Marc Jacobs Style Eye-con Eyeshadow Palette Review

So I picked up the Style Eye-Con No.3 (108 the glam) plush shadow set. Oh she's even prettier than I imagined!!! :)

I was most excited to pick this palette up because of its warm neutral tones. Oh and I LOVE when I'm right! The shadows are so perfect for summer time glam. I couldn't wait to get my hands into it.

The packaging itself is sleek and chic. It could easily fit in any casing or even your pocket. I even loved how it came with a shadow cover so the shadows wont get on the mirror. How nifty. The one gripe I did have about this product is that the sponge applicator came separate from the actual shadow compact. It was tucked into the little pouch. I find this super inconvenient for anyone that enjoys using the sponge applicator while traveling.

The product itself is phenomenal. The buttery smooth, yet not chalky shadows are long lasting and extremely pigmented. I enjoy the fact that the three shadows perfectly compliment one another into an amazing eye look. This is a great night time look for a nice summery outing, or you can just use one or two to make this a gorgeous day look.

At $42, I think this palette is worth checking out. The colors, blendability, pigmentation, and sleek package far outweigh my one little annoyance of having a separate sponge applicator!

They also have other eye sets - I'm definitely going to check out when they come out in stores! You'll be able to purchase this from Sephora in mid August.

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