Sunday Morning Coffee: Being Taken Advantage of..

Hi LOVIES!!! :)

Hope you are all swell! My hubs and I have been spending more time together on Sunday mornings, so I haven't been able to really post recently, but now he has church's men's group on Sunday mornings, so I have more time to write! woot!

So today's topic is one that I constantly battle with. Being taken advantage of. Do a lot of you girls go through it? Maybe it's because I'm a people pleaser or because I'm too 'nice' but often, I love to help out wherever I can. I enjoy the chance to serve other people.

But sometimes there are moments when I feel like as much as I want to help, there comes a point where it feels more like being taking advantage of. For example - as much as i LOVE doing hair and makeup and for the most part I'm MORE than happy to help a friend look gorgeous, it gets annoying to have to do people's hair and makeup over and over again. Doing hair and makeup isn't free. there is the labor and time of doing it and I spend lots of good money on buying products.

And I dont even think that the problem is helping people out. It's the fact that people EXPECT me to do things (free of charge). I think that is what gets me the most upset. If someone were to ask me for help for something I do as a job, many times I would say don't even worry about paying me - or if its a big wedding (that I would usually charge like a thousand dollars) I would give them a discount and I wouldn't think anything of it. But if those same people were to ask me expecting that I do it for free, I feel kinda like wait... what??

Or maybe I'm more upset at myself at the fact that I'm too chicken to stand up for myself. Or my inner battle with myself of saying, "well, Jesus would do it, lovingly with a smile." and then I feel like I'm being horrible and selfish for thinking these thoughts of not wanting to serve others.

What do you think? Do you guys get taken advantage of? And when you do - do you say something about it? do something about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

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