Godiva 90th Anniversary Chocolates!

May 27, 2016 |
Ooof... maybe I'll start my diet tomorrow.... after I finish these. :P 
 Today I'm celebrating 90 years of Godiva with this limited edition collection featuring nine chocolates! Each chocolate is a little bit of history with its own story to tell :) They have traditional pieces to even a new rose flavored chocolate!

My personal favorite -- you see that log with the milk chocolate drizzle? OH THAT ONE. I didn't let anyone eat either of them, because I wanted both to myself (ha ha). It has delicious hazelnut praline and puffed, crispy rice enrobed in dark chocolate and then dipped in milk chocolate. omg. so good! 

They have lots of different size boxes - for anyone to celebrate along with Godiva ;) You can find the link here

ftc. chocolates were sent to me.. but i thoroughly enjoyed every last morsel ;)
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