First, I will talk about the Crystal Coral Lip Glow. Gosh, I REALLY love Dior's lip glows. Unlike the original - this doesn't have any "mood" changing lip properties. It has the same gorgeous Lip Glow formula, although this formula IMO does not feel as "soft" as the original. It seems a bit more thick, but overall - has the same awesome feel as the original.

The color itself is a translucent coral shade. If you have pigmented lips, I'm not going to lie - this product may not look like anything special besides a regular lip balm. If you are like me, and have slightly paler lips - this will translate to a glossy, SLIGHTLY coral, natural shade. Perfect for everyday wear - for a touch of color - for omg my lips are so chapped times.

I do absolutely love the product - but that is just me, loving on the packaging, hint of color and rosey smell. If you aren't looking to spend a fortune on a little touch of balm luxury - then I would recommend you purchase elsewhere, but for those that love dior & just that hint! of color, buy away!


I had high hopes in Jet Set being my "go to orange shade" for the summer, but instead it turned out to be a more peachy nude color, which is just as beautiful. First off, I adore dior lip addict formulas. This one did not fall short even with it having some small glitter particles.

At first, when I saw the two lip colors side by side, I was like uhh... they look like the same color! but they are certainly not! Jetset is by far more pigmented than the lip glow (swatched side by side below) and translates to be more of an everyday peachy nude color on my lips - similar to all of my go to colors I purchase. (you know when you impulse buy and say OMG that is the best color? Yeah, I always end up getting the same peachy nude shade lol)
left: crystal coral lip glow
right: Jet Set 
Although this one fell short of my orange expectations - it still came out to be a gorgeous color. In fact, with an orange gloss (like orange pareo!) on top, it does make a really beautiful natural orange combination ;D
Below are the lip swatches of the products. Unfortunately, because I was swatching all day - my lips turned out to be a bit more "red" and flushed than usual - so you will see what I mean when I tell you the lip glow color will not translate that well on more pigmented lips.
Picture 1: naked lips!
Picture 2: Crystal Coral Lip Glow
Picture 3: Jet Set Lip Addict Lipstick

Did you girls pick up anything from the Dior Summer line? My good friend Rae got their bronzer and eyeshadow quint - and they look so good on her - makes me want to pick them up too! 

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