Nars Foreplay Cheek Palette Overview and swatches

Dear Nars Cheek Products,

I love you.

Sigh. No matter what, I will always and forever love Nars cheek products. If any new products ever come out that are cheeks - I am on it. So this was definitely no question. First time I saw the ad for it, I quickly purchased it... and let me tell you it does NOT disappoint.

Here is the majorly sleek, Sephora Exclusive Nars Cheek palette in Foreplay!

The palette was intended to be a deconstruction of Orgasm - which I thought was SUCH a neat concept. This way you and mix and match your colors to make your own "orgasm" (lol)! It comes with the orgasm blush, a pink matte shade, a dark peach matte shade and a golden highlight shade.

This palette comes in a .36oz container which is slightly larger than the Nars Foundation powders which are at .28oz. Although it is a nice small size, I do wish each of the blushes were at least eyeshadow size. I can already foresee this product becoming extremely filthy with my big fat brushes trying to carefully sweep one color at a time to brush on my cheeks!

The blushes themselves are so incredibly smooth, finely milled and pigmented. I was actually shocked (which I shouldn't have been) at the quality of the blushes! These are the swatches below - each only have one swipe :)

I am so happy with this blush and absolutely adore all these 'exclusive' choices that Nars (and sephora) makes. Would I recommend it? HIGHLY!!! Even with the expensive $49 price tag, I think it's definitely worth it - get yours before it's gone! You can purchase this online at or by clicking here!
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