em cosmetics review: pillow plush lip balm

Sep 15, 2013 |
My good friend gifted me with a bunch of emcosmetics goodies, which made me soso happy because I didn't have to spend a bajillion dollars to test out her products! So appreciative <3

I'm going to be doing these reviews one at a time on my blog and then give an overall review on my youtube channel.

Today I'll be talking about one of my favorite products: the pillow plush cushiony lip balm.

Packaging: I adore the packaging of this product. I love that its not a standard lip balm case. It has an adorable 'resin bump' sphere shape on the top which really adds to the detailing of the package. The one thing I don't prefer with the packaging is that it is a finger dipping product. I love to take these lip balms on the go, but after a dirty subway ride or getting some gas, the last thing on my mind will be to reapply lip balm to sooth my lips. I would much prefer something of a twist up balm or i'll even use a squeeze tube (which are my second least favorites LOL)

Smell: I love the smell of it. It's reminiscent of the cabbage patch doll smell with a hint of vanilla - um does anyone know what that smells like? It has a slightly sweet, slightly vanilla scent that is not overpowering. Also after applied on the lips, the smell disappears.

Texture: I LOVE the texture of the balm. It is slightly thicker, which for me is a thumbs up! and it gets better - although it is thicker, it does not get sticky. Although the color faded after about 2 hours, the feeling of the balm still lingered on my lips.

Moisture: This lip balm - although it doesn't quite compare to my cult favorites: Sara Happ Lip balm or Hourglass treatment lip oil, it does have a nice moisture factor. My lips felt slightly plumper after a couple hours of wear, which leads me to believe that the product is really penetrating nicely into my lips.

Color: I have this color in lollipop. I think this for me was the deal breaker. I think for a lip balm, this color was the star of the show. Generally for me lip balms have such slight colors that I think they should just keep the lip color clear. This one was nicely pigmented for a balm, but not overpowering to take the place of a lipstick or gloss.

lol omg i was doing swatch heaven, dont mind my extrememly dirty finger.

Overall: It does a great job as a balm with great color, texture and moisturization. although packaging is cute, it may not be the best pick for those who love to be extra hygienic because of the finger dipping package. 

You can purchase emcosmetics at http://www.emcosmetics.com/ and the lollipop lip product here.
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