Marcelle BB Cream Review

May 2, 2012 |

I've heard so many rave reviews on this product, I just had to try it myself! Because it is not sold in the US, my good friend Erin was able to pick it up for me from Canada. I think that this BB Cream may be my favorite "non asian" bb cream... probably the best one i've seen on the market outside of Asia.

Now this claims to do many things. Not the traditional things that Asian BB Creams have, but it claims to:
Out of all of these - I think it does what it claims. It certainly evens out my skintone and hydrates it. I'm not sure if I would know if its anti-aging of skin regenerative, lol but it does have great shine control (has an almost powdery finish), sooth and calms skin (it really does! i think it is the aloe), reduces appearance of imperfection and add radiance (with its bizarre powdery AND satin-y finish!)

For me, this is a great everyday BB Cream that I can throw on without a lot of fuss. I'm absolutely in love!

Now for my usual breakdown:
Texture: It's very soft and smooth - it is kind of a mix between a foundation and a BB Cream. It is not as thick and it doesn't just sit on top of skin like a BB Cream does, but acts a bit more like a mix between the two. It has a bit more of a liquidy texture than a traditional bb cream and feels very light weight on the skin.
Packaging: I LOVE THE PACKAGING. okay, now that I got that out of the way... it has a similar package as the lioele beyond the solution bb cream. it is in a squeeze tube, but instead it has a pump on top to make it convenient and hygienic. Unlike those tubes though, this is the first pump where I can actually control how much comes out without a ton of product exploding out or accidentally putting too much. Above that, the pump doesnt emit any extra product to get stuck in the cap!

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is alright. I would say this provides light to medium coverage.
Moisturization: I think it does a good job of making your skin not feel WET, but providing skin with some moisturizing factors. It definitely felt nice on my parched skin even when I forgot to put on moisturizer.
Finish: It's gonna sound bizarre but it has a satin-y finish that is almost powdery, but not really.
Lasting Ability: Doesn't last especially long, but does the job. probably 3-4 hours.
Color: I believe it comes in two colors, light to medium and medium to dark. I am light to medium (NC25ish)

Overall: I think this is an excellent performer. It doesn't stand as a tradition "BB Cream" but has made some nice adaptations for the American (well or Canadian) consumer. I found that it is light weight and smooth (VERY SMOOTH) and performs better than any other tinted moisturizer/foundation out there. If you are looking for a BB Cream that is more full coverage or do not fall in it's limited color range, I would look elsewhere.

My friend purchased it for you from canada. I do not believe it is readily available in the US, but you can purchase it online from :)

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