Christian Louboutin Nail Polish - First Impressions

I have been anxiously awaiting my new Louboutin nail polish to arrive and it FINALLY ARRIVED TODAY! even though I literally just did an easy nail tutorial for you all… I didn't care, I had to take it off to get this up for you all! 
the beautiful box it comes in!

It is everything Louboutin and more. Luxurious, badass and classy. Worth the hype? Honestly, I would have to say.. YES! 
Okay, so first off - lets just talk about the packaging. Let me know if you think that any of these polishes stand out from the rest? (lol) The CL polish's packaging just doesn't compare with the rest! It does come in a fairly heavy weight bottle (with an obvious huge ass stick). Unfortunately, this bottle holds about .4 fl oz, which holds slightly more than a dior bottle (.33) of nail polish and slightly less than an essie bottle of polish (.5oz). So don't be deceived by how large the product actually looks, it holds a standard size of polish for you. 

The applicator may be a bit hard to get used to because of the huge wand and its heaviness, but you will quickly get used to the luxury. It has a standard looking brush, similar to Essie. 

Now onto the polish. Oh goodness. It is a fairly thin, liquidy formula - but in that thin coat, it is very rich, shiny and opaque. You can definitely JUST use one coat and it's already perfection. I've never had a nail polish that is quite like this formula -- I think the closest similarity would be to one of my other favorite reds - Chanel Dragon. It has a similar thin but opaque quality, but it lacks in shininess. 
one coat
two coats
I ended up using two coats anyway, which just built to the richness of this polish. The dry time was fairly quick. When I was midway to the second hand, it was completely dry already. I could actually rub (not just touch) my nail and it was already set. I think the real test is to see how long it lasts on my nails. Given that I just got it maybe an hour ago, I will have to update this post to let you know in fact how long it lasts. So far though, I am loving this polish!!

love the shininess of this polish! no top coat needed! 
I know that people have hated on the fact that it is a $50 polish- but let's just think a bit about CL. Known for their classic heels with colored soles - people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars on something that I could go to a regular store to buy for $50. People pay for the statement the shoe makes and the luxury and high quality of the shoe. This is the same concept. This is a very classic red nail polish, with a very unique design and statement. Yes, you can go to any store to get a 5 dollar bottle of red polish, but it is if you are willing to pay the extra for the statement of the polish, along with the luxury and extreme high quality of the polish. Up to the type of person to see if it's worth it or not! For me, absolutely!!! I plan to have a badass nail collections, just like people do, shoes! 

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