Le Metier de Beaute Beauty Vault VIP

So sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been away in Asia - and it has been nonstop cray! I have so much stuff I bought (for family and friends... OK and myself!). Still gotta sift through it before I haul it. :D

Before I left, I saw the LMdB Beauty Vault VIP box which is basically like a monthly subscription service box of amazeballs LMdB stuff. Its a monthly box for 12 months and they guarantee that you will receive 'one full sized item or an assortment of items' which will be a mix of their favorite color, skincare, PRE-RELEASE (Whoa!) sneak peeks, lab previews and vault exclusives in addition to a bonus gift just for signing up!

The catch? You have to pay in full ($348) by 7/31/13. This seems super steep. like. really super steep. When you think about it, it is a box that comes out to be $29/month. Thinking about it that way makes it seem less daunting because ONE LMdB may cost you at least $30. In fact, the cheapest product (from my knowledge) is probably their nail polishes which will run you $18. I believe the next cheapest would be one of their powder rouges or eyeshadows which are around $30. So knowing that each box has AT LEAST one full size product, it will probably be the month's cost plus more. So in hindsight, this is an excellent deal - especially if you love the brand of have been wanting to try it.

Just as a comparison, this is $8 more than glossybox which gives you at least 1 full size product and deluxe products (don't know the brands that they will give you though).

I'm interested. Very interested. I've been obsessed with LMdB products ever since I laid eyes on their kaleidoscope products. And after trying a couple products, I'm hooked. I think this is a great way to get to try a range of their products without having to commit to paying a hefty fee each time while knowing you'll get a little surprise that is worth way more than the cost!

I ALMOST thought I could resist purchasing it.. but then I saw a sneak peek on the LMdB facebook!!! This is their sneak peek of their first box - and it includes a pre-release brand new formula lipstick. In addition to that, there are still what looks like 2 other full size products and two samples. WOW!

picture credit: Le Metier de Beaute Facebook Page
If you were me, would you purchase it? My fingers are saying yes - my credit card is saying HELP! ... Or better yet, are you interested in me hauling/unboxing these for you? :P

If you would like to purchase the Beauty Vault VIP box - you can purchase here ;) LMK if you do!
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