Chanel Summer 2013 Collection


This collection was inspired by the gorgeous colors of butterflies! And I totally believe it! I've been studying the life cycle of a butterfly with my students and growing/hatching? butterflies (class pet...?), so we've been looking through book after books of all sorts of butterflies. 

I think this is a beautiful, wonderful collection filled with colors that really shine brilliantly against sunlight, just as butterflies do. I love the shimmery shadows, the awesome metallic-y nail polishes and the bright vibrant jelly-ish shades. 

I went to Saks yesterday to check out the collection and loved the nail polishes, the cooling awesome shadow sticks and the coco rouge shine lip sticks. I went and swatched some of the shadow sticks (i'm not even kidding, I had to fight some ladies to get these four shades to swatch AHHA!) Top - Bottom in Stylo Eyeshadow: Black Stream, Pink Lagoon, Blue Bay and Cool Gold. I love the formula of these! So slick and easy to put on, blend - yet they stay in place once they set! 

 Here is a swatch of the Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion. I fell in love with this color! Its the perfect watermelon-y color for the summer!!!

I wasn't actually going to pick anything up, but my good friend Rae kept telling me how I must :P and so I did! HAHA! I ended up taking home two little babies :) Here I present you my newest additions to my chanel family (lol): The Stylo Shadow in Moon River and The Rouge Coco Shine in Pymalion! 

Review of each product will be coming up soon! Stay tuned! 

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